Like many other music nerds, I tend to go through moods in terms of my music. Sometimes, it’s all about the bubblegum pop, other times it’s moody R&B. 80’s-inspired synthpop binges are a regular occurrence, but right now, I’m in a rock mood.

I want fuzzed-out guitars and pounding drums. I want throbbing baselines and soaring vocals. I want energy and aggression and I want them in every thing I listen to. I’m craving punk-inspired pop music, surf rock mixed with synthpop and pop rock that is simultaneously pink and ferocious. I want to hear an ass-kicking guitar riff married to heart-pounding horns. So, I’ve put together a playlist that has all of that and more.

Honorable mentions go to “Sugar” by 15&,  “Me, In” by the Wonder Girls, “Right Now” by PSY, “Way to Go!” by Girl’s Generation, and “One More Time, OK?” by CSJH The Grace, which would have been on the playlist proper, had Spotify not thwarted me.

Reader, what songs make you just want to rock out? Leave them in the comments!