It’s funny really. The setup was all there- G-Dragon, Strong Heart,Ideal Type World Cup, oh! and by the way she has to be one of these four SNSD chicks.

Also, G-Dragon+alcohol+bowling balls – well we all know that can only lead to embarrassment.

He went bowling with his friends, and because he was drunk, he performed a comical dance [막춤 (makchum)] in front of SNSD.

G.Dragon stated “I’m not really close with SNSD members. However, when I heard afterwards that I danced in front of YoonA, Tiffany, HyoYeon, and SooYoung, I was pretty surprised. I’m not usually a person who would do those kind of things.”

As Kang Hodong was listening the story, he asked G.Dragon who, amongst YoonA, Tiffany, SooYoung, and HyoYeon, is his ideal type.

G.Dragon picked YoonA as the final winner. Upon the request of a video message, G.Dragon said “I really don’t know why they are telling me to convey this message. The last time we met at a bowling game, I made some mistakes. I’m usually not like that.”

YoonA is usually the default answer in these things, which makes it more amusing, since G-Dragon obviously knows crap all about these girls and doesn’t seem to care. Well he seems to care about what is clearly a burgeoning drinking problem – we can’t solve it until we admit it, GD.

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