Recently, I visited Paris. It was a magnificent place, but one thing I realized it is so much more than the sidewalk cafes and accordion players that you typically imagine when thinking of Paris. It is more than the Eiffel Tower and delicious pastry goods, though those things are all present.

Paris, France, is an old city, with a history to match. Its story is a mixture of bawdy houses of the Belle Epoque and medieval churches. The opulence of Versailles and its gardens is 45 minutes from the still-mourned loss of life in the Marais, the Jewish heart of Paris. Everywhere there are signs of the multiple rebellions and revolts in the city’s bloody past. Yet, the romance of the city is still there, mixing in with the ingrained defiance, and soothing the scars.

Walking around Paris, I found myself listening to a wide variety of music, including a lot of K-pop. Some songs just seemed to melt into the atmosphere of the city, meshing with Paris seamlessly. These are the tracks that most remind me of Paris.