After School’s leader and main dancer, Kahi, recently released her first mini-album, Kahi The First Mini Album. The album is composed of four tracks, “돌아와 나쁜 너 (Come Back You Bad Person)”, “One Love”, “선물 (Present)” , and “롤러코스터 (Rollercoaster)”. Listen to the tracks below.

The album was a complete pleasant surprise.  After School has never been my favorite girl group, but through this album Kahi has shown that she can kill it without her group members. The music is not the your average Kpop, but very mature and developed and…  I liked it a lot. It is very different from what we usually hear from Pledis Entertainment. My favorite track is “Come Back You Bad Person” and after hearing the whole song, I am anticipating the music video. What’s your favorite track?

(Newsen, iKpopHDseason9)