And, it’s not for Valentine’s Day.  Now, more than ever before, the once taboo practice of idols kissing in Kdramas, musicals, movies, and CFs has been broken.  From Hyun-joong and Hye-sun‘s tear filled kiss in Boys Over Flowers to Micky and Min-young‘s kisses in scholarly wear in Sungkyunkwan Scandal to Taec and Suzy‘s lip lock in a ferris wheel on Dream High, there sure has been a whole lotta kissing going on.

In the past, it was unheard of for idols to even think about having a kissing scene in a drama or musical that they were performing in due to the backlash from fans against the idol and the person they kissed.  Recently, this trend has been waning with a kiss scene becoming commonplace instead of a rarity.  While most kisses in these performances are quite chaste lip mashes still, others (umm, Junsu?) are getting a bit more risqué and real.  I’m thinking fans are getting a little bit more understanding although there are still instances of threats and backlash (I believe the female actresses in Paradise Ranch were threatened that they better not kiss Changmin).

The most recent kissing scandal was uncovered due to a tweet by actress Ahn Sun-young who plays the feisty, but delusional ahjumma, uh noona Kang Oh-sun of the half admission class’ teacher Kang Oh-hyuk in Dream High. She tweeted that she was able to endure three hours of shooting in the freezing cold due to being heated up for a kissing scene by a certain maknae of the hottest time of the day…

Yup, that would be 2PM’s Chansung making a cameo in the drama and locking lips for the first time (on film only, I’m sure) with Sun-young in what I’m thinking is a “dream” sequence for the feisty cougar ahjumma, rawr (just joking about the dream sequence).  I’m thinking the 14 years older Sun-young, who is a seasoned actress, kept messing up on purpose for the scene to take three hours to film, lol.

So, on this day of love (yup, it’s sooo totally not an invented American merchandising conspiracy holiday), what do you think of all the kissing going on in Kpop land?  Love it, or Hate it?  Which idol kiss was your favorite?  I’m gonna have to say my favorite was probably between Hyun-joong and Jung So-min in the rain during an episode of Playful Kiss.

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