More songs from the Dream High OST have been released just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Taec, who is one of the leads in the Kdrama, collaborates with his 2PM bother Nichkhun for “My Valentine” and Kim Soo-hyun‘s “Dreaming” are now availbale for your listening pleasure.

First up, the appropriately released “My Valentine” form Taec and Khun.  I found duet surprising because both aren’t necessarily famous for their singing skills, but I thought that the song was cute.

Next up was ‘”dark” Sam-dong‘s angst and heartbreak filled entry for the composition test they had in the recent episode.  Park Jin-young composed the music and the drama’s creative music director Kang Dong-yun wrote the lyrics to the song.  They tried to highlight Kim Soo-hyun’s strengths vocally and to portray the emotional turmoil that his character Sam-dong was going through trying to achieve his dreams in the drama.

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