JYJ will debut in a reality TV show documenting their daily lives. Cable channel, QTV revealed that their new reality show will begin airing February 25th and will be called, JYJ’s Real 24.  Clever, I know. QTV producer Lee Moon-hyuk, said in a press conference, “JYJ’s members were first, a bit conscious about the camera but soon got used to the idea and made themselves comfortable.” Cameras will be following Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong around the clock, as the title suggests.  The show will be comprised of 8 episodes.

This is really surprising, JYJ has a reputation for keeping their lives extremely private. As a fan, it’s nice though. The TV show will be a good way for them to do some promotions for their new CD Their Rooms, Our Story. Not that they really need it with Cassiopeia. It’s just nice that they get to do some type of promotion since legal issues with a certain company is preventing them from performing on public broadcast stations.  I do hope that this reality TV show won’t be scripted like other reality shows are though. Seeing them laugh and joke and talk won’t be the same without Changmin and Yunho. However, I guess we all need to move on and wish success and happiness towards our Gods of the East with whatever paths they choose to pursue.

(10asia, QTV)