Super Junior has topped Taiwan’s music chart, Top 100 K-Pop Chart, on the website KKBOX for 34 consecutive weeks. Their album, Bonamana, has remained at the top of the chart ever since it was released back in June 2010. Formerly called Korea-Japan Top 100, the chart changed its name due to the immense popularity of K-pop in Taiwan. Remember “Sorry, Sorry”? It also held the top spot in the chart for 36 weeks. From the looks of their album current album sales, Bonamana looks like it will top the chart for many more weeks to come.

E.L.F’s must be proud, eh? I am a fan of Super Junior, but I had no idea their popularity reached to that extent. “Bonamana,” wasn’t my favorite song. The concepts, the music video, the sound- didn’t really seem like the Super Junior that I know and I love. Do you remember that special moment when you fell in love with K-pop, the moment you got hooked and never turned back? Their song “It’s You,” did that to me. It is probably my all time favorite song, English or Korean. That’s why Super Junior will always hold a special place in my heart no matter what. What caused you to turn to K-pop and never look back?