Park Min-young is on a SKKS roll. Ever since the end of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, she has been offered endorsements left and right. Her cute face and glamorous body seem to be all over Korea and she is working non-stop for her many endorsement deals. To add to her long list of endorsements, the company Suzhou which is a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, recently chose  Min-young as its latest model. A representative of Suzhou stated that she was chosen to promote their brand of soju for her friendly and relaxed charm and to represent a youthful image to the younger generation.

The concept is “lively, yet sexy with a Hawaiian twist” (there was some mention of hula dancers, I wonder if a coconut bra and grass skirt will be involved?).  Sounds interesting, don’t know what soju and Hawaii have in common, but hey these days CF’s are all about selling sexy aegyo so it doesn’t always have to make sense. Strange how the two go hand in hand in Korea.  The Suzhou campaign featuring Min-young will begin in February.