Kpop 2011, so far you’re keeping me pretty entertained.  What 5 things did I love in Kpop last week:  More good comebacks and it’s only January, Sunbaes and Hoobaes on 100, Old and New on Sketchbook, Hyun Bin takes a Taxi, and the Running Men meet the gods of the East.  These are the 5 Things that happened in Kpop last week that I think were a little bit more special than the rest.

Seungri, and Jung-min, and Mighty Mouth, Oh my…

So although the solo comebacks of Seungri and Jung-min weren’t earth shattering at least they didn’t suck.  I do think their title tracks were good and their comeback performances were pretty solid.  And who couldn’t love Sangchu and Shorry J (he’s so cute I just want to pat him on the head and pinch his cheeks.  Honorable mention goes to Orange Caramel for finally singing something I can stomach, and singing it well.

VIPs are so cute with their little chants.

Jung-min’s new company really went all out for his comeback with all the bells and whistles, or should I say band and strings…

WTF was up with Sangchu’s hair? I wonder if Jong-kook would let one of the Mighty boys date his niece Soya?

Sunbaes & Hoobaes on 100 out of 100

100 out of 100 is one of the better new variety shows and is chock full of laughs.  On last week’s episode, their guests were some of the top sunbaes in Kpop from the boy bands and girl groups of the 90s.  Joining MCs Park Myung-soo, Park Kyung-lim and Tony An were Eun Ji-won, Kim Dong-wan, Kim Tae-woo and Gan Mi-yeon.  The jjajangmyeon eating contest was pretty funny, with Minho hoovering the competition.

Old & New on Sketchbook

There were some great performances on Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook.  Two that I loved, the opening performance by Krock legends Boohwal and the Piggy Dolls‘ cover of  “One Night Only.”

Really, with Kim Tae-won being able to make a guitar wail like that, do they really need a lead singer?  Not saying that Chung Dong-ha isn’t a great lead singer though.

The girls can really sing, and this live performance continues to impress.

Hyun Bin Hails a Taxi

Hyun Bin was recently on the variety talk show Taxi, sorry no subs , but wait for the ending of the clip- it’s worth it.  OMG, Secret Garden was really a a trend setter in Korea.

Running Man meets the gods of the East

Yunho and Changmin were the guest of last week’s episode of Running Man. They switched it up a little by having the cast search for their guests at the Seoul Opera House amongst a whole lotta Phantoms.  Yunho and Changmin were able to find the Running Man balls to eliminate all the cast from the competition except for Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo, two of the toughest competitors.  Check out this clip when Jong-kook notices that one phantom in particular had some really nice shoes.

Dang, Changmin really booked it outta there (I guess with the amount of fans they have, being able to run fast is a matter of life and death) although in the end Jong-kook tackled Changmin to the ground, ouch.  Check out what happens when Yunho met Jong-kook.

So, with the help of fans Yunho was able to get away and find the last ball winning the first game.  The most hilarious part of the show though, has got to be when the cast and guests break up into two teams to play a version of Pictionary/telephone.  OMG,  it was literally hilarious.  Joong-ki and Yunho, luckily everyone doesn’t love you because of your drawing capabilities.

How adorable is Yunho here, at least he recognizes that he has no skills whatsoever when it comes to drawing.

The ending of the show was a bit of a disappointment with the whole cast having to learn a dance routine with the help of Yunho and Changmin, but the rest of the show was so WIN, I’ll let it pass this time.

Other than a few kdrama crack induced ramblings over Dream High which I’ll save for next week, those were the 5 things that I LOVED in Kpop last week, were they yours?

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