Along with Park Kahi‘s impending solo debut as well as Korean comeback, After School is also advancing to Japan.

Though this bit of news is not particularly new, it was announced recently that After School has signed with a Japanese record label and will begin promotions in late March. Representatives of Pledis Entertainment also state that they would pick either a new song or cover one of their existing tracks in Japanese.

After School members are currently in the process of learning Japanese and preparing for their Japanese activities as well as their Korean comeback activities.

With a group like After School where there is definitely some talent in the group (i.e. Kahi, Jungah, and Bekah) and they have a unique image that is mixed with confidence, power, and sexiness, I don’t really know what will become of a Japanese debut. Japan is enjoying the Hallyu Wave but with the scandals surrounding DBSK and KARA, things might change. But then again, After School is VERY different from these two groups.


(Star News)