A netizen uploaded a picture of KARA‘s Seungyeon, exemplifying that the girl grouper has the ideal body ratio of 1 : 7.5. Standing at 1.6m, she’s of average height, but because of her measurements fans are classifying her as attractive.

Well, I had no idea what this was without doing some research. So it seems, based on a Classical Greek belief, people have been using the length of one’s head (hairline to chin) in relation to full standing height to mathematical evaluate their attractiveness. Fans found that in comparison to Seungyeon, fellow KARA member Jiyoung, who is 5mm taller than her unni, is far beyond any supermodel standards.

Oh netizens, making a mountain out of a mole hill. Don’t get me wrong though, proportion is key and Seungyeon definitely has it but that second bit seems to be purporting that those who’re slightly taller than average need to be supermodel quality or nothing. Touchy. I sense someone’s inferiority complex. Well here you have it… the beauty standards in K-pop.