As I posted just over a week ago regarding speculations,   Goo Hye Sun, and Taiwanese actor and Fahrenheit boy-band member Wu Chun, will star in a Taiwanese adaptation of Japanese manga and live action drama hit, “Absolute Boyfriend” (Zettai Kareshi).


A press conference was held yesterday for “Absolute Boyfriend” where Goo Hye Sun and Wu Chun met with the Taiwanese press for the official announcement of the project.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the storyline, basically a humanoid robot is created (named “Night Tenjo” in the Japanese story) and programmed to be devoted and completely loyal to his lover (I mean,”new owner”). Did I mention that said robot is HOT?! Well, he is. And perfect in all respects?? (He cooks! And cleans!!)  Except that he’s a machine, I mean. Anyway, the main female character comes to own one of these fine specimens of manhood (oops-I mean “machine”-silly me!), and thus hilarity and romance (yes, romance!) ensues. Throw in the main character’s also super attractive boss and you’ve got a bonafide robot-lady- boss love triangle!

Will the Taiwanese drama fare as well as the Japanese?

I wonder if the Taiwanese drama is going to follow that same plotline, and if so, who is playing the boss?! Also, with all that she has going on, it’s a wonder Goo Hye Sun has time for another project! I don’t think I’ll be watching (Wu Chun is SERIOUSLY robotic as an actor and Taiwanese dramas are a tad long and melodramatic), but best of luck to them!

Alright-‘fess up: who would or wouldn’t want a man-robot?!!

Photos from the press conference (click for full-size):