One perk of living the Kpop/Kdrama addict’s dream (That is, actually living in Korea.) is that I get to see the commercials which air before the dramas come on (…and if we’re talking perks, I should mention a serious downside – watching dramas without subs. Yeah, with my limited Korean, that’s a definite downside.). Right now I’m tuning in on Wednesday and Thursday nights for the relatively new drama 49 Days. It’s cute, and I’m enjoying it, but that’s not what I’m here for.

Check out the cute CFs (there’re two of them) that YG Family and Goo Hye-sun did for Nikon.*

D’awww. How cute is Taeyang snapping that ‘one shot’?

And if we’re talking cute, here’s IU with Kang Ho-dong and a third guy (Anyone care to enlighten me on his identity?) to promote Home Plus, one of the chain supermarket/mart stores around (by ‘mart’ I mean similar to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target).

And now, to make the experience complete, go watch 49 Days Episode 5 raw. Or not.

*For more YG Family/Nikon videos, don’t be afraid to scour YouTube, there were several readily available.

(qmupr, SolarHolic, Daum)