Because GaIn is  NOT going to be happy when she sees this!

I’m sure that Mrs. “Adam Couple” GaIn of Brown Eyed Girls will certainly not be thrilled to see her make-believe husband Jo Kwon giving her fellow BEG group member Miss “Mamma MiaNarsha a passionate (and totally pretend) kiss.

The two idols were on MBC’s  SeBaKwi on the 28th and had to act out a sketch given to them by the MCs in which Jo Kwon acted as-what else-a prince who settles everything with money while Narsha acted out the role of his maid who could be bought for $120 (c’mon Narsha! You’re worth way more than that-at least $150!!! JK.).

The sketch had the MCs laughing, but I doubt our lovely little firecracker GaIn will be giggling…oooh you are SO in trouble now, hubby!

Video credit: snjeung1