There’s nothing quite like starting over in the new year. A lot of groups are making their comebacks, leading the charge for a musically fun 2018. Jo Kwon returned to the scene after switching agencies, and Infinite is back as a six-member group. We also have MXM, Block B, N.Flying, and Oh My Girl joining the music show circuit again.

Once again, I have the pleasure of announcing another landmark win for a group. Momoland took home their very first trophy for “Bboom Bboom” on Mnet M! Countdown. I love seeing the surprised response and deep gratitude from those who experience this precious moment. Of course, we can’t overlook the wins of Twice and Exo, who are just as deserving of their awards. Congrats to everybody!

As usual, it was not easy making a list of my favorites, especially when so many beloved idols return. I welcome our readers to share their favorite performances from the past week in the comments.

Jo Kwon’s “Lonely”, Mnet M! Countdown, January 11, 2018

It feels like it’s been forever since Jo Kwon made a comeback. I still remember his “Animal” days, but honestly, I preferred his ballads over anything else. The former 2AM member hasn’t strayed far from his roots with this seasonal tune. The setting was so magical and fit the mood perfectly. I felt a sense of calm listening to Jo Kwon sing. It’s so good to have him back.

MXM’s “Diamond Girl”, Mnet M! Countdown, January 11, 2018

If you love ’80s nostalgia, then this performance has awesome nods to that decade. The neon lights and palm trees echo the vibe of the time. The electronic beat is accompanied by the flashy dance moves of Young Min and Dong Hyun who pull off the old school style well. I’m also loving how everyone wore colorful bow ties with ruffled shirts. This stage nailed the retro concept.

Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom”, KBS Music Bank, January 12, 2018

These girls are pure fun that outlasts any sugar rush. I really love the tutus because they add extra cheer to this upbeat song. The bouncy steps of the choreography make it hard not to want to join in. It’s too bad I don’t still have my pom poms since I wanted to shout along with the group while waving them at the screen. I love their bubbly charisma which brings me joy every time I watch them.

Oh My Girl’s “Secret Garden”, MBC Show! Music Core, January 13, 2018

It’s so hard picking a bias in girl groups when they have wonderfully talented members like Oh My Girl. Their smiling faces light up the screen and brighten my mood. The blue velvet dresses make them look like fairies who love dancing among flowers. Something I’ve always noticed in Oh My Girl’s routines is that the steps have little repetition, balancing intricate hand movements with eye-catching formations. The fan service of their lovely expressions is another bonus as well.

Block B’s “Don’t Leave”, SBS Inkigayo, January 14, 2018

Even though I stan for Block B’s harder beats, I’m liking this softer comeback. The guys all shine beautifully, especially in their individual moments. I had to blink several times to take in Taeil‘s new blonde style because he looks so different to me. The rap line held their own along with the vocalists, which is not an easy feat for many groups. P.O stands out naturally for his gravelly voice, but it’s good to hear his unique tone used in more ballads. This performance works nicely for the chilly season.

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