The world of kpop is a small one indeed.

Cube Ent artists HyunAh and G.NA are apparently very close friends and have known each other since they were trainees. HyunAh has been spotted promoting her friend’s album in Japan, and then she subbed for the rap break in G.NA’s song on Music Core.
Reportedly after the performance G.NA said “HyunAh, the girl that secretly cries, thank you for helping me on stage for this performance. I will do my best”.
Of course netizens went crazy. They love nothing more than proof that all the idols eat together in some kpop cafeteria in the Korean high school of their dreams. Some of the comments:
“There will be a better future!~~”
“Stay strong~silly horse…don’t cry”
“Golden horse! your the best of all, FIGHTING!!”
“We don’t know how you did it, all we know that it wasn’t easy”
“their friendship is so cute I hope it lasts forever”

It is interesting to hear stories of different artists and their long histories with one other. You look at pictures from their trainee period and think of what they have become. It’s intriguing to wonder how a relationship can grow and change during that time. Isn’t trainee HyunAh is a far cry from the “wild horse” image she now projects?

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