Daniel Henney‘s Team D who help to manage his Twitter and Facebook accounts have announced a contest that gives you a chance to travel the world with Daniel! Well not Daniel himself, but a cool cut out of him. Their Summer Days Contest #2: Traveling Daniel, gives fans the opportunity to show their creative side by thinking up what they would do if they ever really got their hands on Daniel in their hometown (rated PG people, rated PG. Get your minds out of the gutter). And, there are prizes. Check out the info here, via Daniel Henney’s Facebook page.

Summer Days Contest #2: Traveling Daniel
Daniel’s fans are from all over the world so, we’re curious – what would you do if Daniel came to visit you in your hometown? What does a typical day look like for you? Where would you guys go? What would you eat? What type of cultural experiences would you share? Inspired by the movie ‘Amelie’, we want you to download, cut out, and take pictures with ‘traveling Daniel’. Treat ‘traveling Daniel’ as a guest in your home or location. Share and write us about your area, favorite activities, local attractions, hobbies, sites, interests (for example: What do you like best about where you live? Where do you work? Your friends? What type of local foods do you eat? etc.). ‘Traveling Daniel’ must be in the picture.You can submit up to 5 pictures with a detailed description of each picture. Only use the attached ‘traveling Daniel’ picture. Also, no photoshopping allowed in this contest. We really just want to see you in your natural environment and/or get a tour of your local scene.
All entries must be turned in by this Saturday, Aug. 7 midnight (US timezone). Submit up to 5 photos (jpeg format) to danielhenneyfan [at] gmail [dot] com and the entry with the most “likes” will be sent an autographed picture. PLUS, we will choose a winner to receive an autographed DVD of Daniel’s film “My Father”. Woo-hoo!
Here’s an example from this weekend in California (San Francisco). Good luck everyone, tell your friends and get creative!
Love, Team D

So, if you’re interested in getting some autographed goodies from Mr. Henney you got 6 days to show ‘traveling Daniel’ around your hometown. Team D had another contest in mid July (sorry peeps, missed that one) Summer Days Fan Contest #1: DANIELSHOPPED in which fans were asked to photoshop Daniel into picture or poster of a film or project they would have loved to see him in. The winner photoshopped Daniel into a picture of Harry Potter’s Severus Snape. Pretty cool contests, Team D, pretty cool. For more information on the contest check out Daniel Henney’s Facebook page or Twitter.