Finally, the MV teaser for BEAST’s upcoming title track Shock has been revealed. Just as the teaser pics promised, it looks like lots of things will be on fi-yah. Hot. All I see are flames, flames, and more flames, with the boys in an abundance of guy-liner and smoldering stares. I can only surmise that their concept will be dark, edgy, and BEAST-ly!

I may love BEAST, but many a male idol groups have gone through this phase, so I wonder if I’m going to be Shocked by anything Cube Entertainment dishes out. But don’t mistake this jadedness for pessimism…BEAST is supposedly introducing a new genre called ‘Rocktronic’ and I’m so curious as to what in the hells that’s supposed to mean. Up to their comeback stage and 2nd mini album release, all I can say is more, please!

Here’s the tracklist of their 2nd mini abum Shock Of The New Era, which drops March 2.

01. Just Before Shock
02. Shock
03. Special
04. 내 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No)
05. Easy

Cr: Yes24
Video source: B2STalert02