Yep, he is at it again. SNSD fans are outraged again by another drawing done by Internet cartoonist Yoon SeoIn. Yoon is the same man responsible for the now infamous “SNSD dot drawing” in which he poked fun at SNSD’s large numbers by only sketching his favorite members, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Yuri, in detail and modeling the other members as distant stick figures and a dot to show how irrelevant they are to him.

Now his latest creation has gotten him into trouble with thousands of Sones yet again. This time Yoon drew SNSD as students taking what seems to be an exam while scantily clad in little white dresses/slips? If you look closely at the most detailed girl’s (Yuri) exam paper she is writing “Gee Gee Gee Gee” (SNSD’s 2009 hit song) in Korean. In the lower picture (title: Lady Shidae Beating Rice Cakes) the girls are shown “beating rice cakes” (slang term for “having sex” in Korean). Sones are crying out against these pictures, claiming that they are insulting and ruining SNSD’s “pure/innocent” image.
IMO: Okay, I am all for women being able to express their sexuality freely and also am strongly against sexual harassment of all kinds. But in my opinion based on the entire concept and marketing of SNSD, I don’t feel that this qualifies as sexual harassmemt. Everything involving this idol group revolves around images of extreme innocence (with sexual innuendos) or extreme sexuality. If we had never seen SNSD in these types of barely-there outfits or sexually suggestive poses, then the accusations of sexual harassment might work. But, like many other K-pop girl groups, SNSD was created to be “ogled” over by their target audience- male fans. How can you be angry at the cartoonist for drawing the women in the way they are constantly presented to him?

cr: soompi