So…a certain g.o.d. member who is very tall, wears glasses, and has a great voice, decided to share his humble opinion about one of the most pressing issues in Kpop today.

“When KARA does their butt dance, I go a little crazy.”

Oh, Kim Tae Woo! At least he had the guts to admit what’s on the mind of every other Korean male, no matter how slightly disturbing it may be. Kim Tae Woo made an appearance on the latest episode of Golden Fishery Radio Star, and disclosed more than his fondness for KARA. Nicole, in particular, has caught the singer’s eye, and he honestly stated that her feminine side is most appealing.

Despite his love for the KARA butt dance, they’re only his third favorite girl group. First he showers them with love and all they get is number 3? SNSD is still his number one while newbie f(x) came in second.

With all the silliness aside, Kim Tae Woo, who’s been gaining more popularity with his single “Love Rain”, also shared his thoughts on his recent solo activity. “After working with JYP for so long, I wanted to try something new and go solo. I wanted to show people I could stand on stage alone.” And indeed he can. Kim Tae Woo’s a talented man, although a little too forthcoming with his love of girl groups.