Well look at what we have here…family picture! Here’s Heechul playing nice with the youngsters of f(x) and SHINee. Doesn’t this make you miss those SM Town videos?

I admit that I was a huge SM-er back in the day when I first entered the realm of K-pop. I can’t believe that it’s been almost ten years (!) since I listened to H.O.T.’s “Candy” on repeat. And yes, I just dated myself…

I was really young at the time and I would look forward to the SM Town summer/winter albums and MVs every year.  This picture was a nice reminder of the good ol’ days and makes me want to take a little trip down memory lane…

Here it is, K-pop at its finest in my 14-year-old opinion. SM Town Winter 2000.

See any familiar faces?

Look how young DBSK was back in SM Town’s Summer 2004 MV!

And here’s something that may be slightly more familiar if you jumped onto the K-pop bandwagon a wee bit later than I did… hardy har har.

SM Town Summer 2007