With almost all of the attention towards the boys in the idol drama “You’re Beautiful”, actress Park Shin Hye seems to be shunted off to the side quite a bit despite being one of the leads. Not too surprising, considering that Jang Geun Suk and Lee Hongki seem to be enough to keep viewers entertained and giddy for more.  Poor girl doesn’t get enough love, which is a shame since she’s so adorable in this drama. So let’s take a little breather from Jang Geun Suk’s body, no matter how nice it may be to look at, and move the spotlight over to Park Shin Hye for a wee bit—I promise you the pretty boys will still be there later to drool over.

What I found funny from the first episode is the fact that Park Shin Hye’s character Go Mi Nam/Mi Nyeo (I’ll call her Mi Nyeo for now) is a nun-in-training. A nun of all things!

Why the long face? Well, I would be too if I had to wear a habit publicy in broad daylight.

Here she is, singing…in a beautiful, high voice no less. Yeah, they don’t even attempt to cover up Mi Nyeo’s femininity. But this drama seems to be pretty crack-tastic in general and obviously not meant to be taken seriously. And besides, aren’t most flower boys pretty enough to pass off as girls anyways?

With the bright light shining behind her, you can practically see the halo above her leopard-capped head.

Like I said before, the girl is adorable in her role as Mi Nyeo. She’s innocent and charming but doesn’t play the sweetness up so much that it hurts your teeth. What’s even better is that her character isn’t oh-so-annoying or over the top (ahem, Geum Jandi) but actually quite likable. As talented and cute as Jang Geun Suk is, I think Park Shin Hye is also pretty darn talented in her own right.