Why? Because apparently his darling mini-me boyband, MBLAQ, stands for the incredibly heinous acronym Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality. Huh?! They may as well have been named Making Boys’ Lives Astonishingly Quirky. Or, better yet, Manly Boyband Likes Acting Questionably. Although, their recently released photo/poster makes even my last attempt at an improved MBLAQ acronym thoroughly suspect. Manly? I think not. Acting questionably? Definitely.


I don’t know what concept they were shooting for, but I think the skinny mustaches, heavy eyeliner and bejeweled clothing scream “PIRATE!”, while the black clothes, spiked and chain-type jewelry and cross, gloves, and eyeliner (again!) shout “GOTHIC!”. So, maybe their look is “pirate-gothic”? To be fair, only the second Music Boy (Living in Absolute Quality) from the left looks like a pirate. It’s totally the mustache. Everyone else just looks a little rocker/goth/visual kei?

I think they should have just stuck with the track suits:


Hopefully when the five boybanders debut on the 14th they aren’t More Boybanders Lacking Actual Quality, but maybe a Mighty Bootyshaking Lads’ Acrobatic Quintet. Or not. But, let’s just hope they don’t suck! And please don’t get me started on their single album title “Just BLAQ”. We’ll save that for another day. And rant.

Credit: Merriam-Webster online dictionary for the synonyms for all of my creative iterations of the heinous MBLAQ acronym. Still better than Rain’s though.