Now we all remember T-ara. You know, the cute group who debuted as a ballad group, then lent one of their members to an older more experienced vocal group combination, then cut a few members, then added some new members, then came back together with a “sorta hardcore girlish concept, then dropped it and went to a more girlish cute concept? Remember? Well, whether you do or not- all that is in the past and T-ara finally “got their groove “back!” (for the first time)

This song has been in my head and on repeat for hours. It seems that the combination of Supernova (do you remember them? No offence, but me neither. But they  kinda make up for it, so it’s okay) and T-ara equals beautiful music.

I’ve never wanted to cut my hair so badly. But my egg shape and a bob cut don’t match.

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