gdara2_ 20090919_seoulbeats

Attention Daragon supporters! Today is your lucky day! G-Dragon recently did a showcase at Global Gathering, and videos and fan cams of his performances are already clogging the message boards and blogs online.

G-Dragon allegedly performed five songs from his debut album, including “Heartbreaker” and “Breathe”, and of particular note, the first live performance of “Hello.” Don’t believe me? Photo evidence to prove it, baby:

gdara6_ 20090919_seoulbeats

gdara5_ 20090919_seoulbeats

gdara4_ 20090919_seoulbeats

gdara3_ 20090919_seoulbeats

gdara_ 20090919_seoulbeats

I tend to run hot and cold on Dara (I like her best when she’s not singing), but “Hello” is one of my favorite songs on Heartbreaker, and let’s face it, they look damn cute together. I’m just hoping, to quote a concerned netizen, “all i wish now is for Dara to make it through the week without fans threatening her.”

A fan cam is already out so you can experience the Dara/G-Dragon chemistry live!