And by “LOL”, I mean, laugh so hard I nearly lose control over my bladder, can barely catch my breath, and make my friend (whose office is next door to mine) inquire via G-chat if I am “okay”.  These were just what I needed to brighten up this grey, and slightly dreary (where I am), week.

From the brilliant minds of cutebutdeadlyfilms, we have a  parody of BoA‘s “I’ll Eat You Up” :

My favorite line is the one about competitive food eater extraordinaire, Kobayashi. Gotta love those pork buns. And I was super impressed by the pretty awesome dance moves-“BaO” is definitely working off some of those pork buns she’s scarfing down!

And from another creative corner of the interweb we have the public health PSA-worthy, “Wash Your Hands Too” from (a hilarious parody of the Wondergirls‘ “Nobody”):

“H1N1…is confirm no fun”-you can sing that again, mrbrownshow, just ask Kim Hyun Joong, poor guy. Also, does anyone have any idea what in the world a “kutu” is? Either way it definitely sounds like something I don’t want…especially in my hair.

Anyway, now that we are (FINALLY!) at the end of the work/school week, I bid you a fantastic weekend. Eat a pork bun or two (or 33!) if you get the chance. Just remember, “when you wash your body, wash your hands too”. Especially before eating that pork bun.

Video credits: axis1019cutebutdeadlyfilms

Source: k-popped!