Hello everyone! We are back with a special fortnightly wrap-up of the news:

Warning: The following contains mentions of suicide and self harm that may be distressing.


  • Trainee Han Soe-hee, who was involved in Big Bang rapper T.O.P‘s recent marijuana scandal, was sentenced to four years’ probation for drug purchase and use.
  • Nu’est‘s Baekho has been accused of molestation by a former classmate; Pledis has been quick to deny the allegations, while other members of the public appear to have come forward in defence of Baekho.
  • Topp Dogg‘s Hansol worried fans greatly when he made allusions to committing suicide during an Instagram live session. A friend of the idol has since commented publicly about reaching out to Hansol; it’s good to know that he has a supportive network to help him with what he needs. If you are also in need of help, a list of local helplines can be found at this link.
  • A Pink were subjected to death threats by an alleged fan, with agency Plan A Entertainment taking extra security precautions ahead of the group’s comeback.
  • Got7‘s Jackson got into hot water over another instance of anti-blackness, this time dismissing criticism of his locked hairstyle for a leaked Pepsi advert on Instagram. Needless to say, a number of our writers aren’t here for it–read why in our latest SB Roundtable.
  • Jackson isn’t alone, though: Hyuna‘s birthday party Insta updates came to the attention of South Asian fans due to the appearance of a bindi on Hyuna’s forehead in a couple of photos. Another party attendee can also be seen wearing a piece of head jewellery known as a maang tikka, or nethichoodi, among other names.
  • And Mamamoo had to re-edit another MV post release, after fans criticised the usage of round dots that looked like bindis to depict Buddha’s urna on themselves in the video for pre-release track “Aze Gag.”
  • After dismissing rumours of splitting from her group, AOA‘s Choa has confirmed, via Instagram, that she will indeed be ceasing her idol activities to focus on continuing treatment for her depression, anxiety, and insomnia, which had already seen her reduce her workload over the years. Even as Sports Seoul released images of her on a date, Choa took to Instagram again to clarify that her love life had nothing to do with her decision. FNC seems to be in denial, though, claiming that negotiations are still underway.
  • Exo‘s Baekhyun also took to Instagram to communicate with fans; however, it was a request to essentially be left alone while the idol enjoyed his time off during SM‘s Jeju workshop.
  • Produce 101 season 2 drew to a close this week, with the top 11 trainees announced in an overlong ceremony. Kang Daniel is officially the centre for project group Wanna One, which will be active until December, and not allow any members to debut under their own companies.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out all of the fortnight’s releases in the playlist above!
  • T-ara‘s new single may not have impressed our reviewer, but it still got the now-quartet their first music show win in half a decade.
  • Black Pink returned with one song this time around, “As If It’s Your Last.” Our reviewer thought it was a good summer release, how about you?
  • Nine Muses want you to “Remember” that they are still alive, and possibly still haunting our reviewer.
  • Mamamoo released their new EP, Purple, and our reviewer enjoyed title track “Yes I Am.” Did you?
  • Monsta X are back with “Shine Forever,” which our reviewer felt was a fitting thank you to fans.
  • John Park‘s new song is “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Pentagon are back with “Critical Beauty,” and our reviewer appreciated the group’s different musical approach to accompanying mini album Ceremony.
  • NCT 127‘s new single has divided opinions, but Cherry Bomb won our reviewer over, as well as fans to nab the sub-unit their first music show award.

Teasers & Announcements

  • BoA made the most of her exposure as Produce 101 Season 2 host, beginning promotions for Camo while the finale aired.
  • On the 19th, Nine Muses will return with the intriguing-looking “Remember.”
  • On the 22nd, Black Pink will be back, for real!
  • On the 26th, A Pink’s new mini, Pink Up, will be out.
  • On the 27th
    • Stellar is back as a five-member group with Stellar: into the World.
    • Nam Tae-hyun‘s South Club release their debut EP, 90.
  • On the 29th, Kisum and Hyorin/Hyolyn will be teaming up for “Fruity.”
  • On the 30th, Crush is back Outside with a new release!
  • Other releases this month include:
    • Peniel will be continuing BtoB‘s monthly solo project with a new song.
    • Loona‘s new reveal, Jinsoul, will release “Singing in the Rain.”
    • H.U.B‘s Rui has a solo single called “Tonight.”
  • Highlight, EXID, Snuper, and KNK will be attending the London Korea Festival 2017 on July 8th.
  • New girl group Favorite will debut in July.
  • After finishing 18th on Produce 101 Season 2Brave Entertainment‘s Samuel will be releasing his debut solo mini album in August.
  • Lee Hyori continues to hype her comeback.
  • Loen Entertainment will be debuting a new girl group in 2018.


Other News

  • Kcon NY 2017 took place this weekend, with G-Friend, Twice, Zion.T, CN Blue, Highlight, KNK, Up10tion, SF9, and NCT 127 performing at the con’s New Jersey venue. Did you attend?

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