20121025_seoulbeats_karaSad news this week: Kara has officially disbanded. DSP Media made the announcement after members Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara decided to not renew their contracts. Newest member Young-ji will stay on with the agency, but will not be fulfilling fan memes of become a one member K-pop group.

Though it is the end, it should be remembered that Kara has had a pretty good run: part of the famed WonSoKa trio (with Wonder Girls and SNSD), Kara survived three line-ups, a lawsuit scare and an outed relationship, among myriad other things. Kara was also one of the most successful K-pop acts in Japan, and their butt dance will live on as one of the most memorable dance moves in K-pop.

And while people may consider Kara to not be the most musically talented group, their content wasn’t all bad, either. Partnering with Sweetune defintiely didn’t hurt. Kara even managed to make a collection of solos from each member work, something fans of other groups wish they could have.

Readers, what were your favourite Kara moments? My Shawol self loves their appearance in a “Juliette” performance, but ultimately it has to be this performance of “Runaway.” It literally took my breath away.

(Korea Times, YouTube[1][2]. Images via: DSP Media)