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    It’s great that you wrote about Sweetune now. They are my favourite composers. I’m so in love with at least 90% of their songs. I love their 80s style.
    Infinite and Sweetune the match made in heaven. ^^ But I have to correct you, because you made a few mistakes. You wrote that the first song that Sweetune compose for Infinite was “Be Mine”. That’s not true. The first song was “She’s Back”, then came “BTD” –> “Nothing’s Over” –> “Be Mine” –> “Paradise” –> “The Chaser”. They even composed a Christmas song for them last December with the title “White Confession (Lately)”.
    They are working with Boyfriend for over a year now, because they composed their “Don’t Touch My Girl” single, then their “I’ll Be There” single and they worked together on Boyfriend’s Japanese songs as well. After that came “Lovestyle”. I don’t know why it didn’t become a hit, because it was such a sweet and happy song. But their latest collaboration “Janus” was released a few days ago. I think it’s one of Sweetune’s best song so far. :D
    Sorry, I didn’t want to be rude nor offend you, but I just love to pay attention to the details. ^^

    • AcadiasFire

      Is Janus Boyfriends song too?

      • Erick Ahmad

        yup, it is…
        and it’s another sweat from Sweetune that managed to stick in my head…

  • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    Infinite will not be making a comeback for a while unfortunately so we’ll have to wait even longer to see what Sweetune will create for them next, or if they’ll be working with Sweetune at all. Woollim released  a statement some time this week saying that the members would be focusing on individual activities for now and that their next album is still in its project stage. Sunggyu is coming out with his first solo album (his pre-release single was written by Kim Jongwan of Nell) on the 19th of this month and Infinite-H is slated to debut in early 2013, and Primary is producing their album. He’s written 4 songs for them.

    As for Sweetune, there are times I love them and other times I’m ‘okay’ with them. Personally I think they come up with some of the coolest instrumentals ever, but not all the groups they work with do their music justice. I love a lot of what they make for Kara and Nine Muses and at times even Rainbow, but the songs they’ve composed for Boyfriend haven’t been doing it for me whatsoever. 

     In general I think they work best with female artists, Infinite being the exception since they work very closely with them and over time they’ve managed to find a style that works for them. The members, particularly Dongwoo, have in the past mentioned having been involved in some small aspects of their song’s production, or at least in some minor decision making. For example he worked closely with the producers in the song Tic Toc, which he had had some influence in restructuring.

    However, when it comes to Infinite’s music sometimes people forget that although they do work with Sweetune a lot, they work alongside other composers as well. I’ve noticed that people tend to think that Sweetune and Infinite go hand in hand, that they are stuck like glue, but that isn’t completely true. They work frequently with J.Yoon of M.C The Max, as well as have had songs written for them by J-sus, hip-hop artists Pe2ny, Musikacase, Junghoon of Nell, recently Kim Jongwan of Nell as well (Sunggyu’s album), and Primary and Zion T (Infinite-H). Not to mention that famous lyrics writer Kim Eana has worked with them, and even Mithra and Tablo have contributed to their past songs as well.

    In my experience I’ve never found that Kara and Infinite share many similarities between them (other than for their singing being generally higher in pitch than others), but there’s no denying that the same 80’s influence is still there in their music. I’d like to point out that Woollim’s CEO, Lee Jun Yeop, mentioned in an interview once that he is involved in some aspects of the production for Infinite’s music, not quite sure to what extent, but that coupled with the fact that Infinite do work with other song writers is what has helped me to feel that both group’s discography, albeit similar to some extent in influence, are very quite distinguishable from each other.

    If you wish to look at it another way, most free-lance composers write a song for an artist, get it ‘okayed’ by the company, and then record and release it, right?. Simple as that. What Woollim does is try to establish as much connection with the producers as possible, making sure that they like what they are creating and if not then make suggestions to change it. They like to get as much hands on with their music as possible, and again I think this contributes to why I feel that their music differs a lot in contrast to the music that Sweetune creates for the other groups they write for.

  • AcadiasFire

    I love what Sweetune has done with Infinite. I absolutely love their sound. Paradise, BTD, and The Chaser are songs I can never get out of my head. I’ve never been a fan of Kara so I never knew Sweetune produced for them.

  • pg13247

    Hasn’t Sweetune composed most of Nine Muses promotional songs? With the exception of “No Playboy” and “Ladies”, I think “Figaro”, “News” and “Ticket” were all Sweetune-works. Also, those are the 3 songs that kind of pushed them from being a complete wreck. The 70’s-80’s synth pop completely fits the girls.
    They’re pretty impressive live considering they were once considered a k-pop laughing stock. They’ve added 2 better vocalists to the group which was greatly needed. (Kyungri and Hyuna)

    It’s a shame Rainbow isn’t getting any more songs. “Mach” was pretty good, but people just didn’t care about them. Although I think their dance pop songs of “To Me” and “Sweet Dream” fit the group better. 

  • animasaurus

    LOVE THEM! As far as idol groups go, RAINBOW and INFINITE make the most flawless pop songs imho.

  • yudari

    There’s a site ( http://tikekekasu.blogspot.com/ ) that has listed down all the songs composed by Sweetune (the list for 2012 isn’t up to date, and songs from past years are in the links on the right side). I didn’t know they had been making songs since 1995 or that they had made a song for Japanese singer Aira Mitsuki.

  • Jgg55

    MAN Love Style is the shittttttt. That song is so great.

    I friggin love Sweetune. Nine Muses have moved to the top of my k-pop fav’s list because of the songs Sweetune has produced for them. Their entire Sweet Rendezvous mini is kick ass thanks to them. I could go on about my obnoxious love of these guys. They are legit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1174453902 Issybell ChoiMinho

    sweetune is da bomb, their songs infusions of electro-80’s just makes me yearn for more productions by them.

  • http://twitter.com/karaisme86 Ajeng Arshanti

    check out KARA’s solo songs too, all composed by Sweetune.
    Sweetune + Sweet Melody (KARA) = MAGIC ~♥

  • RapDol96

    Omg so Sweet Tune composed those tracks. AWESOME!! I’ve always wanted to know who created these heavy influenced 80’s electro fused with kpop tracks. BTW I’ve been reading a lot of these “Exploring Freelance Hit makers” articles becuase of my music technology course project and they’re the most helpful coz it talks in depth about the music. I just wanna say thank you to whoever writes the articles.

  • BLoa

    Sweetune is amazing, genius. My favorite KPOP composers.

    Most of INFINITE’s songs are produced by Sweetune. For the music quality, check their Instrumental album “The Origin” if you want orchestra like music to listen to when relaxing or studying :)