20142711_seoulbeats_sunnyhill2When trying to get over a break up, do you?

(a) Cry at home over K-drama while eating ice cream.

(b) Write a passive aggressive post on Facebook addressed to ‘no one’.

(c) Burn all things left of your ex in a ceremonial bonfire.

(d) Go to your friends and ask to them to perform hypnosis to forget your ex.

If you picked (d) you will sympathize heavily with Sunny Hill’s MV for their new release, “Here I Am”. K-pop is filled with fantasy-like plot lines and Sunny Hill’s newest single seems to be the next addition. Check it out for yourself!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Isov_SmYhY?list=PLID4CZACkMJQT2q5HfSGkdI0wJTwVsI39&w=560&h=315]

“Here I Am” is a song that deals with the feelings of longing for a past lover that are left after breaking up. It fits well with autumn’s transition to winter, as the cold brings longing for the warmth of summer.

Sunny Hill is known for its unique music and concepts, something that has bought interest before with releases like “Grasshopper Song” and “Goodbye to Romance”. This time the song is a mix of three genres: acoustic, electronic and ballad. It focuses on the girl’s clear singing voices that bring depth and emotion to the lyrics. Sunny Hill’s Lee Mi-sung even drew from her own experience to write the lyrics for the song. So, what do you think?

Having hit a decrease in popularity lately — just like the rest of the industry — maybe ‘Here I Am’ will bring Sunny Hill it’s next success?

(Images via. LOEN Entertainment, YouTube)