• severely

    I enjoyed the album. There are a couple of slower songs that don’t stand out as much, but honestly, with Wolf as the weakest track of the bunch, it’s a strong album. (How does SM have a knack for picking the suckiest track and promoting that one?) I’m glad my prediction was right: Wolf won’t make you buy the album, but it’s solid enough that you don’t have to skip it in a play through either.

    I don’t quite have a good ear for it, but are all tracks sung by all 12 members like Wolf is?

    • brouhaha

      As far as I know, all songs in the Kiss version of the album have been sung by Exo-K members while in the Hug version, Exo-M members sing. Wolf seems to be the only one with OT12

      • severely

        Thank you! All the previews of the album I’ve heard so far have mixed up the tracks between Hug and Kiss and it really threw me off.

      • maldita

        No. Actually, all 12 sing in all the songs except the EXO-K and EXO-M versions of Wolf. All the other songs, whether in Korean in the Kiss version or Chinese in the Hug version, had all members participate in the recording.

        • brouhaha

          Well, I have heard all the songs and I’m pretty sure Kiss only has K and Hug only has M :)

        • GSun

          No, the Kiss album was sung by EXO-K and the Hug album by EXO-M. The only track they collaborated on was Wolf. Can you point out a single instance of someone from EXO-M singing in the Kiss album tracks or vice versa?

  • laura m

    Am I the only one who actually really likes Wolf?
    Anyways, the album is awesome! Baby Don’t Cry, Let Out The Beast, Heart Attack, My Lady and Wolf are my favorites ^^ One of the best releases of the year so far!

    • severely

      I like Wolf. It’s catchy, but objectively, I know it’s only just okay, and it’s not even close to the best song EXO has ever released.

  • brouhaha

    Don’t go is actually one of my favourite songs in the album after Baby Don’t Cry. Now that song is just beautiful <3
    I actually like Wolf except the "ah saranghaeyo" part which is just… =.=
    The rest of the album is also amazing especially My Lady, Black Pearl and Let out the beast :) Well worth the wait
    Waiting for this week's music shows so I can hear them sing wolf live finally ^^

    • Chela Masen

      I really enjoyed “Don’t Go” too =).

  • Fei

    I’ve heard that SM indeed bought 365 from One direction

    • TheJadeBullet

      Are you serious? I agreed with that point in the article since it was, indeed, the first thought I had upon listening to the track. Wow. I didn’t actually think that SM would do that =/

      • Kriscod

        Seriously? It was written by a European and Australian team like most of SM’s songs. You can find the credits online.

        • TheJadeBullet

          Doesn’t change the fact that I find it to sound /very/ One Direction-ish.

          • Kriscod

            I’m not disputing that one bit, but it’s ridiculous to spread an unfounded rumor.

          • TheJadeBullet

            Well, guess that’s already been nipped in the bud.

          • maldita

            It’s not THAT surprising that a straight-up happy pop song would end up sounding like a One Direction song when it’s the type of songs One Direction releases.

          • TheJadeBullet

            It’s not, really, but personally, something about the cowbell made me immediately think of 1D.

  • TheJadeBullet

    I agree with pretty much everything covered in this review but I did quite like Heart Attack. Perhaps that’s because it came before Peter Pan and Baby, so it didn’t really have the chance to get too monotonous. I’ve had My Lady on repeat for some time now and imo, it’s the best song on the album.

  • Ida Hedaaya

    Its’ BEYOND my expectations! I’ve never imagined it’d be this amazing.

    Fav. tracks,,, other than Wolf, I can’t even put one song above another,

    the album is just perfect!!!

    Thanks for the 4.5/5 ratings, though I’d like to say it could be a little bit higher :)

  • xchoccies

    As much as I wanted to rant about how ridiculous they were gone for so long and I desperately wanted My Lady and Baby Don’t Cry because I was gutted they didn’t include in the mini album and that Wolf leak was just not ear friendly and horrible… this album came out and boy, was I impressed.

    Other than the title track Wolf and 3.6.5 (I agree it is very One Direction-y) which might grow on me someday if I don’t skip it, I really, really enjoyed the other songs. Even though I love SHINee, I totally preferred this over Chapter 1. Honestly, I find this album to be one of SM’s best releases and one of the strong albums released this year so far.

    Now if only they’d perform live. I need me some live D.O. vocals.

    • you’rePressed

      i thought chapter one was one of the most solid shinee albums tbh. One of my favorites. lol I admit it probably only has a niche audience though.
      But yes this album is very solid for an SM album.

      • Drey

        it seems like only few of us enjoy chapter 1. i also thought it’s a very solid and coherent album. the songs go well together and fit the concept, and idk really has a shinee vibe? (like, you can tell ah, this is def a shinee song). chapter 2 is kinda all over the place to me.

        • you’rePressed

          Yeah it isn’t liked as much as Chapter two by the majority which is really unfortunate because Ch 1 is so good. Yes, i agree it has a shinee sound and the songs are also so very interesting.

    • Jinee Scarlet

      chapter 1 sucked for me too….

  • Chela Masen

    Thanks for the review LESLIE! Great insights =). “Don’t Go” is actually my favorite track hahaha, but I’m a softie, and I can see how it might not touch others in the same way. Black pearl was a nice surprise! From the beginning of the track, I was impressed with the slow, heavy, intriguing beat (“otherworldly” was a cool way to describe it, they stepped up the maturity but kept playing with the alien/superpower concept from “Mama”). “Peter Pan” was so precious (softie in me envisioned Exo in a full stadium singing it with their fans); I think it could be a really successful fan song (has a sweetness that I think works like with “Marry U” by Super Junior). “Baby Don’t Cry” was amazing, and that “say no more, no more” bit that goes with the rap part at the end sounds great in my car with the bass turned up ;). I liked “Baby,” “365,” and “Heart Attack” just fine, but they stood out a little less than the others for me. Weirdly, I wasn’t a huge fan of “My Lady.” I think something’s wrong with me! So many other people adore it! Maybe it’s because, for the initial album listening, I go off of how the song sounds (I don’t speak Korean) and, in that area, it didn’t grab me? I’ll have to look up the lyrics and keep trying with it.

    I also feel that “Let Out the Beast” might have made a better title track. I know that being experimental with “Wolf” has its benefits (the choreo is intricate (maybe too intricate) and cool, doesn’t sound like anything else), but the responses are pretty mixed and the song does feel a bit all over the place at times. “Let Out the Beast,” on the other hand, is a definitively strong track. I think “Let Out the Beast” could’ve been a surer way to try to get non-fans (not anti-fans, just people who haven’t heard much of Exo, or listen to them but aren’t ardent fans of theirs) to check out the rest of the album. Even though “Wolf” wasn’t perfect, fans still went on to listen to the full album (either because they liked Wolf, or because they are excited about and love Exo and Exo’s music and want to support them), but I wonder if this is the case for non-fans (were they turned away after “Wolf” or did they check out the rest of the album?). I think XOXO is awesome! So excited for Exo, this is a huge, successful step up for them =D! Ahhh, my response is way too long…I’m sorry, I am just so pleased with the album!

  • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

    I only liked Baby Don’t Cry and My Lady. Baby, Don’t Go and Peter Pan were alright. I tried listening to Wolf again for the nth time but I still can’t get past the howling. Whoever came up with that concept…

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    I’m very pleased with EXO’s XOXO album and is one of EXO’s best work so far with this comeback so worth the wait which saved the mixed feelings of “Wolf” although “Wolf has been growing on me.

    My favourite tracks on XOXO are “Baby Don’t Cry”, “Black Pearl”, “Let Out The Beast” (probably be a better comeback song and better song in general to promote instead of “Wolf”), and “Heart Attack”.

  • KrisMyStar

    this album was pure eargasm for me. really glad I preordered it since it comes with free character socks <3

    • Mini Squid


      • KrisMyStar

        yup ^^

        • Mini Squid

          The instant I heard of the character socks, I knew it was Kpop Town cos it was a deal I had sincerely nvr heard of. Haha. I pre-ordered from Yes Asia though. It seemed cheaper although socks-less.

  • marz22

    “My Lady” is currently my favorite song. You couldn’t have explained it better; the parts where the vocals of Suho, Baekhyun, and D.O taking turns (during chingu aniya), the rapping and the climactic guitar in the background, and the the same three vocalists doing adlibs. This song is just sexy in a discreet way!
    My least favorite would have to be 365 because it’s like a background music to an OJ commercial. Other than that, the majority of the songs are a masterpiece and I rarely like more than 3 songs in a full album.

  • mochi-panda

    although i love “wolf” (awooo and all ;D) i would have loved if “let out the beast” was the title song too. i just love how the melody and rap portions intertwined without feeling choppy or awkward. it has the same epic, badass feel as “wolf” without having to try as hard. in general i feel like SM needs to remember that sometimes simpler is better.

    i also think that the order that the songs were placed changed their level of impact. most of the more exciting songs were placed in the first half while the second half winded down onto a more mellow level. individually though i love all the songs so i just put the album on shuffle whenever i listen to it all the way through :)

    something else that surprised me was how even though there were so many different styles, the album still felt pretty cohesive. the only one that stood out to me as a bit of an anomaly was 3.6.5 due to the 1D vibe but i think EXO is well on their way to finding their “niche” in the kpop world.

    i actually really like how SM is handling EXO’s material. by not releasing all the teaser songs in one album and throwing in some new, unheard songs, they keep us anticipating what’s to come (only half of the teaser songs have been released!). that gives me hope that EXO will continue to have quality music with their next few comebacks.

    XOXO is an impressive first album and i am so proud of EXO. of course it’s not flawless so i agree with the rating but i’m really happy that the album shows that the boys clearly have talent and that the 426+ day wait was worth it. my only substantial complaint would be that some of the line distributions are still unfair for some members. other than that i’m excited to watch them grow and refine their music style. i just hope we won’t have to wait another full year for their next release!

  • sophomore

    Not an Exo fan but this album could seriously turn me into one. Got the same feeling listening to it as I felt listening to shinee’s debut album which I still consider as one of the best from SM.

    It’s got many great songs like my lady, baby don’t cry, heart attack, don’t go and the rest kinda grow on you, even wolf aooooo ;)

    Best album so far along w hyori’s monochrome.

    • Tetramorium jedi

      Yes, I loved SHINee´s debut album way more than TVXQ´s and SJ´s when I first heard about kpop

  • Jommel Fortuno

    Well I can’t deny the fact that ‘WOLF’ is just an OKAY song coz I had to listen to it for like 47375583989 times before it could grow on me….
    Baby Don’t Cry and Peter Pan is just awesome!
    EXO totally ripped and EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS for their comeback.

  • Guest

    This is definietly a perfect album :)!! I have to say that this is the best album that SM has ever produced!!!

  • Brihihi2

    Its definitely a perfect album :)!! Its just impossible to choose a favorite song since all of them are sooooo good!!! Even wolf is great for me ^_^

  • Minuit Soleil

    Agree! For some reason when the gazillion teasers came out I just couldn’t jump onto the EXO bandwagon – overpromoting, anyone? The only members who interested me were D.O and Lay; and when their first album came out I was honestly disappointed because it had almost none of the songs I was looking forward to from the teasers, and the only one (Two Moons) was badly mangled and pretty much a letdown.

    But THIS. This has got to be one of the best albums in the past few years. For the first time ever I genuinely liked every song in the album. Baby Don’t Cry, Let Out the Beast and My Lady totally live up to expectations. I’m just hoping that their next album can be as good as this one.

  • violet7diamonds

    Weirdly, “Baby” is my favorite track out of all….. Something’s wrong with me?

    • Drey

      idk because baby is my favorite track too, only after baby don’t cry. it’s a really nice and lighthearted song. and strangely, for a “too simple” song, i don’t grow tired of it at all even after replaying it many many times. i still have a silly smile on my face every time the line “yes you are my baby baby baby” comes.

    • jozie

      Nothing is wrong with you. I think “Baby” is amazing! I do prefer the chinese version though. I love all my guys and I looove D.O and Baekhyun when they sing, but Exo-M’s voices are just sweeter which suits this song better. When Chen does that line, “na pa píng fan de shijian” i know the lines are diff in korean, but sorry, D.O just doesn’t compare.

  • maldita

    Chanyeol has been such a pleasant surprise in this album. He rap parts in Heart Attack and Baby Don’t Cry are nothing short of amazing and he sings quite a bit, too! Definitely much more than the stereotypical pretty boy rapper that people expected him to be when he debuted. :)

    • chenchen

      yeah, and if you notice, chanyeol actually sings on a lower octave in baby don’t cry, during the chorus. it’s kinda soft, but it’s there, and it’s good because see, he can rap AND sing.
      …and it’s kinda sexy too LOL

  • riefor3v3r

    Don’t Go and Peter Pan are my favorite songs from the album (Chanyeol’s and Kai’s voice(s) in Don’t Go…omg .< But I do love all the other songs. Wolf quickly grew on me, even though I didn't really like it the first time i heard it. I also really like Baby, My Lady, and Baby Don't Cry. I'm waiting till' they sing Wolf live though. And 365 does sound like 1D. I'm not saying that they should never sing that type of songs, but I feel like that type of song doesn't really suit Exo that well. In my opinion, they sound their absolute best when they sing songs like Don't Go or Angel because you can hear the ability each member has in singing. And even songs like History or Let Out the Beast really suit them also with a mix of every members' best ability. Either hip-hopish songs or ballads really fit them. But hey, just my opinion. I can't wait to receive my package =] I bought a set with both K and M cd's and some other stuff, but it was too late for the socks xD oh well.

    • Chela Masen

      I guess I like “magical-like” songs too =D! “Don’t Go” is my favorite and “Peter Pan” is really high on my list (I was saying below I think it’d make a lovely “fan song” of sorts). And when “Angel” came out I had it on repeat ;). I really enjoy the other songs too, but there’s something special about these sweet, magical tracks…just gets me in the feels haha!

  • channy

    Heart Attack is one of my favorite songs actually haha. I really love the beat. With My Lady, from the teasers, i thought this track would have been more upbeat then what is released.. but i still do like it, the beat is nice.. i just had to get used to the slow beat that it has xD as for Wolf, i actually like the song!! My favorite is the middle of the song (you guys probably know what i’m talking about). I also reaaallly love that in this album, not only do you hear the strong vocals, but the rappers sing as well (i am so happy for this cause Chanyeol sings and oh my god). With Chanyeol being my bias, i was so happy to see that he sings in this album (the first song i heard him singing in was 3.6.5 and i was screaming the whole time he was singing) and not only rapping. This is such a really really good album overall and i love it a lot. But i just really can’t wait for both of my albums to come in the mail!! The yearbook looks really nice, cute, and ahhhhh! JUST EVERYTHING. I CAN’T WAIT. EXO FIGHTING~

    • taequila777

      Yes, the beat in Heart Attack is bananas!

  • taequila777

    Black Pearl, Heart Attack. Overall, it’s a solid album.

  • taequila777

    I’m at work and Heart Attack has been on REPEAT! REPEAT!! In both languages!!!

  • GSun

    I’m glad they didn’t go with “Let Out the Beast” for the title track. While it is an excellent track, it’s a tad generic and sounds like something any other group could put out. Wolf, while controversial, sounds different from anything another group would/could put out.

    • find_nothing_here

      I disagree. Dubstep and talk-rap are nothing new; every other SM group has done them by now. Hell, now T-ara is doing it. The only reason EXO could put out Wolf was because they have SM behind them.

      While “Let Out the Beast” is a tad generic, it is well-made. I actually think that “Black Pearl” would have been the best title track; it had the same “magical” feel that “Angel” had, the sound that made me say “This is EXO.” “Wolf” just made me think “ugggh, SM again.”

      “Uniqueness” is over-rated. Maybe this is just me, but I prefer a well-made song with a little personal touch over any try-hard attempts to be “unique”. Look at VIXX. They have done nothing new musically, but their producers have given their music a feel that makes it different-just slightly different-from what other nugu boy groups are putting out, and it works. I liked IGAB, but with “Wolf” (and WSS) SM has just gone to the point where it feels gimmicky. It’s like their producers have this shiny new toy that they just have to play with every time.

      No doubt that SM won’t feel this response in their pocketbooks though. And as long as that happens, there’s no incentive to change.

      • almost_asian

        sorry! I down voted you by mistake! I wanted to reply by saying that though black pearl is (for me, at least) the best song in the album, it’s a perfect follow-up song. I like Wolf for it’s musical-like interaction amongst the members. I honestly found this concept far better than I GOT A BOY because there are several interpretations to the lyrics. An actual werewolf? Or maybe an allegory for a playboy?

        But yeah, if SM plays another card like IGAB and Wolf, it wouldn’t work out. For EXO it seems to be doing well since they’re rookies and I guess they’re trying to show they can kick ass like their company veterans, but it would definitely become gimmicky.

        • find_nothing_here

          It wasn’t the concept itself that bothered me, but the execution. It’s really hard to carry concepts like that if you don’t throw yourself completely into it, and I just was kind of let down. The styling was as haphazard as the song. Even EXO admitted that they were laughing at themselves when they were filming the MV. I would have liked to see something that was actually creepy. (I hate to bring up VIXX for the umpteenth time, but they’re promoting now and doing a similar concept so…yeah XP. That’s how you do demons/werewoves/whatever. I really want to kidnap BoA’s brother, because the atmosphere in “The Shadow” was really the same kind that I wanted for Wolf.)

          However, that’s not to say I hated Wolf completely. If it was a better song and EXO was in the hands of better creative direction I would have been completely okay with it being the title track. It does have an “impact” that the rest of the songs lack conceptually.

          Don’t worry about the minus. I don’t care all that much anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    Yeah. Basically, “Wolf” is by far the worst song, in typical SM fashion. XP

  • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

    Four Signs of a Good K-pop Album:

    1. Non-stans found it enjoyable. Check.
    2. The album can be replayed without skipping half of the songs. Check.
    3. Everyone disagrees on which song is the best. Check.
    4. No one thinks anyone is stupid for liking whatever song they do like. Check.

    Well, good job Exo.

  • Tanya Joshi

    I actually don’t mind Wolf as the title track. It’s a song that’s meant to be watched more than listened to. If they had just made Wolf as another song on the album and made Let Out the Beast as the title track instead, I bet most people would have skipped Wolf every time because at first LISTEN it sounds off and uninteresting. But since Wolf is the title track, while it may not be pleasing to listen to the first few times that you hear it, you might just listen to the song for the sake of the awesome choreography in the video (or the comeback stages), and sooner or later you would end up liking the song (literally, this is what happened to me). It basically allows Wolf to have a higher probability of people liking the song itself (I’m not sure if that made sense). I find that this song is more of a performance song, so to make it the title track and give it a music video, you get to see a bit more of it’s potential. Objectively, I agree, Wolf isn’t that great of a song, but it’s most probably going to grow on you and is a pretty strong song for performance. Plus, it lends itself quite nicely to awesome fan chants when performed.
    And while I 100% agree with the comparison to IGAB by SNSD, at the same time I find that it’s actually not so bad in terms of cohesive. Obviously it’s not cohesive, but somehow when you’ve listen to the song at least a couple of times, the parts actually go together quite well. And the last 30 seconds of the song has a great climax, especially with Baekhyun’s – I don’t want to call it scream because it’s better than that, but you know what I mean – which somehow brings it all together pretty well.
    All in all, this album was done VERY well and was definitely worth the wait. And I REALLY like Don’t Go, Baby Don’t Cry and My Lady. (Angel is my ultimate favourite song by them).

    • mochi-panda

      they’re going to be on weekly idol! :D

      random play dance is going to be fun ;)

      • Tanya Joshi

        Actually? At least that’s one thing! When is that going to be?

        • mochi-panda

          i don’t think they’ve announced the date yet but weekly idol’s official twitter (@bestIdolone) tweeted it yesterday! :)

          it won’t be next week though because 100% is the next guest i think so we’ll just have to wait and see :D

          • Tanya Joshi

            Yay! They’re on SOMEthing! Thanks!

  • 내가 제일 잘나가

    My Lady (this song…) and Baby Don’t Cry are just…

    In My Lady, when I don’t know who singing but in the K version when it reaches the end climax and the guy with the rocky voice is singing his heart out then it goes back into the smoothness with the other voice, I swear- shivers and goosebumps.

    Exo needs to bring out a RnB album for real. I would pre order that with no hesitation and I have only ever brought two albums.

  • Lianna

    – Baby don’t cry is phenomenal
    – Peter pan, don’t go, and baby are really good
    – As for My lady…. Kris’ “everything’s alright” gives me shiver…… (definitely my fav xD)

  • eternalstars

    Love this album. So. Much. Baby Don’t Cry disappoint at ALL, which was something I was a little apprehensive of before the album release. In fact, it probably exceeded my already high expectations, which is always a good thing. XD And Don’t Go is such an amazing song – so pretty! Black Pearl was also amazing, as well as Let Out The Beast (waaay better than I expected) and Heart Attack. And Peter Pan was also surprisingly very nice to listen to – I’m kind of a sucker for these kinds of fairytale concepts, and the lyrics were quite poignant, and also, Luhan’s vocals really suited this song imo. And when I first heard Baby, especially at the beginning, I seriously thought it sounded like cpop which was surprising…unless that’s just me being delusional. Tbh, I didn’t enjoy My Lady as much as I would’ve liked to – there was nothing really wrong with it, and it’s still a very nice song and everything, but Idk, I felt like it lacked something. I expected something more from the teaser version. :(

    Basically all of these tracks except Wolf were really, really, reaaaaally good. I was an embarrassing mess when I first heard the album, because seriously, this was SO worth the wait. :’) SM, keep this up for EXO’s next album please and thank you, haha~

  • ems_22

    Finally, an article in which all comments are mostly positive! Good job to EXO & SM with a solid & beautifully put up album! I really like all the songs! Been playing over & over for a few days now!

  • MrsTOP

    The album is decent. I like Peter Pan, My Lady, Baby don’t cry and Heart Attack. Wolf is still a terrible track. SM should start releasing very good title tracks so that the audience don’t get the wrong impression. Shinee’s latest album is the best album that SM has produced this year. Nothing beats Orgel and like a fire.

  • MrsTOP

    The album is decent. I like Peter Pan, My Lady, Baby don’t cry and Heart Attack. Wolf is still a terrible track. SM should start releasing very good title tracks so that the audience don’t get the wrong impression. Shinee’s latest album is the best album that SM has produced this year. Nothing beats Orgel and like a fire.

  • http://www.hopy1.com/ hopy

    I also think like you, it was worth the wait.

  • cecedee

    I still can’t decide whether I like “Baby Don’t Cry” or “Don’t Go” better tbh…and I really enjoy “Black Pearl”, “Let Out The Beast” too..honestly, it’s a pity how SM choose “Wolf” as their promotional song because any song in that album is better than “Wolf”.

  • almost_asian

    Are we not gonna talk about Black Pearl I mean come on, who doesn’t feel things they don’t know they’re feeling because they’ve already drowned in those feels the second the chorus kicks in?

    COME ON.

  • BishieAddict

    My favourites: baby don’t cry (m), my lady (k) and Heart Attack (k). I’m skipping everything else on their album. I hope the repackage will have a better track.

  • http://www.yepi1.info/ Yepi

    anyone to reach any shining glory singer or band to have to overcome extreme difficulties in the music market and XOXO group has overcome difficulties

  • http://www.parajuegos.info/ Para Juegos

    Each person has a different perspective. I see you have done a very good

  • moua23

    After 20 something teasers, i got tired of Exo, they were overrated and overhyped because for me MAMA fell flat. i still hate that song, i can’t even get thru the first 2 mins of the song nor the video. And oh god all of the teasers of Kai Kai annoyed me i hated it. Exo was overrated in my opinion. I don’t get their hype because really MAMA didn’t do them justice.
    Oh god when Wolf came out, they had already fell off my radar because that song still disturbs me as much as MAMA did. Like i didn’t even know they were gone for a whole year. But then not until a few weeks ago Kai happened to have really caught my attention, we’re the same age! and he’s a month or so older then me! and then i finally put away my “BIGBANG-will-always-be-the-best” pride and sat down and did a bit of Kai surfing on YT. Watched a few of his dance videos and i happened to have stumbled upon their XOXO album track list. out of curiosity i listened to it, skipping Wolf, i actually fell in love with the album. I personally think that the album was worth the wait and probably the best release of the year. I’ve always and kind of do believe that SM releases crap albums filled with crappy music which when they were going to debut and w/MAMA i didn’t bother to listen because i’ve heard a few songs from other SM singers and was turned off and MAMA creeped me out. I do like SHINee, but the others don’t change my mind at all, a few songs here and there but an album, hell no, YG baby. But seriously, XOXO is pure genius! it’s something new and fresh. I appreciate it because all year i’ve been waiting for a Taeyang or BB release and nothing is coming and the songs this year has been quite out of my taste but this album has given me hope. lol
    I personally love “Baby Don’t Cry”, “Don’t Go”, “Baby”, “Heart Attack”, “365”, “Peterpan”, “My Lady”, or let’s just say the whole album lol. Just looked up the lyrics to “Baby Don’t Cry” in english and i was left teary-eyed. the lyrics are so tragic, i kind of missed that because “Wedding Dress” captured my attention and introduced me to KPop and this song is the same way. “365” appeals me too because, embarrassingly, I’m a huge fan of One Direction so it was natural to for me to like that kind of song. REally i appreciate SM for not just filling this album w/”crappy” songs and expecting it to sell. But this album, i can see why it’s selling well, it’s amazing i repeat. Truthfully they will probably be the only SM act that i will follow closely but i don’t think I will love them as much as I love BIGBANG. They’re rookies and will improve from here on and their future looks really bright, i just hope SM doesn’t treat them like how he treats the rest… But really for now i like them, i’m not on the level of love yet…

  • chenchen

    i personally think exo-m did it better for certain songs, like peter pan, heart attack, and baby (IMAGINE THE LULU SERENADING YOU. YES.), while exo-k did the other songs better, like let out the beast( for some unholy reason i died at SHINSA SUNNYEO. YEOROBUN.), 365.
    hmm but i still think m’s distribution of lines are still better than k.

    idk but my weird and totally irrelavant view here, xiumin needs more love (and more lines).

  • Katherine Campbell

    I’ve been with EXO since almost the beginning- when I discovered them it was around the 8th and 9th teaser so nearly since the first teaser was released. While Let Out the Beast and Lightsaber quickly became my top two teasers, there wasn’t a single sound or song that I didn’t absolutely love. I know many fans were initially turned off to the group because of the number of teasers. However, I felt like I was watching the story of EXO unfold right before my eyes, especially once several devoted fans had decided to compile all the teasers into a single youtube video ( thank you! I still watch it all the time!)

    I had already fallen in love with What is Love and was seriously digging History when they decided to make their official debut with MAMA.

    Right from the start I loved, and i mean LOVED this concept. It was so unique and literally out of this world (no pun intended)! I loved that each member had powers, and that their were binary relationships between exo k and m

    like teleportation( physical movement) being paired with telekinesis (movement of the mind)

    And the fact that they had a whole mythology to explain the origins of their creation as two groups.

    (I absolutely love mythology and so tend to become a total nerd about these things and now I have a K pop/ mando pop group based off of a mythological creation to fangirl about!!!!)

    There wasn’t a single song on the mini album that I didn’t love.

    And the one thing that made me love it even more was that the songs showcased different abilities of the members. the vocals excelled in the ballads ( What is Love and Angel) while the rappers had their time to shine in the bombastic Two moons track. And yet when they did come together in MAMA, History, and Machine their sound was perfect.

    This mini album was a statement against out of place or unnecessary rap sequences that one to many occasions seem to find themselves in a ballad or vocals that just don’t fit the tone of a more rap dominated song. SM proved to me at least through this album that they were letting the talent of the artists speak for themselves through songs specifically designed to showcase their extraordinary vocal capabilities.

    I couldn’t wait for their first full length album!

    Like so many other fans I patiently waited for news of a comeback and then was forced to endure the EXO comeback tumblr crisis and countless rumors. FInally when official confirmed news and teasers were released I was so happy to see the return of EXO.

    However, let me be perfectly honest when I say I was not happy with their comeback concept.

    SM had left MAMA, in my opinion, very open ended and I was hoping the company would continue the story of exo as twelve legendary forces rather than turn them into twelve wolves with a side image of school boy thrown into the mix.

    Despite my discontent with the overall image, I was very happy to hear that four of the teaser tracks would be on this album. I wanted a full audio for Let Out the Beast, My Lady, Baby Don’t Cry, and Black Pearl from the moment I heard them in their respective teasers.

    Upon receiving both copies of my albums I was disappointed to find out that SM hadn’t utilized a similar tactic like in the Mini Album.

    Especially in the case of My Lady, I don’t believe the rap sequences was necessary and would have preferred the track without it. THis was my least favorite of the four teaser songs, but compared to songs like peter pan, baby, and the dreaded 365, it was still one of my preferred songs over 1/3 of the album ( not counting the three versions of wolf),

    Wolf is still something I’m struggling to figure out if I like or not. It is so strange but I love the chorus sung by the vocalists the” Hey hawk muro… and geurae wolf naega wolf” part.

    I also still want to crunch whenever I hear the ahsarangheyo!.

    Baby Don’t Cry was a saving grace after Wolf and while I was uncertain who the rap sequence would fit into the song at the beginning, I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed that part of the song.

    Black Pearl is my all time favorite on the chinese album! This song is epic, so epic I feel like I should be doing something else other than laundry every time I listen to it! I love the vocals the sound the dustup rap breakdown-which is more of a speed up because it really kicks up the pace of the song.

    Let out the Beast was the one bombastic/ high energy song I had been waiting for for now more than almost 2 years. I disagree with what everyone says about it sounding generic, it has a very unique sound and I can definitely say I haven’t encountered song like it. I would have preferred this be used in place of wolf as the title track since it has similar primal and animalistic feel to it.

    I really wasn’t a fan of the newer songs and I didn’t like how peter pan, baby, and 365 were causing exo to deviate from the image that made me fall in love with their style. They were starting to take on a more cutter boyish image which sharply contrasted to the powerful and mystical concept of MAMA.

    Even though I wasn’t impressed with most of the newer songs that weren’t from the teasers, Heart attack is my only exception. This song makes me think there is still hope to fight against this infantilized adolescents. Especially with regards to the older members like Kris, Xiumin, and Luhan.