• Shyyrn

    I was glad to see EXO finally return! But critiques on the song’s quality strike pretty true. Once I was finally through watching the music videos, and geeking out over the changes in line distribution and position between the Korean and Chinese versions (“OMG Tao and Kai swap places!”), I basically went back to waiting for the full album to come out.

    What I’m really interested in, though, is the new promotion strategy. Instead of breaking up into K and M, ‘Wolf’ seems set to always be performed by the 12 of them. I don’t know if they plan on promotion separately later, but it seems unlikely; it’s a very intricate dance, and separate performances will require very extensive line redistribution.

    Is this a permanent thing? Are the verse-swapping, run-on-run-off performances of ‘MAMA’ and ‘History’ scrapped in favor of this new model? Or will we see that model return in later singles?

  • shannie4888

    It is very average. The song is very incohesive, so it’s a wonder the whole damn thing didn’t just fall apart. Somehow they managed to keep it together despite how busy the song gets.

    The video is typical SM and I do like the choreography, but to be honest, there isn’t much about the video worth discussing. It’s MV doing what they’ve come to be known for–staying under budget, which is how they get to keep their profits high because the can put out a millions different versions of the boxed MVs with all of their groups and for some reason, we keep expecting more. Sure, they break the mold once in a while, but they always stay loyal to tried and true–box MVs.

    I hope the drama version gives us some nice CGI and a good story. The concept is fierce, so they could really give us something amazing, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. A rating of 3/5 seems fair because “Wolf” is definitely somewhere in the middle–not too bad, but not quite good either….just average.

  • find_nothing_here

    The song, as much as I hate to
    admit it, is growing on me. Well, maybe just the end since it involves
    actual singing. I like a good hot mess, but this was just so badly done
    (wtf was with the positive harmonies in the beginning?). I facepalm
    every time I hear an EXOtic call it “unique,” because really–it isn’t.
    Everyone and their mother is doing dubstep/hiphop these days. They
    should have done one of two things: cut down on the amount of rap lines,
    bring in more traditional instruments (where did the beginning flute
    go? D: Now THAT was unique), and give it a more organic, “wild” sound;
    or commit to the dubstep, make it sound as fucked-up as possible ala
    skrillex, and make an equally disturbing video.

    Honestly, when I heard about a werewolf concept, I was actually
    excited. It could have been awesome and creepily sexy if done right,
    but this is just too…clean. It needed to be more disjointed and less
    in a box. It wouldn’t been that hard to create a forest set, would it?
    VIXX’s directors did an excellent job with Hyde, and I wish SM had some
    people to that could think outside the box. (Where’s BoA’s brother
    again? Can’t he just direct everything?) Those CGI wolves could have
    been awesome…but they looked more like large rats to me.

    The styling was not as bad as I expected. Unlike Martina, I’m a fan
    of turtlenecks, and the fantasy-inspired things that Tao and Baekhyun
    were wearing appealed to me. Despite myself, I like Kai’s weird poncho
    thing. Sehun’s rainbow hair is fabulous and likely to create all sorts
    of amusing fandom wank. That black nail polish that was on Xuimin
    needed to be on everyone. I liked parts of outfits here and there, but
    the soccer/football/psuedo-ganster (whatever, all I know it that Kris
    looked like a tool in that varsity jacket), need to go. And all the
    bandanas need to be burned, as well as Kai’s braids. EXO is not
    gangster. I know this and I am not even very gangster myself.

    Now I know that lots of people dis-liked that styling in DBSKs
    Triangle, but I think something similar would have been great for Wolf.
    Something a bit more Final Fantasyesqe, that really creates the feeling
    of werewolves. Having said this, I was surprised how much I liked
    Luhan’s styling. One of my complaints with the earlier teaser was that I
    was never going to be scared of him–he looks twelve. The stylists
    worked that angle great in this video, he looks fae and genuinely creepy
    in a subtle way. The shot were he was wearing red gloves that made his
    hands look like they were dipped in blood was a nice touch.

    The line distribution was pretty good–thank god they gave those
    adlibs at the end to Chen; no one else was going to be able to come
    close to pulling them off. Luhan got more lines than I would have
    liked, but he’s one of the most consistent performers and speaks very
    good Korean, so I understand. Ultimately, the one I feel got the short
    end of the stick was Chanyeol. Couldn’t they whore Kai out first and
    give the faster part to someone who will actually pull it off?

    I would agree with certain commentors who said that they should have
    kept the separate groups.

    Fortunately, My Lady and Baby Don’t Cry are amazing and totally make
    up for this travesty. I can understand why Wolf could have made a good
    title track–it has the potential for impact, but unfortunately a
    potential that was totally wasted.

    • ebi

      now this is what i call a constructive comment

      • find_nothing_here

        Thanks. XD I always feel weird talking about this sort of thing because I’m just making things up.

        If only I had talent, I would want to work as a creative director.

        • ebi

          Nah no need to thank me :)

          I actually liked your comment because yes you say that the song is not your favorite but at least you explain why and the things that in your opinion would’ve worked better if changed..

          unfortunately this is rare to see… when most people criticize exo (and any other kpop group) they only go “ah this song sucks” “they could’ve done better” but don’t actually point out the flaws and discuss them in a civilized way… they only end up bashing the groups and calling the fans that defend them delulu and such (even tho’ there are some fans who can’t objectively analyze the material that the idols offer them so they go full retard and blindly defend everything oppa does even if it lacks quality)..

          now this is not quite the case of the comments on SB bc i’ve seen that largely there are well argued comments but this doesn’t mean that the “bashing type” of commentators does not exist..

          with that being said i’m genuinely happy when i see this type of comments and not bc it is about a group i stan.. i’d be happy even if this comment was about any other kpop group bc it shows that there are still civilized people with manners out there :)

          well imo you do have talent so if you really like this kind of job why don’t you try making it a real deal? :)

          ps: sorry for the long ass comment lol i think i said the word “comment” like a bajilion times ahah

  • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

    I prefer the singing bits over the rapping bits. The rap grates onto me. Having said that, I find the cohesion alright — nothing unbearable like those 20th century stuff. Dance wise, I loved it. The tree/lotus bits was the best, IMO, as creepy as it is when the hands started shooting out. Vocals, I can’t really judge. I’m yet to hear them live! So I can’t wait.

  • WorthInClay

    I just want to say…

    If one likes the music, then go ahead and listen to it, buy it.
    If one does not like the music, fine, just don’t listen.

    If one likes the MV, by all means go ahead and watch it.
    If one doesn’t like the MV, just don’t watch.

    It only matters to the fandom themselves how high the song scores on the chart and how many youtube view the MV gets.

    If one like what you read, that’s good.
    If one don’t like what you read, then don’t do it anymore!

    There’s no personal gain or loss in either way.

    The only gain is only if one is so inspired by good music or good writings, that they start to produce their own music and writings. On the otherhand, one can also get pissed enough by ‘bad production’ that they decide to try and produce their own, in an attempt to prove themselves over the ‘bad production’ that they heard/saw.

    Some things are actually really minuscule to be taken too seriously and vehemently – especially when we owe nothing at all to the source of the production.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono


  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I couldn’t finish the MV because I just felt second-hand embarrassment from listening to the song.

    On the plus side, we finally have the full version of “Baby Don’t Cry” and “My Lady”.

    • Sharon

      Oh, they should be jailed for what they did to Kai.

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        What did they do? I was too horrified by the song to pay attention to the 1 minute 30 seconds that I saw. :P

        • Sharon

          Oh gosh, he had he worst outfit and they put dreadlocks on him. It was horrible.

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            Oh god. Dreadlocks? …That barely even worked on Zico (if at all).

          • teamintfortae

            There is an exo stylist whom we shall call Madame X. Madame X has a passion for cutting edge fashion and an appreciation of culture, but most of all Madame X loves her boys.

            Having spent hours shaping and reflecting each boys’ personal style through clothing and hair, Madame X knew each one of them like a mother would.

            Madame X, therefore, was not happy with the constant comparison of Kai to Taemin. This time, she thought as she worked on the comeback, this time I will make sure that Kai bears absolutely no resemblance at all to Taemin.

            That ruled out long hair, for Taemin had done that before. Ruled out curly, colored hair and mushroom hair. It even ruled out a girl’s hairstyle, because Taemin was nothing if not a cross-dresser. In the end, all Madame X was left with was a buzzcut or a dreads.

            I suppose we should all be thankful she picked the latter.

          • Paige Kosa

            That, my good friend, was funny.

          • teamintfortae

            One aims to please :)

  • Stupidfangirls

    The song is really meant to be watched with the performances, which is why SM isn’t releasing the digital music yet. I let my non kpop friends watch the performance and practice room videos. First of all, they all said that they had the wolf ooulllf stuck in their heads, the energy of performance was really good, and that a lot of the boys were cute.

    I guess that’s the point SM is trying to make, that Wolf isn’t a song that’s pleasing to the majority, but it sure will do a good job letting people remember the uniqueness of Wolf and exo. From the growling to the high and weirdly pitched saranghaeyo, they will sure help EXO being remembered to others as the group with the weird song, which in my mind, is the important part in promoting and reinforcing a group at this point

    • http://twitter.com/iLoveYeolL Jinee Scarlet

      I agree with you!

      First i watched the MV and there was so much second-hand embarrassment that i didn’t bother to watch mcountdown later, but then the next day i was just flipping through channels and saw ooullf in kbs world and was surprised at how well the guys performed it!

  • joe chua

    I cringe everytime i see kai doing the “auwhooo~” part. It’s just so weird and embarrassing!

    • riri.

      Trust me, you’re not the only one. orz.

  • Nicky White

    I’ve heard many people say they hate Wolf, especially the “saranghae yo” part since Wolf was first leaked, which raised up my curiosity and urged me to find and listen to it. Unfortunately, despite trying my best I couldn’t find the leaked version. So I decided to wait till the day it’s officially released and became more and more eager than any Exo fan though I’m not an Exotic (may I call them so?), not at all.

    And guess what?

    The “saranghae yo” part turned out to be the hook of this song to me and I’m dying to have that part as my ringtone:))

    The song is nothing near great but not as bad as I expected, the choreography is pretty impressive and Kai’s hair is really hilarious LOL

    And, I hope to see them sing this song LIVE, yeah, LIVE. For more than a year since their debut, I’ve had to hold back my laughter for countless times every when looking at their facial expressions, especially Baekhyun and D.O’s, when they PRETEND to hit the high note in MAMA or History and look like they were about to die. Wolf has even more high notes and if this lipsync keeps on going, soon I’ll die from stomachache LOL.

    I see it may be quite unfair for them since they’re rookies (yup, after 1 year) and singing while dancing like crazy MAMA, History and now Wolf is very tired, plus they’re not DBSK (yeah, maybe it’s off topic, but those 5 guys are truely the KING of Kpop I have to admit). But seeing B.A.P performing Warrior etc LIVE, I think the Exo boys can give me a hope, right?

  • AcadiasFire

    I was really nervous about Wolf and at first listen I didn’t like it at all. I had listened to the Korean version first and after seeing Kai in those braids I pretty much blanked out because I was having a little mini rant in my head. How could SM do that to him? Really? -face palms- Anyway I then decided to listen to the Chinese version and it actually slightly changed my opinion. I’ve been watching both versions at least once every hour because of how much I love the choreo but now the song has actually become catchy to me xD lol Oh well, let it be as it may I guess. I don’t know why but I feel like the Chinese version flows a little better.

  • mrshobbes

    I’m just going to copy/paste what I wrote on EYK, since I actually broke down the song segments I really liked in “Wolf.” :)

    I never heard the leak of EXO’s “Wolf” so I can’t really compare it to anything. But like the very polarizing “IGAB” by SNSD, there are parts of “Wolf” I really, really, love, and parts where I…really don’t. First, the choreo is amazing. I love the tree in the beginning and how they all form caves for two “wolves” (Luhan and Sehun) to spring out, in the end. The only exception would be what I call the “shivery whimpery” step where the matching lyrics sound like they are whimpering puppies (around 2:01-03).

    The parts of the song I REALLY like would be the beginning beats before anyone pops out to rap, the awesome tandem of Luhan and Baekhyun (1:15-1:31), the “buildup” of Xiumin, Lay, etc (1:50-2:00), and the bridge leading to the climax where the majority of the belting/adlibs happens (3:43 onwards).

    The chorus of this song should be ripped out, crumpled, burned to ashes and scattered into the ocean. I’m not a fan of the howling AND the squeaky (?!) “saranghaeyo” that sounds like someone is squeezing the poor singer’s nuts. :/ (sorry, EXO fans!)

    Nonetheless, I *will* be buying their album–if only for “Black Pearl” and “Baby Don’t Cry!” :)

  • http://twitter.com/iLoveYeolL Jinee Scarlet

    “In some ways, this song is the SM Guy Group equivalent of SNSD’s “I Got A Boy””

    funny that these guys were called sonyeoncheonji a.k.a land of boys a.k.a male SNSD before debut…

  • my self

    I have hard time with Korean videos who have plots. Usually plot base MVs is just K-drama cliche cut into a 3 to 6 minute soap opera fiasco. How is this better than a box MV, doesn’t fair much of a difference in my opinion.

    I find box MVs to be more of a challege because as a listener you have to pay attention to both the band and the music. Their isn’t this obscure plot and scenery but the group itself genuinely drawing you into the music. Here are my other reason why I prefer box vs plot mvs:

    1) I can focus on the song itself and feel the energy better. Making it more realistic image of it being perform live.

    2) Yes, single shits are great for each member but the complex of the choreography. How it correlates with the song and present the concepts.

    3) I don’t have to deal with a typical K-pop plot or spot the ridiculous amount of holes in it.

    Just as fans hate the typical box mv, plot mvs are in the same boat of using tired redundant concepts that need to be put to rest.

    • Tanya Joshi

      Ugh, I TOTALLY agree! I don’t understand why people hate box MVs so much. They think it’s so uncreative, but really, SM has done A LOT of things with a box. It must be really tough to think of different concepts and designs for a box and yet each box they create is different!
      For me, plots seem way less creative, because like you said, it’s basically a HIGHLY CONCENTRATED K-drama cliche. People have already seen these plots in the countless and typical K-dramas, so how is creating an MV with a plot, more creative and original…? It somehow just seems pointless in the end. Also, just as a side note, it has nothing to do with the fact that the boys might be sharing the screen with a girl(s).

      I would much rather have a box MV, because then I can watch the great choreography (hopefully their is some great choreography, otherwise it’s just like a plot MV – boring…) whether it’s original or not. It still took a lot of work to learn it. That’s why in the end I end up liking most of SM’s groups (guys, not girls – I hate the cutesy-but-really-trying-to-be-sexy things that girl groups throw out), because they give a good performance, within and out of their music videos.

      Let’s face it, K-pop is mostly for the eyes, so when it comes to music videos, it’s mostly there for entertainment, and I guess for people like me, I’d much rather watch dancing then cheesy music video (I say music video specifically because they might actually be good actors/actresses elsewhere) acting/plots.

  • 사이

    I think that this song is not mean to be listened..don’t get me wrong xD
    It’s like SHINee’s WSS, it didn’t convince me at first, but after watching their performance at the music shows it really grew on me.
    The same goes with the MV and it happens with SHINee as well. The MVs are crappy and I don’t really watch them because it’s much better watching them perform live, it’s different

  • Doll On Dope

    I absolutely wanted to murder that “saranghaeyo” or whatever line.
    I cannot bring myself to watch it again. The cornrows/dreadlocks made me cringe, same with the dubstep…same with the talk/rap… oh geez. The whole thing was just bad.

    Other than the dance formations, which is what always amazes me about SM, nothing really caught my eye or attention. I can’t even remember the melody right now…..

  • jiyeonsgorgethighs

    Exotics need to stop with the “it will grow on you” shit. All kpop songs grow on you when you put it on replay for a week.

  • Minuit Soleil

    For some reason I find the song strangely addictive, although I do acknowledge that the song is messy and probably middling in quality. The mv itself is a little disappointing compared to last year’s MAMA (super powers! fire! backflipping off buildings!) but I really liked the CGI and dance – especially the bits where they had the members transforming into wolves, plus I felt the dance quite fit the theme song. Still, the other tracks on the album are better.

  • BishieAddict

    I don’t like this at all. But perhaps it’s because I am not huge fan of hip hop, especially from SM. I didn’t like “mama” and this is worse. The choreography was good though. I enjoy watching the two groups mingle on stage. Anyways cuz they are so young to me (and some members still have s baby face) I laughed at the “tough” image. Some look cute rather than tough.
    I love 3 songs from the album and I hope they can perform some other song soon.