• http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    I already got the solo I wanted scratched off my list, but there are many more I think would be interesting to see.

    I’m all for a Henry, Ryeowook, and/or Jonghyun solo (especially if they are allowed to write their own songs).

    Jun.K for one has the ability to pull a solo off, and as he composes music it would certainly be a treat to see how he might present himself as an artist.

    Bang Yong Guk should go solo and remain solo, I’ve already said it before. It’s not because I think he’s phenomenal at what he does, not close, but one can’t deny that he’s got what it takes. He has all the tools in his hands, and I want to see what he can do with them. I want to see him push himself. I want the Bang Yong Guk who came out with “I Remember”, not the Bang Yong Guk who came out with “Warrior”.

    Finally there’s one person that I wish I could see going solo (or doing some solo work) simply because I think it would be interesting (and I’m selfish): Hoya. Don’t know if you guys have seen his solo performance of Omarion’s ‘O’ or even his performances with Dongwoo on IS2, but my God, he’s got incredible potential. As a triple threat; dances well, raps well, sings well enough and only keeps improving, I can actually see him headed down a Taeyang and/or Jay Park-esque path. Hip Hop, R&B, Soul… I want to see him take them all on. Probably won’t happen anytime soon because of his unit with Dongwoo, but after Infinite and after they’ve gotten hold of a better position in the industry, I think this is what we might be seeing from him someday.

    On the other side of the spectrum:

    Hyorin has the voice, but if she went solo it wouldn’t really make a difference to me. Sistar is pretty much ‘Hyorin and her crew’ as it is already.

    Sandeul is a talented singer, but I don’t know if it’d be enough for him (not now at least). I don’t pay close attention B1A4 anymore, although I did see one or two of Sandeul’s IS2 performances, but I feel as though he isn’t quite ready for a solo. He needs a few more years of experience and hands-on involvement in terms of creating a style for himself, because at this point I can only envision him singing ballad songs. In other words he’s not unique enough. The same could be said for Taemin (and I’ve noticed, I think we all have, that SM seems to be really trying to push him in the direction of a solo these days).

    I’m going to be blunt and say this in the only way I know how. Zelo will probably not ever go solo. He’s known for his fast rapping, but is that really enough? Korea already has Outsider, and it’s not like we haven’t seen Zico pull of something similar (plus to top it off he has better flow and more refined skills). Unless Zelo composes his own songs and really buckles down and perfects his skills, he’ll have a really hard time being successful.

    • Risa Sinn

      100% agree on BYG and Zelo.
      Zelo gets his popularity from his swooning fans – his rapping, though fast, isn’t enough to impress anyone who listens to the already recognized rappers. He’d be labeled as a pretty face and constantly ridiculed for debuting too young.
      I do highly supported BYG after ‘I remember’ and yet they went and shoved him into a group. Smh. Not that BAP isn’t good, but such a waste.

      • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

        A ‘waste’ is definitely the way I view it too.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I agree with you on Zelo for now, but since he’s still young I could see him improving and trying his hand at solo music.

  • hapacalgirl

    @Mark – Lets be honest everyone, including IU , sounded subpar in that performance, heck in that whole show. But I agree that I don’t think Eunjung should do a ballad. Unlike you its not because I don’t think she can’t sing, in fact it is quite the opposite, while not a spectacular singer I do think she can sing but not one that is strong enough to do a solo ballad. I would like Eunjung to a duet similar in style as “Can we love” the B-side from countrystyle life where she gets to rap along with another vocalist doing the vocal work. She’s a decent idol rapper but its often only displayed on the B-sides.

    Minzy needs a solo like yesterday. That girl is one of the most well-rounded performers in kpop and one of my favorite vocals in YG. I personally think she is the strongest vocalist in 2ne1.

    Soyu from Sistar is a better singer than people give her credit for so I would love to see her do a solo. Same goes for Girl’s Day Minah.

  • tiffanycake

    It has been confirmed fellow mochi-ers!!! It’s Henry freakin Lau!!! Woot eh.

    • eternalstars


    • TheJadeBullet

      I’m so happy that he’s getting this opportunity. I feel like SM’s just thrown him in the dungeon and is only now realising his full potential as not only a musician, but a composer and singer as well.
      I really hope that they let him do his own thing for this venture because it would be a crying shame if they make him release something incredibly manufactured sounding.

  • Gaya_SB

    Well, Shweta, guess you’re all set for dinner tonight ;P

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      I certainly am. And it’s a large meal too. XD

  • Guest

    Do not make me get into how much Minzy is underrated i could go on forever urgh that girl is bursting with talent to me she is the most well rounded member in 2ne1..I really hope she is given a chance to shine…

    • TheJadeBullet

      Her voice is so deep and rich and that’s something quite uncommon in the kpop sphere. If possible, I’d really like to see what kind of music she would do (although now that CL’s thing has been released, I fear that YG may just herald one disappointment after another).

  • Nicey Monteclaro

    i want 4 members of beast to go solo… hyunseung,junhyung, kikwang (oh he debuted already as AJ so i guess a comeback then?) and yoseob (he already debuted too lol)

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Hyunseung definitely should. Singing talent and performance skill.

  • animasaurus

    Just saying that soyu is an amazing singer too… her vocal style is just more muted than Hyorin’s. I would love to see her put out a solo album. Hmm… for others:

    DEFINITELY RYEOWOOK. He could put out an amazing dance pop album imo.

    And Gyu (the infinite one) should put out an R&B album for a later project if he gets the chance… I would LOVE that, his voice is meant for soulful music… he sounds sooo friggin beautiful singing in his lower register. I know he loves rock and Woollim keeps trying to peg Woohyun as the soul singer (he is amazing and has crazy range don’t get me wrong) of the group but Namstar is horrible at R&B (Gyu does it way better imo… more natural). Although Woohyun is my bias and I personally LOVE his voice, idk I just don’t see him being successful as a solo like I can with certain other members but I still want him to do a solo album or song too… like a rock or dance pop song since he sounds so good singing it.

    Also, suzy bae! It’s always boring ballads and I think she wants to shed that and her innocent image. A solo album would be perfect for that! sojin from girl’s day has a really cool voice, a song to herself would be amazing I’m sure.

    • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

      Gyu did say he wanted to try R&B next time, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • darkchocolatecoffee

    ZE:A’s Kevin. Everything this guy does is perfection. I’m not even exaggerating. That’s why, I’m pretty sure that he will nail his solo.

  • WorthInClay

    I am glad there’s so many Ryeowook mention here!!
    SM, come and read this site!!!… (like you did for Henry)

  • Tetramorium jedi

    I want a SNSD´s Taeyeon solo album. I´m still into k-pop just for that to happen (feel free to dislike this comment, I don´t mind :P)

  • km313

    I don’t agree with Taemin getting a solo because he doesn’t have his own identity as a singer. A lot of his style was trained to model Jonghyun’s voice, although he lacks a lot of the power, technique, and control that Jonghyun is capable of when he’s on the top of his game. A solo record from Taemin just wouldn’t be interesting with just his voice. I think a solo would be good for Jonghyun because it would allow him to release a bit of creative energy. I’m skeptical about the Henry solo, but if it encourages SM to start giving a selective group of artists that could truly benefit from an individual project a chance to try something new then I’ll stand by it.

    Junho’s totally capable of going solo and I’m looking forward to his Japanese album. And it’s no secret that Hyorin should have been a solo artist from the start. For a more obvious choice, Kahi, of course, but I’m worried at how her solo efforts are going to pan out since it’s been a while since she left After School. She’s such an all-around great performer and I’d love to see what she can do.

  • xchoccies

    Definitely Onew and Junho. One can never get enough Onew. I’ve had my eye on Junho since I saw him on that Lyrics show.
    Sistar’s Soyu too, I love her voice, sometimes I prefer it over Hyorin’s. Hyorin should’ve just not been in Sistar because she could totally go at it on her own.
    I love Krystal but from f(x) it has to be Luna, the girl is well rounded with a great voice and great dancing. Minzy too, in my opinion she’s got the best vocals in 2NE1 tbh.
    I wanna say a few members of SNSD, like Jessica (so I can satisfy my fangirling over her voice, hah) or more likely, Taeyeon. But they seem to be comfortable sticking with their group/sub-unit.
    And my favourite, Secret; Song Jieun’s already had a pretty successful solo so I think the others would do quite well on their own but I’m hoping it’ll be Hana next.
    BYG’s a given. Daehyun is a yes for me and I’d love to hear an all R&B number from Youngjae.

  • MissMare1028

    I vote for Ryeowook too. And I agree with Amy about him being aware of what’s popular in American music, he also did Justin Bieber’s Baby at KRY’s Japan concert earlier this year, it was the cutest thing I ever seen. He does have awesome vocals that work in all genre, I do hope SM can give him a solo.

  • Lucy Li

    To be honest, I’d much rather have a Henry solo than a Zhoumi solo. If Zhoumi’s solo song was telling enough, there’s so many cpop male solos and I don’t see Zhoumi remotely standing out among them unless he decides to do something like Miss Chic… At least Henry seems to have more musical ideas that could have more potential.

    And if I have learned anything following cpop, it’s not the person that has the best vocals that puts out the music, many compose music to suit their voice and ability and it works wonders.

    • Sharon

      Damn Miss Chic was awesome. But I have to say that I love that Ryweook is getting more recognition.

  • Marissa1004

    Aside from the obvious vocal monsters (Jonghyun, Eunji, Hyorin), I’d like to see CNBlue’s Lee Jonghyun. His silky smooth vocals are really pleasing, but are unfortunately overshadowed by Yonghwa most of the time. The one OST song that he sang was really great and brought attention to his hidden talent. Synths would also compliment his voice better than CNBlue’s usual pop-rock. It would also give him a chance to develop more of an individual identity, which he has been doing more of recently.

    I also can’t forget Jino, from SM the Ballad. I really want to see how much presence he has gained and if he can pull off anything besides ballads. I feel like his reception would be similar to that of Lee Hi’s, both being pretty well known before solo debut.

    My last recommendation would be Victoria of f(x). She’s the oldest of the group by a decent amount, so she could use a solo debut as a chance to show a different side from the bright, quirky f(x) image. I would expect a sexy, mature concept or a more dance oriented concept. Her Chinese background could also give her a fighting chance in other countries, and her personality would handle the opportunity well.

    • tkke

      I love CN Blue’s Jonghyun too! But I think his vocals are not that stable at the moment, judging but some of the lives I have seen. Once that is overcome, though, I’m all for a self-composed album from him.

    • destined2bebossy

      As much as I would love a Victoria solo, her vocals just wouldn’t hold up in a solo venture. Also, her aim as a celeb doesn’t seem to be in singing anyway.

  • whoa1205

    EUNJI. I know a number of Apink fans are getting annoyed at how much exposure she’s gotten recently, but that girl’s voice deserves a solo album of original material. If you look at her role models and the songs that she sings impromptu – Big Mama, BMK, Maya – they are different from what other idols tend to cover and she has a distinct identity…and it’s so different from what Apink is doing that I feel like it’s warranted. I get a feeling that she would do a soul-jazz-power ballad album cause this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=9maIuRoxVn0#t=471s

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      Agreed. Eunji needs get out of APink like now.

  • Creamomo

    We can she’s still far from Hyorin, but I’d love to see Soyu go solo..
    maybe promoting alone will let her show her talent that usually shadowed behind Hyorin..

  • Zoe Brandon

    I’m going to give a shout out to Sera of Nine Muses. Girl needs more love. I have been constantly watching her cover of “Karma” and love it more with each viewing. Even though it was shot on the “Wild” set and is a bare bones, shoe string budget video, Sera is charismatic enough to keep me intrigued the whole way through. Plus, her voice is different and powerful, fully worthy of a solo stint. Maybe some rock and soul mixed in. She is also pretty stable live and can dance well enough to pull off some moves.

    • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

      How did I forget about Sera? I second this. She has so much talent that hasn’t been tapped into as a member of Nine Muses.

    • GracefulCassieShapley

      Thanks for the heads up about Sera! After watching the karma video, she is pretty awesome.

  • MangoMagic

    Like the majority of folks here, I also think Minzy is past due for a solo. She is, hands down, the strongest member of 2NE1. Her vocals are always on point, she can handle choreography and she’s a great performer. Alas, I fear that her solo debut won’t drop for a while–or worse, when it does drop the MV may turn out to be a ratchet mess ala “The Baddest Female” in which Minzy is relegated to floor humping and grinding instead of actually dancing.

    • Chocho268

      Tbh, yes. I’d rather never see Minzy doing a solo than listen to another lazy mess of a song that showcases zero of her talent as it happened to CL. I’m not here to look at her wearing expensive designer crap and humping the floor, she’s too good for that.

      • GracefulCassieShapley

        That’s what I am scared of as well. 2NE1 mvs and what not never show off her vocal talent (except maybe for lonely and I don’t care….but then again, the spotlight was on CL and Bom vocally.) Furthermore, we all know she too good of a dancer to be humping the floor. Like YGE took a lazy approach with CL, they will probably be even lazier with Minzy. Which makes me fustrated because both girls are mad talented.

  • Angela

    In all honesty Minzy deserved that solo debut… She has crazy talent!

  • Risa Sinn

    I second 8eight’s Joohee. Damn talented in both dancing and singing, it’s just too bad LeeHyun hogs the attention and their group songs kind of suck…Jun.K and Ryeowook (omg I always thought I was the only one haha) should also make something of themselves – I don’t know what or how successful each would be, but they needs to at least try.
    My personal pick was always Hyunseung. Dancing, charisma, singing, unique vocal tone and personality, etc. A solo artist often have trouble differentiating themselves, but I see him doing that naturally. I can even see him selling in Japan (though lets be honest, Cube doesnt know how to put 1+1 when it comes to Japan.)

    My other pick is C-REAL’s Effie (“who?”) Beautiful voice, and even if they never had a show I can tell she has a raging passion for music. And I know many rookies have great vocals, but Effie is one of the few who posses a stage presence of an artist. Maybe solo is a little farfetched (hey, she could be the next Navi after her 2ne1 It hurts cover) but NAP needs to get her out more.

  • orangelatte

    I’m kinda missed Jepp-Blackman-soul-thing in Bang Yong Guk. Although he’s awesome in BAP. But I love his songs when he was “Jepp”. So yes, I want to see him solo :))

  • Lone Wolf

    Minzy. That girl HAS to have a single, or even an album… I’ve been saying it ever since she debuted. Her voice is so beautiful, I could have a heart attack if I ever heard her sing a slow R&B track. <3

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    Everyone here. Minzy, Zelo, Taemin, Jonghyun, Sandeul, Hyorin, Jun.K, RYEOWOOK (yes, to everything you said about him).

    If I could do another person from B1A4, it would definitely be Jinyoung. I mean, he’s making a lot of B1A4’s music anyways. And his voice is pretty good. Idk, I’m probably a little biased, but I felt like he’s always been fairly content to stick to the background of the group and I think he could definitely step out a bit more. Plus, I feel like he’s make some fun songs. :)

    Also, Soyu, also from SISTAR, is also a great singer, and all too often ignored. Her voice just isn’t as unique as Hyorin’s. But she does have a jazzy quality to it that I love.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Also, SECRET’s Ji-eun needs another solo yesterday. The first one was so good.

  • Gaya_SB

    Yeah, I’m going to say that I prefer this Mika cover

  • ctrawberry

    Ryeowook!! I need that boy with a single!! even if it is not a solo mini album..just a single maybe?? And not doing a ballad. He is good in ballad but he has got much more to offer than that.