20130529_seoulbeats_infinite_sungjongInfinite is chugging along in Japan towards the release of their first studio album, Koi ni Ochiru Toki, June 5. The group has already released “BTD (Before the Dawn),” “Be Mine,” and “She’s Back” as singles with accompanying music videos, and up next is “Man in Love.” The Japanese PV is largely similar to the Korean one with the bright colors and similar outfits. The changes are largely in the set: this one is easily recognizable as a closed set while in the Korean version, real areas were used for the music video, giving it a better feel overall. Also noticeably lacking in this music video are other people that could have livened the video up. But otherwise, the smiles and generally sweet mood remain.

I would have thought something like “The Chaser” would have been next for the group’s Japanese ventures, as the group’s last happier single, “She’s Back,” charted just a tad lower than “Be Mine” and sold a bit less, but as it seems absent from the tracklist for Koi ni Ochiru Toki, that would be out of the question.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA3R1rwFPy0&w=560&h=315]

And though the coming release of a Japanese album would suggest promotions in Japan, there’s also been news of Infinite filming their next music video in the United States, at Universal Studios in LA. Specifically, they obtained permission for the set previously used for Transformers and The Amazing Spider-Man, perhaps suggesting a tougher comeback concept with a high quality comeback music video. This is the first time a K-pop group has gotten to film in the Universal Studios set in LA. The group has reportedly been in the States since May 22nd with a planned 10 day, 9 night stay for filming in 4-5 locations. The music video is said to cost 1 billion Korean won, which is about $890,000.

The upcoming comeback sounds fairly intense; how do you guys feel about it? Also, do you have a preference between the Korean and Japanese music videos for “Man in Love?”

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