• Heureux

    Well, since SHINee has been on the K-Pop scene for nearly five years now, and having all these concerts in England, Japan and the US, Taemin has to at least try and learn to sing like a Main Vocalist, even if he isn’t one.

    In the K-Pop world, you need to constantly improve on your skills. Being a ‘Visual’ or a ‘Main Dancer’ doesn’t excuse you from having at least a few parts in songs, or having to sing only once in a while. Because honestly, there are people in this world who say that if you’re just going to be a Visual, then become a model. If you’re gonna only going to be a Main Dancer, be a choreographer.

    Plus, it’s always best to be well-rounded, especially when you’re an artist.

    • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

      The general structure of an idol group is to have each member play a specific role, be it with dancing, singing, and looking good, so a company can satisfy every aspect of interest that a fan desires, beauty, talent, style, and charisma. Being an idol doesn’t automatically equate you to being an artist, because being a idol doesn’t require to produce your own music or have much creative control. Certain idols (like Big Bang, and arguably JYJ) can hold the title of artist, because of their producing, composing, and songwriting skills, but at the same time still hold the title idol because that is their main purpose in K-Pop, to be someone with attributes that fangirls and boys idolize over, be it looks, singing, or dancing. An idol isn’t required to be well-rounded, only to fit the model that their company requires them to fill.

      Because of this model, an idol who was labelled as a visual or dancer, has a shorter life expectancy in K-Entertainment than a more well-rounded member, but they can also use their talents elsewhere, such as modelling and choreography, as you suggested, but only after fulfilling their role as an idol.

  • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

    kid’s done a good job and converted a skeptic like me. congrats!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to see that people are being positive to Taemin, especially because he’s an idol up against people who have been well-trained and singing for ages. I remember when Woohyun being criticized by a lot of people for not being able to win and called a bad singer when he was the only idol there so I’m happy that it’s not happening to Taemin.

    Besides his voice is so lovely, sounds a lot like Jaejoong but softer and more raspy… I really like it. I’m not even a Taemin fan but I always watch his clips to hear him sing.

    • Anonymous

      But Woohyun improved so much and was considered a favorite among the contestants. He had everyone there cheering for him. Even the show’s PD said he enjoyed watching his growth. He was able to connect with his audience and he proved that he was vocally talented while at it.

      • Anonymous

        I meant a lot of kpop fans who watched the show lol. Sorry for not being more clear :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1065352523 Rio Pascua

    Watching Taemin improve and SHINee as a whole is one of my favorite and enjoyable thing to do. Like you say, Taemin is pretty consistent in his singing but there is one problem. It’s not because he’s being underdeveloped but because he doesn’t have confidence to back his own talents when it’s an area he’s not good at. Taemin is very cautious and a perfectionist, and to some extent, sensitive. When you have people constantly watching you and criticizing you, you feel pressure and that’s what Taemin felt. He experienced that early as a child. Therefore, he relies on dancing, his expertise. But Taemin knows deep down, this is not the solution. He still continues to improve though and that’s good. What he lacks is confidence even with SHINee. When it comes to singing. But really when Taemin is serious and bolder, he becomes somebody else, what we fans of him see. If only he could get out of his shell, his potential is unending. 

    I would love to see that day unfold with my very eyes. I just hope people would go easy on him, I mean he’s still technically young. I’m also glad that the host of IS2 is always looking out for Taem, you could clearly tell he’s a good person. 

    • http://twitter.com/chubipower Jay Wong

      i agree. he has a voice that is naturally beautiful and because he works really hard to improve, his techniques are so much better now. the only thing he lacks though is the pizzazz. he tends to overthink and be too serious… i can’t feel that he’s enjoying himself when he is singing alone on stage. rather he seems to be trying too hard to not make mistakes.  i really hope one day he would be as comfortable and confident singing as he is dancing.

      on another note, i watch immortal song 2 almost every week, since we have the channel on tv. i adore some of the remakes of the old songs… and the singers that are on the show definitely have more liberty in the way they perform. i believe most of them decide how to arrange the classics, which is important for their growth as artistes.

      our Taeminnie has a longgg way to go to catch up to his sunbaes on the show but this is definitely a move in the right direction in trying to build his confidence. Taemin fighting! :D

  • Anonymous

    Ill wait for the article about their comeback^^

  • My Music Radar

    Nice article, good knowledge of Taemin and the show.
    I enjoy Immortal Song 2 a lot and have liked the changes to this program .
    Totally agree that Taemin was an odd choice and quite frankly, I was scared for him when it was announced he would be joining IS2. Posted about this trepidation on my own blog….AND…wound up having to eat my own words when Taemin totally blew me away with his performances. He certainly has come a long way, and still has a long way to go, but, I can totally see him performing long after SHINee has gone.
    I enjoyed his performance of ‘Good bye City’ the most so far in regards to the show. It was the perfect mix of dance to voice ratio with just enough zip to let his voice shine through.
    His performance of ‘Wrongful Meeting’ was just…too over the top for IS2.
    Don’t get me wrong. It was a strong performance! However, I think more suited to a SHINee solo concert than to IS2.
    In the end, this has been more about him gaining confidence with his own voice, which is understandable considering he is up against voices like Jonghyun and Onew.
    Believe it or not, having said all this, Taemin is actually my favorite in all of kpop idol wise.
    I know he has worked so hard, as was evident when he stated last year. “I thought I’d be farther along by now” He certainly is well on his way to becoming a world class entertainer.

  • Streby

    I appreciate that he is trying to extend his horizons and not just be ‘the dancer’ of SHINee. Though his performances are not the most technically sound, I find it refreshing and intriguing. 

  • A D

    I do feel his improvement and I really like his performances. He still has a long way to go to gain more confidence but i feel he is getting there. I am so happy to see him able to sing solo songs. For me he sang pretty good rarely out of pitch. I am not an expert but they sounded ok. Some of the songs he danced in, is just a treat. Love to see this kid dance. I sincerely wish that he keeps on improving and gain full confidence in both singing and dancing.

  • Hannah Ralston

    Hey this is unrelated, but i think it would be cool if you guys did an article on the band Nylon Pink. They’re an Asian-American girl band, and recently they’ve done some Kpop covers. You guys should check it out :)

  • Anonymous

    Like you when I first heard Taemin was going to appear on Immoral Song, I thought he just dances and sings background.  But I was very surpise.  I missed his first performance, but saw when he sang Goodbye City.  I LOVED it!  What a pleasant surpise.  Yes he does need to grow, but I he is good to begin with.

  • saroj khan

    i think i like the show format as well especially it gives the chnace for the new ones to see how the old music used to be.howver im sorry to say that i have not really seen taemins on this show ,i checked woohyuns a bit and hyroins .i checked the wrongful meeeting ,he seems good better than i thought so i mite give him atry.i am watching immortal song  for jay .he has improved so much and it says a lot that he came back to improve.

  • http://twitter.com/kaylanurul Nurul Rochayati

    after seeing SHINee performed Sherlock and Strangers live, I have to acknowledge how far has their Japanese venture and Immortal Song 2 have done a lot of good for Taemin. He is able to hold those notes so stable during singing and he can hold the high notes as well. Proud of the maknae.. clap..clap..clap..

  • Anonymous

    His voice reminds me of Jaejoong’s in a good way. 

  • Pupeow .

    I love your post : )

  • liddy

    He would’ve been a main vocalist if he debuted right now in a group. But that wont make shinee.. shinee .