• severely

    I thought it was okay. I felt like the song and MV both were too reminiscent of other recent YG releases, and that it didn’t feel special. As in, it didn’t feel like something that was uniquely CL.

    It wasn’t bad, and she pulled it off well enough, but considering how long Blackjacks have been waiting and hoping for a CL solo, I was hoping for more.

  • shannie4888

    It was okay. I love all of her looks, the hair and makeup, and her deliverance of the song. However, I felt that it lacked something to make her stand out. This is basically the female version of “One of a Kind.”

    Lately YG has been getting very predictable in their music and videos. This video is further proof of this. This is the same version of CL doing the same thing that she has always done. There is nothing new or innovative about it. It’s not a bad first solo single, but it underwhelms because I expected much more and YG is giving me something that he’s already dished out. This type of music is getting stale. I was hoping for more.

    Hopefully 2NE1’s next release leaves a better impression on me because CL just served up something cold and rehashed.

  • Kpopdoggy

    Sigh. Great visuals. But major disappointment musically. “Not bad meaning bad, bad meaning good you know?” Really? That line actually made it into the song? How did my bad ass ladies become so insipid? Can we please quarantine Will.I.Am.Crap from EVERYONE right now????

    • shannie4888

      When she said that, I wanted to cover my eyes. The meaning should be obvious. It’s not something you should have to explain.

    • Nate Broadus

      Did she really say that? I couldn’t get through the entire song in one continuous play, so I skipped around. I must have missed that part. Tell me you’re f*cking with me and she didn’t really say that.

      • TheJadeBullet

        She really, honest-to-god-or-some-higher-power, said that. I wanted to cringe but by the time I got to that point, my quota of horrified reactions was all used up.

    • Jazz1105

      Yes, the visuals are great, YG visuals are always on point for the most part.
      Tell me why again does YG prides himself on his idols being more about talent then looks, cuz as far as I’m concern they rely wayyy to much on their outfits and “uniqueness” to pass them as something good or original. Tell me why again do people think YG idols are different or better then other groups because I don’t see it.

  • shein

    As always, visual of the MV is stunning. They didn’t hold back when it comes to the props. CL looks stunning. She definitely pulled the concept off.

    However, the song is such a big let down. It sounded like GD’s recent songs with a hint of Clap Your Hands and other songs. I dont know. I guess i had high expectations.

  • Guest

    I actually like the song after listening to it a few time, i love the video i think this concept is really CL it just suits her very well

  • Guest

    The best part of the song was the end part loved her outfit

  • Nate Broadus

    It’s like One of a Kind, but not as catchy.

  • ShineeWorld52911

    Hmmm…..I’m not the biggest fan of the song or the video, but she looks great. I like her stylists choice of outfits for the most part anf she looks gorgeous with thise contacts and It looks like she’s been working out those legs a bit and she looks good.

  • Sharon

    Ya….not digging it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    She looked fabulous…and the hook parts of the song have stayed in my memory…everything else though…

  • wellnow

    Ugh…She looked cute, and there were some nice moments in the video. But overall, the song sounds like something they took from the mid 2000’s (dirty south era), added some electronic and “dubstep” and let CL just lazily rap over it. The video had cute moments (nothing I would call amazing) that are probably giffed all over tumblr. But the video overall was everything we have seen before. I almost wished that last minute of the video had been the premise…granted that would mean the video would actually have a goal other then CL looking cute and acting like what YG seems to think rap/hip-hop is overall. Also whoever thought it was a good idea to put that pasty flour foundation on her face needs to be slapped, with an open palm and a pink slip. Those close ups near the beginning had me a bit upset when you could see the clear contrast between her face and part of her neck.

    • dustdevilliz

      I totally agree with you about the last minute, and wishing that it was the premise of the whole video.

  • anon325

    too much black cultural appropriation, not enough lyrical content. try harder.

    • taequila777

      Thank you. I’m black and I don’t even act that cool.

    • Jazz1105

      I know when she said shoes on the wire?…I was like what does she even know about that. NOTHING.

  • sometimesIread

    it wasn’t good, I was pretty disappointed in the music video and the song. It’s one of those songs i will never listen to again. I just couldn’t get into it, it seemed to me like it had all the components (maybe except the dubstep -kpop’s obession with dubstep just needs to end- it was more like a crutch so CL wouldn’t have to rap that part) but it was executed really lazily .
    I’m actually impressed that blackjacks are not just taking this blindly. YG and KPOP in general has been so disappointing lately. I need some really awesome releases soon.

  • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

    …Yeah. Not feeling it, CL. It’s bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good, you know.

    • Chocho268

      LOOOL XD I’m dying

      • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

        It was too perfect to resist… XD

  • Hannah

    I wasn’t too crazy about the mv… I kind of felt like they were trying really hard to package her as a “female GD”. I was hoping for a more focused and personalized concept for CL, rather than just throwing together a bunch of flashy visuals and random cameos.

  • Streby

    The pre-chorous was a major savior of the song for me musically; I searched the lyrics and this one bit she says ” being fake is a given” which I think is really refreshing.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

    I bet Seoulbeats gives this a 4.2

    • Gaya_SB

      Would you be willing to bet money?

      • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

        Looking at the past and recent reviews, and by this being a YG Idol (CL specifically)…. I’m pretty sure it’s going to get a 4 at least

        • Gaya_SB

          OK, but how much?

          Nah, I’m just kidding. But seriously, how much?

  • Athens

    I was sooo looking forward to this and was certain that the song and MV would scream “baddest female” since it’s CL…but it all just screamed bad T___T

  • http://thoughtfulpaper.wordpress.com milaiski

    I’m kinda saddened by the fact the CL is actually a very good rapper but it is not properly showcased in her solo single or any 2ne1’s recent releases. I miss the kind of rapping she did for Clap your hands and The Leaders. Those songs I think aptly describes what CL’s swag is all about about because frankly even without all the flashy outfits, her delivery alone already exudes so much personality.

    • Jazz1105

      CL is labeled the rapper of her group, she honestly has never been a very good rapper, I would say she’s a better singer but this kpop after all most idol rappers don’t have much flow. This song was slower tempo than most of her other raps so it really showed where she was lacking.

  • Chocho268

    This song is everything I hoped it wouldn’t be.

    I wasn’t expecting this to be the best kpop song that’s come out in the last 5 years but the girls have been gone for so long, CL talked enthusiastically about her solo already a few times…and this lazy, underwhelming, luckluster song is all YG could come up with for CL? I’m saying YG, because I still secretely hope that this is not how CL herself envisioned her solo.

    I could forgive the song being draggy and a bit boring if the lyrics were fantastic, but they were far from it-shallow, uninspiring and repetitive- ‘where all my bad gals at?’ ‘not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good you know’ Loool *facepalm*

    The whole MV was a fashion showcase, this whole attempt was actually style over substance-I don’t care whether an artist is wearing Givenchy, what I care about is whether when they take those flashy clothes off they can still show something truly unique to them. This song did nothing to show neither CL’s skills nor her uniqueness as an artist and this is by far the most disappointing thing about this solo.

    On a positive note-she looked absolutely gorgeous throughout the whole video. Just stunning. Now, if only the song was half as good as she looked…*sigh*

    • sayruq

      She contributed to the lyrics so I’m assuming, yes, that is how she envisioned it

  • T.R.

    G Dragon’s outfit though……..

  • http://twitter.com/IgnisInvictus Ignis Invictus

    I love it. But then again, I’m not in the majority as I also love MichiGO. I think THE BADDEST FEMALE is a good jam. Been playing it since it got released yesterday. Plus the video is pleasant to my eyes. It wasn’t sloppily made. You can tell that the sets and the wardrobe were well thought out. And yes, the MV has that WTF factor YG is known for. I’m a happy fan.

    I’m looking forward to the live performances. Less of those tv broadcasts and more the concert / event performances. I can imagine how good this can be in concerts with people jamming to it.

  • BVMR

    When yg dropped the news of cl’s solo debut i was hoping that she wud release songs like lee hi’s coz i think it match her voice well. And i got my hopes up. But instead what i got is “onnnie-yaaaaa whoow onnie onnie onnie” :( but i kept singing that onnie part tho hehehe

  • Doll On Dope

    I like the direction the sound YG is going at and it has a good hangin’ out vibe but ergh I’m so over the whole notion that “swag” includes dookie braids, loose pants and acting “black”. It’s not cool. It never will be.

    Plus because it’s a rap song it had to be a brag song, which means girls being “BAD” which is too obvious and simply a disappointment.

    I REALLY LOVE the high fashion and jungle scenes and CL is definitely charismatic.
    But artistically (which may be somewhat of a contradiction in kpop) it’s a real let down.

    • Doom Starks

      I didn’t have to be a brag song, but honestly that seems to be what YG equates to rap, when i seen what I am assuming was Big Bang come out like they were reject Crips members I almost shut the video off, offensive and incredibly stupid all at once, like children out for Halloween.

  • taequila777

    Upon first glance, I thought I was watching BET for a second. After a second listen and viewing, it’s not that bad, but it’s not that great either…she can do better. My love for K-Pop is slowing waning, EXO’s Wolf teaser brought me back for a quick second, but I have a feeling I’m going to be let down. I’ll give CL a little room for redemption…but just a little. I want that little kid she’s holding at the end though…

    • Fatricia Fatlegs (Trish Okeke)

      are you not aware the EXO’s wolf has been leaked for quite some time now? It’s bad.

      • Sharon

        Agree, but man Baby don’t cry and My Lady totally makes up for it.

      • taequila777

        I was referring more to the video than the song. I agree the song sucks.

    • Chocho268

      ‘My love for K-Pop is slowing waning’ Same here… except for a few good releases, 2013 is a real disappointment.

  • Zoe Brandon

    I’m just surprised that YG actually got his organizational shit together and is promoting an artist that is neither Lee Hi nor GD. Nothing against those two (except GD’s outfit in this video), but with the constant delays of other YG artists’ comebacks and debuts, it’s good to see that the others are still alive. Hopefully the promise of a 2NE1 comeback after this will be kept. If so, I may actually begin to trust YG’s promises again. Maybe he’ll even release his version of SNSD from the YG Dungeon soon… nah, I’m hoping for too much.

  • Zoe Brandon

    I’m just surprised that YG actually got his organizational shit together and is promoting an artist that is neither Lee Hi nor GD. Nothing against those two (except GD’s outfit in this video), but with the constant delays of other YG artists’ comebacks and debuts, it’s good to see that the others are still alive. Hopefully the promise of a 2NE1 comeback after this will be kept. If so, I may actually begin to trust YG’s promises again. Maybe he’ll even release his version of SNSD from the YG Dungeon soon… nah, I’m hoping for too much.

  • Doom Starks

    This song reminds me a lot of Miryo’s solo in that it puts CL’s “talent” under the microscope and it ain’t pretty. There’s been so many fans pushing for CL to be thought of as a step above other idol rappers but this song just shows she’s right where she belongs, No Will I. Am to blame this time, this is CL and it’s disappointing.

  • IandIintheSkyi

    I’m going to take off my rose colored glasses and just be honest: WOW this was weak. It’s a carbon copy of One of Kind. You can’t be the baddest or one of a kind if you’re doing the exact same thing as someone else. I’m over swag, I’m over flannel and tats and grills and stunting and flexing like YOU’RE ABOUT THAT LIFE when where I come from the people who are about that life half the time wish they weren’t. I was excited for this to drop because I think CL has the right stuff to do her own thing and be respected for it, her interviews show that she’s real when it comes to changing perceptions about Asian women and artists, but changing perceptions is not done by dressing and acting like something that you don’t really have access to.

    • taequila777

      Let the church say, “Amen”!!

  • Rian Lee

    Huh. I may be the only person who actually truly likes this song (at least here). I don’t really know why but the whole song has a nice flow to me. But other than the song, CL looks freaking gorgeous and the MV looks really appealing! And very little Jeremy Scott clothes, I like.

  • TheJadeBullet

    First of all, it hurts, the way the lyrics are so basic. I thought maybe if the beat was generic and the flow was awful that perhaps the redeeming quality would be the lyrical content, but nope. And speaking of flow, what on earth happened here? The transitions from “hip hop” to electronica to dubstep were so jarring, it’s almost as if no attempt at all was made to successfully fuse each portion of this mess into a presentable package.
    The visuals, as usual were up to the standard caliber of YG bombast, predictable as ever but somehow still engaging…? I don’t know if it was pure shock that got me through the entire thing or what but the minimalistic sets seemed to be the only thing that worked, even if the hopscotch and swing scenes were just…no. The wardrobe however, was mostly awful, especially the wannabe-gangster and quasi-chola looks. Whoever’s responsible for the entire concept probably doesn’t even live on this planet or something. It’s just bad.

  • norimix

    I speak Korean and I couldn’t understand most of what she was saying because her rap sounded like she had mouth full of food..
    Also, do we really have to be reminded that bad means good?

  • Ali Gregs (앨리)

    So GDragon took a ride on the coocoo train and CL decided to hop on. From the music to the wardrobe and movements it felt like GD possessed CL for a short while and this track and MV was born. It feels like a beat that didn’t make the cut for GD and Teddy passed it along to CL. She is fierce and has no much energy. Slower tempos aren’t really her thing unless she’s singing. I’m so disappointed this doesn’t seem her at all which is a shame because she has a lot to offer. YG prides itself in their artists being unique. That doesn’t hold up if all of your a artists have the same exact look, feel, and expression. Step it up, YG.

  • Gaya_SB

    I finally get the chance to listen to this song (the sound on my laptop has been playing up)… and why does this remind me of MIA?

  • Djaze


    The shoes strung up on that line. Getting her ‘hurr did’ on the front porch in her mini salon. Those long ratchet ass custom nails.That ghastly gril.. And DO NOT get me started on that ‘Chola riding 40 deep’ scene. I can’t, I just can’t. Why would she do this? This was just straight up emberassing to watch. She looked good though, I’ll give her that. Better than usual. But guuuurrrr *hides face in utter emberassment * >.<!!!!

    • Gaya_SB

      I had a lot of problems with that last scene setting.

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    impressed by the visuals of the “The Baddest Female” music video while the song was alright for CL’s solo

  • Missy

    Ok this has to stop YG! Ur not from Compton!!! Do they drive lolos and wear dickies and throw sneakers on telephone wires when someone gets shot by gang bangers in Busan??? Cut it out already the shit looks gimmicky as hell and has my poor CL like a wanna be down idiot! Like damn Seo Hyun-seung try watching something other Boyz in the Hood when ur looking for inspiration for your “hip hop” video.

    • Gerald~

      Your comment made my day. Thank you! You are totally right about everything, I don’t even know if YG artist actually think they look cool doing this or they are doing it for the laughs.

  • Chen

    i know i saw 2 hermes birkins, or was it kellys? -strokes chin-

  • Chen

    i know i saw 2 hermes birkins, or was it kellys? -strokes chin-

  • mariko

    I think this is such a wasted opportunity for CL. She’s not the best rapper to hit the kpop scene, but she has a nice flow, is charismatic and knows how to hype up the crowd. This solo effort could have been a good opportunity for her not just to show her musical skills but also to tackle the issue of female portrayal in kpop-she said she wanted to change the perception of females in the industry and this solo could have been a stepping stone for that.

    Sadly the song and mv were all very shallow, there was no deep message here, nothing for the viewer to think about except for admiring the expensive clothes and accessories. The scene with GD, Teddy and others was unnecessary and also a bit problematic-the message I got here was ‘look, she’s female but cool enough to associate with the dudes’. Why not bring your own girls into this video? Bom, Minzy, Dara and other female labelmates-something so simple as this could have really changed the whole tone of the MV, it probably wouldn’t make this whole solo effort any less cringeworthy but at least it would add a bit of depth.

    • Ciel

      Why the hell should Bom, Dara and Minzy be in this video? It’s a SOLO, remember? If they had put in her members, they might as well added a couple more scene and called it a 2NE1 video. Besides, I didn’t see CL or Minzy in any of Bom or Dara’s solo music videos so they don’t have to be in CL’s either. Stop reaching.

      • mariko

        you obviously didn’t understand what I was saying, esp. the part about the male crew, and that’s exactly why you’re overreacting. Please read my post again, thank you.

    • lovelytunes

      Honestly, I don’t think it needs a deep message. Not thinking is actually a good thing sometimes. It’s not called “entertainment” for nothing! You’re over thinking it too much. Keep an open mind about it. Enjoy the music. I feel like your pants are on too tight. That’s as nicely as I can put it.

      • mariko

        That’s as nicely as you can put it but you still sound pressed.

        Right, music doesn’t always need to have a deep message. 98% of kpop is brainless entertainment and that’s fine, it has its place. But if you’re going to release a solo song, you want to stand out as an artist. That’s why you may want to release something a bit more fresh and original, with a bit more substance because statements about yourself that are meant to stroke your inflated ego are getting repetitive and will only take you so far. With all due respect to CL.

        • lovelytunes

          If you knew anything about the origins of rap and hip hop and especially freestyle rap, you’ll know that originally raps were basically just rhymes bragging about yourself. YG goes back to old school hip hop and stuff a lot, while mixing in modern elements.
          But if you’re really into thinking that she’s just “stroking her inflated ego”, I’m pretty sure no other female solo artist is rapping/singing what she’s doing. All the other acts have already been done: sexy, strong, classy, cute. This is as fresh as it gets right now in the kpop industry.

  • takeitallaway

    I loved it. The song and MV was all her. It was what I expected and more. A lot of you were clearly expecting a 2ne1 reject song and for the life of me I don’t know why. CL went hard on this one. The song fits her perfectly, the beat goes hard, then it picks up and then it goes back down. It’s catchy as fuck in a not-in-your-face kind of way. I understand it’s not for some people (especially not for those people who are strictly pop/kpop fans) and I think CL knew that and expected it as she already stated. I respect the fact that some of you don’t like the song or the MV, it’s your own opinion and tastes differ. What works for you might not work for other people so, it’s cool. But y’all need to take a step back with all this bashing and straight out hating. Your opinions are not facts. Just because you feel the song didn’t match your expectations (tho I don’t see how you could have expected anything else if you knew anything about CL), or even the fact you don’t like the MV, but that doesn’t mean the song or the MV suck. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

    Also this MV is not a 1OAK rip off and if you think that you’re clearly deluded and have never seen any other video in the world (especially one out of YG) other than GD’s. (looking at you GD stans and VIPs)

    My personal opinion is that she looked amazing, the beat was on point, her rapping was on point and she did something. clearly judging by a lot of reactions, unheard of for a female kpop idol. Was the song something we didn’t hear before (at least when we talk about American music)? No! Did she make it her own and gave 120% of herself? Yes, in my opinion she did.

    Oh and stop saying she should have put 2ne1 girls in it. No she didn’t have to. It’s her first solo, putting them in would defat that purpose completely. And also I don’t remember CL or Minzy in Dara’s Kiss or Bom’s “You and I” or “Don’t cry”. Why wasn’t anyone complaining then? And let me remind you CL featured in Dara’s solo and wasn’t in the MV. Blackjacks have been behaving so shamefully for the past two years that I can’t even. All these comments made by them “I hope CL fails hard so YG could see we wanted a 2ne1 comeback” like what the fuck? Messed up fandom is messed up!

    It’s funny, I’ve been reading so many comments by girls dragging CL down (and when I say dragging her down I mean DRAGGING her down), saying how she’s not representing girl power, how she didn’t write deep, spiritual, lyrics with real feminist and social topics (even tho the title of the song should have given you a hint on what the song will be about) etc., talking shit about her, saying this and that. I don’t get how you can drag a female down so much and in such hateful and spiteful way, and then advocate girl power and talk about feminism and shit.

    You’re not obligated to like the stuff she does, but at least you could learn some respect. She did what she wanted to do (no YG didn’t force her) and anyone who knows two things about CL will know this is what she wanted to do, no ifs buts or maybes. If you don’t like it, well don’t listen or watch, easy as that.

    And also, let’s not pretend that 90% of you didn’t make up your mind that you’re not going to like it even before she released it. I’m really ashamed of the Anyways, that’s my two cents about this.

    • lovelytunes

      ^ I love this comment. So true in my opinion.