• http://twitter.com/louleeluvs Lou Lee

    I definitely want the #HiTOP duo!!! That would be an amazing combination.

  • Shweta

    Gaya, what happened to Shine3? LOL.

    Guys, I found all of your choices to be both hilarious and epic at the same time (how this is possible is beyond me.) Props to you for accomplishing that.

    • GaCaRa


  • ArielLM13

    I LOVE the sub-unit generator. Here’s what I got!

    3B: It includes Bigbang’s Seungri, Beast’s Hyunseung, and BEG’s Miryo. Their title song will be “Burn it up”, it will be choreographed by Seungri. Hyunseung and Seungri sing a harmony like honey about how hot they are, the beat wil pick up, and then Miryo comes in spitting fire hotter then both of them combined. The middle eight will be pure sex. The end will have ample ad libs and a sexily husky “You know we burn it up”. They appear on every relevant variety show, where Hyunseung regails us all with Bigbangs predebut secrets, Seungri complains how he still ended up maknae and spills Hyunseung’s secrets, and Miryo talks about how hard it was to work with a 4D prince & a hyper panda while staying flawless. /Shot~~

  • http://twitter.com/Myrmicinae Brendicienta

    I´ll make a SM The Ballad Female version with Luna and Taeyeon as first and second soprano, Seohyun as mezzo and Amber as an alto and rapper.

  • Sun_&_Raine

    Hi-TOP, G-Co, DaeZy, Ji Eun & Hana (formerly known as Zinger) would blow the roof off of Hallyu! Even if it’s a fantasy I hope that someday these dream teams will collaborate, or at least do a special stage at MAMA 2013.

  • http://twitter.com/raecatk Rae Cat

    I know Super Junior already has plenty of subunits, but if Eunhyuk and Donghae get to be an official subunit, I’d love it if Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi got to be one too. They have great chemistry, they’re gorgeous, and their voices would be perfect together. Or they could at least have a song on SJM’s next release, or record a single?

    • GaCaRa

      I really want a Minwook release too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001430085442 Nilly I’ly

    I want Dae-Zy nawwwww!!! And G-Co

  • VLF218

    Zico, Bang Youngguk, P.O, Kris, Junhyung and Verbal Jint. I had to stop and compose myself after that one. Good Lord I wouldn’t be able to handle that

  • happy_slip

    I need a CL/Bom collaboration, because that’s the closest thing to having something similar to Ji Eun/Lexy & Bom/Lexy I loved listening to years ago.

    I’d die if they make Baby Boy 2.0 tbh. I want Minzy to work with Taeyang too, or Se7en if he’s not in the army.

  • yi2345

    I had a really good laugh… “Kuala Lumpur Club Bumper”?! I’m already loving the app now for remembering the land called Malaysia that is almost always forgotten by Kpop though it’s just between the popular spots Thailand and Singapore. I personally think that “Penang Laksa” or “Melaka Tricyle” could have higher potentials to become the next huge hit, but these two suggestions are probably more suitable for Orange Caramel than for Caramel Coated Candy Corn. I wish Pledis takes these few suggestions into consideration. They’ll receive a warm welcome from the Malaysian Tourism Ministry for sure!

    I decided to spend some money for the premium version so that it could look out for a sub-unit between CNBLUE and Infinite for me. My sub-unit generator has totally pleased me with the Jonghyun-L combination. However, I hope the developers could work on fixing the bugs because the sub-unit name and the track title are not showing up for me. Anyway, 2 hottest guys singing together with their guitars, that’s all I need for this sub-unit!

  • Ditu3ka

    The article just made my day :-))

  • intheshort

    risKEY: an army of Key clones doing whatever the hell they want. Suspicious fashion and girl group dances galore. Diva moments everywhere. Named for the fact that your computer screen might combust if you attempt to watch a YouTube video of this group.

  • Skittles

    G-Co needs to be a thing. Stat.

  • Miguel

    I definitely want the oldest of Pledis together! Kahi, JungAh and Dambi, the most powerful and sexy trio we’ve seen.

  • Mahogany Sunn

    T.O.P, Baro, P.O, and YongGuk….. I don’t care what they rap about- could someone just get them all in a room together? (dreams (dirty ones).. but still)

  • Diah

    I think I’d like to upgrade the Amber-Henry subgroup to a whole SM English Speakers group consisting of Amber and Henry (obviously), Tiffany, Jessica, Krystal, and maybe Key and Kris to even out the genders.

  • Alva

    I’m way too excited for many of these sub-units! Damn guys… Why did you have to do this to me?
    I’ve always thought that the subunit 3.O made up of D.O, G.O and P.O would be insanely perfect! Make it happen!

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