• 0021581

    I liked some of the beats but the lyrics totally turned me off. I mean, if they were simply corny or a little lame I’d be okay with it but some of his lyrics are just flat out offensive and wrong. I think he has good potential but it too concerned with trying to be a gangster like many western rap acts.

  • taestits

    What bothers me the most, believe it or not, isn’t the crappy lyrics, but the fact that he so poorly co-opts what is actually a beautiful genre of music and then proceeds to reinforce the idea that sex and bragging about how awesome you are is all that rapper’s songs are about. He could have done so much more in terms of lyrical content, especially with such a capable producer.

    • http://twitter.com/sisiberlyn Sierra Bell

      THANK YOU. He wants to be a trendsetter and a standout artist, yet he puts out the same filth everyone else is. Hip hop is not all about sex and arrogance, there was actually a time when it meant something and spoke to people. Honestly, I hate songs that are all about being explicit and throwing out as much sex and curse words and boasting as a person can. Jesus gave us music to do something beautiful with it, and hip hop can certainly be beautiful, but this is not it.

  • angrybxtchtiki

    oh man jay…I can’t even loool.after listening to this mix tape, I was crying for hours from laughter because these lyrics were too hilarious yet rather disgusting xD I love jay but he really should not rap and definitely no more oversexual songs.(btw twerk used the way jay used it refers to doing something else..and it’s not dancing lol think outside the box lol)

  • http://twitter.com/jwalker_aleksie Rhys Aleksie

    i know the lyrics are laughable but it’s actually good live. it works with jay’s strong points on stage. check out this vid for his you know how we do ft dumbfoundead /watch?v=ZBEQxRdpgnA and this vid for body2body /watch?v=IP3WNy8gXtY

  • chocophobia

    I almost couldn’t believe how ludicrous the lyrics are…. I’m cracking up right now.
    But SERIOUSLY…. smh… More than anything, I’m just disappointed because he wrote the songs himself… Just… UGH I’m listening to it right now and … >.> NO JP I DO NOT WANT TO TWERK IT THANK YOU VERY MUCH lool

  • eplizo

    the mixtape was just bad lol

  • Almira Agathas

    When I read the lyric, I feel like reading a poorly-written smut fanfiction.
    Sorry, there are a lot of KPop HipHop artists who wrote lyric better than him i.e Epik High

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001288549501 Sarah Ho

      But Epik High is godly.  LOL.  Probably the best rappers in K-Pop.  Of course they’d write better lyrics than Jay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001288549501 Sarah Ho

    I love Jay; I really do.  But these lyrics are… well… bad.  Just bad.  And I really do hope that he begins to improve his lyrics because this is straight-out hard to listen to.  LOL.  I love the way he raps… just that his lyrics are really not that great is all :/  And like someone said below, I’m very eager to see what he’ll release next… LOL hopefully something not about sex.  k bro, we know it’s on your mind.  Talk about something else now.

  • Talissa Trieste

    My initial thought when I read the post’s title was ‘Must download mixtape!’ But I am a bit scared to listen to it after reading your review. I love Jay, but I prefer his singing and dancing. He really should leave the mc-ing to the mc’s. I kind of expected more substance to his lyrics, considering he’s very active in the hip hop community as a b-boy. Chris Brown is another artist who can sing but cannot rap. 

  • betty matai lungleng

    i just love the mixtape <3 lol. he's rapping is hilarious but i like it, the beat and stuff. William hung especially,,.i think it's really cool.this mixtape is really cool to me,just the type i like.. but the lyrics(all) it's too much for me. i would love to rap along but its too much for a 13 year old me.. hehe.. what would my parents think? lmao.. i never expected such lyrics from jay,but since it's an independent project.let it be. love you Jay <3

  • exo_4_life

    lol at the writer of this…if you listen to k-pop you shouldn’t review this mixtape.

  • https://twitter.com/conzzxD connie

    Did he write the lyrics to ALL of these songs?

  • Nikita

    I actually liked it. I mean maybe I’m weird like that but the mix tape was pretty legit to me

  • http://twitter.com/sisiberlyn Sierra Bell

    Can I just say that probably 90% of Jay Park’s demographic is 15-16 year old girls? I understand that parents have to teach their kids what’s right and wrong to watch/listen to/etc., but they can’t control everything and if a fan wants to listen to this mixtape, oh they’ll find a way. I’m sorry, but teenagers are having way to much sex as it is and even though music is not the source of the problem, it certainly is a contributing factor considering that music does do A LOT to set the mood. The last thing Jay Park’s 15-16 year old fangirls need is any mood-setting music to get their minds on that kind of stuff (any more than they already are, anyway).

  • candice lewis

    seriously if you dont like it, then dont listen to it. there is nothing wrong with it. i love it, and wish i could buy it. there nothing wrong with it. have you even listen to the music now a days..this doesnt even compare to them. i love it, and he did a great job with it. and two dont listen to everything you see on the internet..like this article, shame on you.