Oh my god was my first reaction to girl group Girl’s DayOh! My Godteaser, and as odd as it was I had to admit… I was intrigued. There were bright neon colors, cheesy sound effects and spandex; who wouldn’t be curious? When I did watch the music video for “Oh! My God” I was WTF-ing all over the place, even though at this point I really shouldn’t be surprised by videos like these.

The beginning of this music video starts out with Minah being dropped off at the library by her father. A strange man approaches with a light blue jacket that screams “Stranger Danger,” but Minah does the right thing and pushes him away. At first I had no idea why this man was trying to hit on this young girl but I realized that it was the same guy from Girl’s Day earlier single, “Twinkle Twinkle.” I see what you did there Girl’s Day, I like the continuity.

So the basic premise of this whole music video is that Minah is sneaking into a club and busting out some break-dance moves. The whole video itself is silly, good fun with exaggerated facial expressions and ramped up aegyo. It has the same tone as “Twinkle Twinkle” with the farcical tone and vibrant colors. The other members of Girl’s Day appear battling it out with the main character. In the teaser all the members are given nicknames; “The Crazy Leg” Minah, “Krumping Ghost” Jihae,  “Funky Disco Bomb” Yura, “Martial H. Lee” Hyeri, and “Queen of Dirty Dance” Sojin. Okay, two things. One, how does a ghost krump? I’d understand if Jihae’s nickname was “Krumping Machine” or “Krumping beast” but ghost? Again, how exactly does a ghost krump? Frankly, I’m getting mental images of Casper the Friendly Ghost krumping, and it’s not a pretty sight. Two, Martial H. Lee? Can someone please clarify what that is supposed to mean?

Another aspect of the video that threw me off was the random party-goers with the horse head. I’ve seen this in 2PM’s “Hands Up” and I was just recovering from that traumatic experience only to have this mask show up again. The set also had really polite vandalism with phrases like “Get funky” and “Feel Da Muzic” splayed in bold red lettering.

The icing on top of this proverbial WTF cake was the cheesy sound effects that accompanied every action.  From the chipmunk voices in the beginning to the excessive swooshing sounds that would make SM green with envy, this music video had a whole lot of excessive sound effects. Most of which would never come out of a human body.

At the end of the day Girl’s Day delivered their image of aegyo so sweet I’m now under the threat of developing cavities. While I go brush and floss my teeth, leave your thoughts on the music video below!