• Bookthiefj

    Boring song , boring video . Sm needs a make over

    • Guest

      It’s not a song that would grab my attention. I don’t know it sounds like something i’ve heard before, possibly Before u go.

  • maldita

    I loved the song and found the video refreshing. It’s not everyday that SM releases a video actually shot outside. I’m a sucker for slow Yoo Youngjin songs. The video served its purpose well. Introduced the 4 main singers in both sub-groups, as well as introduced every single member, including Chanyeol and Chris, who haven’t been included in teasers.

    The Taemin lookalike on a treasure hunt thing is Park Chanyeol, the guy who was in SNSD’s Japanese “Genie” video. He’s apparently the ~face~ of the group.

    • http://twitter.com/jinranbb Jinran (BB)

      I feel like they’re all the faces of the group. Just 12 extremely good looking boys. Who can resist?

  • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

    I was left confused… who sings what? Who does what? Who’s in this? Just HUH?

  • Musik 사랑해

    IDEK its just i wanna give them a chance but its kind of hard 2 stay intrested w/ all of SMs trolling

  • eboy07

    Nice atmosphere and choreography here and there.
    But not any better compared to Justin Bieber.

  • guest

    I honestly like the song but I’ve lost half of my excitement for the group. Plus they still haven’t officially debuted and they already have these fans protecting them on the comment section because people are getting impatient.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what EXO fans are calling themselves?

    • Anonymous

      I thought I read that they were going by ‘exoxist’ or something like that. =/

  • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

    All these endless teasers are going to make their debut so much less exciting when it does finally happen.

  • thk

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been talked about yet (guess there aren’t many Chinese people who comment?) but…

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that their Chinese is atrocious sounding?!  The first time I listened to the EXO-M version I actually thought I was listening to Korean.  I talked to a bunch of my Chinese speaking friends today (Happy 元宵节 everybody!) and we all agreed– the Chinese version is basically unintelligible.  I know that one singer isn’t a native speaker, but aren’t some members Chinese??  Isn’t that the point of EXO-M is that they sing in Chinese?  I honestly have my doubts after hearing this song… I’m pretty sure this is just an SM marketing ploy.

    For anyone who reads Chinese, check out the comments here (youku = Chinese youtube for everyone who doesn’t know):  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzQ3MTA0NjA0.html

    A sampling:
    身为中国人,不看歌词,我听不懂! – “I’m Chinese, if I wasn’t reading the subtitles I wouldn’t understand”
    这不和SJ小分队一个模式吗,可是中文歌没有SJM好 – “Isn’t this just like that smaller group from Super Junior?  But their Chinese is worse that SJM’s.”
    中国人的和韩国人唱的分不出来 韩国人没法说发音不准 可是身为中国人的几个 也能唱成这样 – “I can’t tell from listening who’s Chinese and who’s Korean.  You can’t blame Koreans for their pronunciation, but why are Chinese people singing like that?”
    身为一个中国人 我感觉我这18年白活了 – “I’m Chinese.  I feel like I’ve spoken Chinese 18 years for nothing.”
    “这个歌听起来就很别扭怎么学呀!!!听起来有一种韩国的唱法,要进中国市场也要考虑下中国歌迷的感受嘛!!!” – “This song sounds so weird!!  The way they’re singing sounds too Korean, if they want to enter the Chinese market they need to think more about Chinese fans.”
    中文好别扭吖~~~ – “The Chinese is so weeeeeird~”

    I’d say 2/3rds of the comments are like this, with 1/3rd being the “OMG HWAITING!!!” fans that exist in every culture.

    On another sidenote:  their official music video (or whatever this is) release in China only has 24,000 views so far?  Is SM even actually marketing this group in China?

    I’m not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here but I’m 99% sure that the whole EXO-K/EXO-M thing is just a gimmick and they’re actually a Korean group that’s only going to promote in Korean.  At this point, goooooood luck to them if they try and release in any Chinese speaking country sounding like this.

    • Anonymous

      As someone who studies Chinese I must say that even though my Chinese is far from perfect (hence I’m writing in English) even I could tell they were way off. I understood a few random words here and there and I had to continually read the subtitles to understand a sh**.

      But that’s what you get when SM picks Korean over Mandarin, they don’t care if it sounds horrendous in Mandarin as long as it sounds good in Korean…

    • VeryCuticle

      thats just sad i feel bad for the boys in EXO-M though, they are the ones that’s gonna get all the hate and the blame for this atrocity(if future promos are like this) not SM

    • Apl

      Mandarin is my first language and when I listened to the song, the first thing I thought was “Are they korean? I can’t understand them” then I was like WTH is SM thinking making a mandarin sub group with koreans (esp. since the mandarin version is getting a lot less love as well). Ugh. Nonetheless, I like the guys better in EXO-M tho 

    • http://twitter.com/jinranbb Jinran (BB)

      元宵节 :) yay for tangyuan!

      But yeah, I had to follow along with the subtitles as well :S but I thought it was my shitty Chinese from growing up in Canada. Didn’t think everybody else had the same problem! 

      Chen’s a great singer but you can still hear his Korean accent in the song.

    • Jun Ah

      You’re not the only one. I can sort of understand Lu Han (鹿晗), who is from Beijing, but once Chen (김종대) sings my mind just explodes. I bet they composed the Korean version first before directly translating it into Mandarin.

      Exo-M a main vocalist and two lead vocalists, and out of the vocal line, only one (Lu Han) is Chinese. And for the other three Chinese members: Kris (吴凡) and Tao (黄子韬) rap, and Lay (张艺兴) dances. Mmkay.

      I thought their names would be like how Han Geng was addressed in Korea. 韩庚 to 한경. I was so confused when I saw Lu Han’s Korean name as “루한” because in Korean 鹿 is pronounced either 록 or 녹…

      I think SMEnt is trying to get rid of their Chinese-ness. Lu Han ended up learning Korean even though he was supposed to promote in China, right?

    • http://twitter.com/zombielights andrea

      When the MV was first released, I didn’t even think of listening to the Chinese version of the song; actually, I didn’t realize it was even out. Now that I have, though… holy crap.

      I thought that EXO-M’s pronunciation would be a tad better than that of SJM’s, but honestly both sound equally off. I could only understand one person very well; the others had me pretty lost. It’s lead me to have a kind of conflicted relationship with the subtitles. I’d be lost without them, but it’s a bit embarrassing (?) to see how off they are sometimes when you see what it is they’re really trying to sing.

      Also, props to mentioning Youku. XD That site was pretty much my YouTube when I was living in Shanghai.

  • Anonymous

    You do realize that the whole MV was just all the clips from the millions of teasers they released strung together, right? I don’t think it was supposed to make sense. It was just for the pretty pictures to accompany the “teasing” of the vocals of the group.

    I was originally excited for them, but now that other rookie groups seemed to already be in the game and EXO is just still releasing teasers, I’ve kind of lost interest. However, the video was a refreshing change from the usual we see from SM.

  • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

    I love the song, but I wasn’t dissatisfied or disappointed with the music video to be completely honest. Yeah it makes little to no sense and is hella confusing, but it didn’t really cross my mind until this post popped up. Just like what Gil said, I wasn’t expecting a narrative story or a complex plot, especially for a prologue. Overall, I checked out the video,  fell in love with the song, clicked “like” on the video, bought the song on iTunes, and called it a day.

    Let’s just see what EXO and SM brings to the table the next time around…

  • L.Chibi

    I personally think they should have released an upbeat track one that can get the hype alive and kickin’ again. I feel like I’m drinking green tea out in my imaginary japanese garden and patio when I listen to this. It’s not bad but, if they had released something like BAM in your face, this is EXO and they’re gonna kick some major arse in the music industry as a prologue, totally woulda gotten me more excited than what I’m feeling now. More waiting… It’s sad how I’m anticipating EXO to debut already, so SHINee could finally make their comeback, but after hearing teddy riley is composing a song for them…I don’t even know anymore LOL… all this waiting better be worth it! for EXO and SHINee!

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart VeiledHeart

    This whole thing has been the definition of meh, so the video fits right in. Admittedly I wasn’t pleased with the lead up to B.A.P, with regards to Bang and Zelo, but TS turned it all around with Warrior. SM, on the other hand, I have no faith in. They have proven themselves to be the kind of company that does the least amount possible. I just do not see them bringing me anything interesting as far as EXO is concerned. This is the song that they chose to introduce their new power group with? A bland ballad that sounds exactly like 2 songs they put out months ago. What about that is exciting or interesting? If the teasers didn’t kill my excitement, the music sure did. I hope they prove me wrong. 

    • Too_Tool2talk

      No SME has a game plan, rack up the money it can get from devouted fans of theirs. No matter what uncreative or garbage SME releases for groups (ex. Almost all of fx comebacks are half-asses and none of them are put to their full potential, bc it is SNSD’s time -___-) they know the fans will eat it up. SME is a business, a smart business that works with consumerism and doesn’t care for talent.

  • Landro

    “I was half expecting Nicholas Cage to pop out and start a National Treasure-esque adventure in search of a millenia old secrets.” – That had me laughing for a while! 

  • munkie

    i thought the song was lovely, like you said a mix of dbsk & sm the ballad. but it’s not really my taste in music so i’m pretty sure this group isn’t going to be for me. the only music i’ve consistently liked from SM is shinees, and even my love for them has been dwindling as of late. 

    but theses new boys sure are pretty. i’m surprised the mandarin video has so little views. and when i saw kai dancing with the shirt it was just WTF

  • Spanks

    look at Teddy Rileys whole resume before you key him down to the kpop songs he’s done. composing songs like this isn’t something so surprising. 

  • Issy

    To be honest, I looked at a few of the teasers, checked out both of the song versions and am now completely indifferent to them.  It all comes across as the same old SM stuff with new faces.  It seems like these teasers have been coming out for eons already.  There’s a point where you tease people so much that they cease to care.  I guess I’ve already arrived at that point with them.

  • Bervalvic

    It kind of looks like two vids put into one but I could be wrong. It switches from action to adventure so one could possibly be a action mv and the other one about an adventure.

    This group is wait and see for me still. Ballad is nice but I’m still left with nothing that wants to tie me down to this group.

  • Bervalvic

    Forget two mvs in one I didn’t watch most of the teasers for them because I lost interest. I didn’t realize most of the clips was teasers.

  • Anonymous

    A simple question: Do the writers frequent OmonaTheyDidn’t?

  • -_____-

    music videos don’t necessarily have to tell a story, this one was just to showcase their faces and give a taste of their music. some of the clips in the music video are in fact from the teasers. Perhaps the future music videos will actually tell and explain these clips. Until those mvs come out we can only wait and enjoy the music 

  • Jher80

    I didn’t bother to listen to the rest of the song because, like you said, sounded like a mix of TVXQ and etc.  I was looking forward to see what this new group can bring to the k-pop scene.  But hey, everyone deserves a second chance.  We’ll see o.O

  • Yrw05

     Am I the only one who enjoys Exo’s What is Love more than B.A.P.’s Warrior?  With the exception of “Shy Boy” which was, I regret to admit, my jam for several weeks, TS Entertainment, its groups, and its songs produced have never made an impression on me.  While I listen to a variety of genres including hip hop and even heavy metal, I found the entire package with B.A.P.’s debut gimmicky and the title song boring even as most praised it for its aggressiveness and power just as many exalted Secret’s Madonna for its fierceness (again, purely out of taste, I found nothing exciting or alluring about the song). 

    I agree, the video for What is Love is a mess.  Also, whoever is in charge of marketing for Exo should be fired.  Chen’s Chinese pronunciation is…funky but no more atrocious than those of SJ-M.  However, perhaps it’s the combination of a beautifully composed ballad, pride in seeing Chinese members once again incorporated into Kpop, and the boyish good looks of Lu Han and Xiu Min, but I have not supported a kpop group with the full impact of a squealing fangirl since a long time ago, tolerating and even looking forward to the never-ending list of teasers.

    • Tornibbon91

      Me too!

  • http://twitter.com/cobyness11 coby

    13th teaser is out (rolling my eyes).  Kpop should have a “Teaser Cap”! LOL

    • Anonymous

      or a dave chappelle WRAP IT UP sign

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha. I haven’t watch the video but I’m laughing all the way while reading this article. Thumbs up Miss Gil. :D

  • Nana

    Personally I thought the biggest wtf was Chen’s “GORLLL” lol. The song doesn’t sound as good in Mandarin; if I couldn’t read the lyrics onscreen I would have absolutely no idea what Chen was singing. Le sigh.

  • kc

    so when are they ACTUALLY going to debut, I remember everyone was saying their debut would be out early to middle January -.-

    the song was good, great really, it’s something that you can listen to when you just wanna relax, the Mv though was crap -.- I got nothing from it, I mean it’s one thing to put your artists in boxes all the time, SM, but to pretty much copy and paste different stories into one video? were they supposed to connect some how? does this mean that there are multiple clones of Kai since he was in about half of those scenes? 

    IDK, it’s like SM’s not even trying to make good videos anymore, I mean when was the last time they gave us a story that didn’t have us sitting at our computers thinking “what is this? why’d they do that?” you’d think with all the money they have they’d be smart enough to higher some better video directors -.-

    I do like the way they are going musically though, I mean if they keep this style I might even consider learning more about them… chances are though, knowing SM, they’ll probably be rocking a “sorrysorry/the boys 2.0” soon enough- they might even get a fresh clean box to dance in!!

    • Smiles1471

      Never? This is the biggest longest c*ck tease in history of K-pop – i was excited when EXO was first announced, then came the 100 million videos of “Kai & his back up dancers” pfffff, so i lost interest. Saw this video and thought FINALLY took a peak, to only be told its prologue and not the official debut – Erm okay, whatever SM….

    • Tornibbon91

      But isn’t that the point of the MV? To show how pretty the members are?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

    LOL @ More junk nonsense from the stupid writers here on SB. 

    “you claimed this as a prologue and not an official debut.”

    1) “What is Love” is a teaser/prologue/’whatever you want to call it’ showcasing the EXO singer talents.  It is the same as the 4893489230923903 other teasers showcased Kai’s dancing skills, Tao’s martial arts ability, etc.  The music video itself was a mashup of all their teasers put together.

    “Contrary to popular belief, SM isn’t hiding in a little box completely detached from the K-pop world”

    2) SM as a company just hit 1 trillion won (about $900 Million) market valuation based on its KOSDAQ stock price.  They are the leading company in the Kpop world.

    “B.A.P was amassing popularity”

    3) What popularity?  Because their song is a flop digitally in Korea and they have no album sales.  I dont care enough about BAP to give you all the FACTS but if you want it, I will give FACTS about how poorly they are doing.  It is amazing how uninformed the writers (and readers) of SB are.  

    *** Read my post here on SB in the “Counterpoint: YG, Why So Weak with Se7en?” article for more about how uninformed the writers here on SB is about the Korean Music Charts. ***

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      If you hate this site so much, why do you keep commenting?? =/

    • Smiles1471

      You need to take a chill pill and just relax dude – who are SM PR Manager? Jeez.

    • Anonymous

      Oh Ghdksd, I’ve been waiting for you, I would take this opportunity to thank you for your enlightening revelations into what we can improve here at Seoulbeats. I will most definitely take your criticisms into account because I know that I can always improve myself.

      On that note, while it seems that you have insightful thoughts,  insulting and degrading others will get you nowhere. All the comments in response to you have been overwhelmingly negative, you should know unless you would like me to provide you with the evidence?(I don’t want to make this a really long post).

      While we at Seoulbeats welcome opposing viewpoints, we want them to be respectful.

      “Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?” -Confucius

  • scarletdevil

    anyone see their teaser with the “surprising cameo”?

    • Anonymous

      I watched it at like 12 at night, I fell asleep and had nightmares of Kai robbing my house and disguising himself as a coatrack. Yeah, Kai stop creeping.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    well let’s see on their debut track
    i’m a fan of YYJ too and love the song, but it’s not officially a debut
    this was more to show of the main vocals of the group

    and i think we can expect some great dancing. pretty obvious
    personally i would have liked lu han, kai and se hun to be in a group. 

  • http://twitter.com/ErikinaDaisy Erika Ward

    I don’t like them. I hate the song and the MV was completely random — plus they just confuse me.. 

  • http://twitter.com/phannan Ana Hannah

    This is what I want to hear from SHINee! D: dangit…like Reply&Hello-esque songs, although their other songs are also good and match the group/image. I’m not a super SHINee follower or anything, though

    I feel like they made it 12 (SuJu total/at size peak  –  1) to keep ELFs happy

  • http://twitter.com/phannan Ana Hannah

    I feel like it would just be stranger if anything happened out of all the sci-fi-like/eclipse hype

  • Kyana

    Really the song is not that good. Sure their voices are okay, but the way the lyrics flow(or don’t flow) is just terrible. I hate songs that have parts where there’s so much to say and they try to fit it all in that one part by rushing it, it just sounds sloppy. The song is much better in mandarin too. 

  • Grease Lightning

    I think they released this MV to shut all the EXO fans up because their debut is going to take longer than expected. SM’s busy with half of Super Junior in fake marriages on WGM, shipping SNSD off to France(?), having Teddy “The Gigantic Asshole” Riley work with SHINee (jesus f*cking christ), and throwing f(x) members wherever they can…

    There’s also a bit of unwarranted backlash concerning paranoid ELFs and Cassies because they’ve realized the obvious: EXO is here to replace their old ass oppars because Leeteuk-oppar and the rest of Super Junior are going to the army soon. *insert sounds of ominous Halloween music here*

    Honestly, I don’t mind EXO at all. The members are fucking hot (my pedonoona instincts have awakened) and they seem to be rather talented in singing and dancing.

    I’m just tired of seeing the same old shit around various websites. “YOU WILL NEVER REPLACE OPPAR! HUR HUR HUR.”

    • Too_Tool2talk

      EXO is specifically there to replace Super Junior and DBSK. It’s soooo obvious, my release a 12 MEMBER GROUP, when you have Suju. Suju will be pushed to (SOME) entertainment and dramas, while other will be just solo singer in SME. If you ask me 12 members is not a smart move, Suju-M is popular in China so I don’t get why they aren’t just releasing a solo singer like BoA xD

      • Anonymous

        Super Junior was meant to split up into other parts of entertainment anyway……… wasn’t that the point of Suju? Fans can’t expect them to be adjusshi idols.

      • Guest 007

        SM has a LOT of trainees. Personally, I think that because they take in so many damn trainees, that’s why they keep debuting groups with a ridiculous amount of people in them.

        “Why release a 12-member group when you have SuJu?”

        You want Super Junior being worked to the point of exhaustion for the next ten years just so you can get your rocks off writing slash fanfiction in your spare time?

        They can’t be idols forever. They will always be Super Junior and no one will forget that, but some of the members are pushing 30. They’re getting old. I want to see them in serious relationships and started families of their own instead of faking one in front of the camera. It’s time. And they deserve it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/margaretfaye.servida Margaret Faye Servida

        I am an ELF and i like EXO.

        darn it..thats rude.exo can never beat SUJU or DBSK they are the gods and kings of kpop.. exo can be the next but will never replace them
        dbsk nickname is the GODS  of kpop etc. while sj is:
        The K-POP Kings
        The Hallyu Wave Leaders
        The Leaders of K-POP
        and lots more! so well let me say SUJU will never disband ,like our leader ANGEL said “its not END but AND” and also if you count zhoumi and henry plus the 10 and also kangin,kibum they will be 14 ,hangeng? well i cant say  if he can comeback but im sure sm will welcome him warmly..so please dont compare them its useless…you know why they want to keep the name super junior forever?because of us ELF ..they have worked hard till day and night ..they have gone some troubles from 2005-2012..i think some of you are thinking “why is she here anyway its about exo not superjunior something” 
        why ??
         can you blame us for protecting each other
        ,can you blame us for reacting and fighting back when others hurt those whom we love and treasure the most
        Because Super Junior is the most goodlooking? Biasness aside, there are other idols who are far better looking than they are. Talented? Other groups can also do the things that Super Junior can do, maybe even more, maybe even better. Because they are the best? Well, now we all know that that’s not really true.
        So why?
        “When no one acknowledged us, when no one helped us. To the best fan club that made us feel the ‘mightiness’. Our ELF, I sincerely thank you again.”-Leeteuk
        “I love you, ELF!”
        “ELF, who stood by us even though we are still lacking.”
        “We couldn’t receive this award if not for ELF.”
        “Thank you all 40 thousand ELF! Let’s rock again tomorrow.”
        “Thank you for being ELF!”
        “We are nothing without ELF.”
        THIS IS WHY.
        For all the years that I have been a part of this fandom, never, ever did they make me feel that I am just a mere fan. What they always made me feel is that ‘I am an ELF’ – the Ever Lasting FRIEND of Super Junior.
        Where will you ever find idols treating almost 600 of their fans to a warm cup of coffee after watching their performance on a chilly night?
        Where will you ever find idols dancing and playing peek-a-boo with their fans at the airport?
        Where will you ever find idols taking pictures of their fans, posting it in their (cyworld/twitter) accounts with the captions ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’?
        Where will you ever find idols that composes, makes and dedicates songs especially for their fans?
        Where will you ever find idols praying and crying for their fans that died?
        Where will you ever find idols giving chocolates to their fans at their concerts?
        Where will you ever find idols treating their fans ice creams during summer?
        Where will you ever find idols thanking their fans profusely as if there is no tomorrow?
        Where will you ever find idols waving and making heart signs at their hotel room window just to show how much they appreciate the fans that are waiting for them outside?
        Where will you ever idols asking fans if they wanted to go up the hotel room because the air outside is pretty cold?
        Where will you ever find idols asking fans to take care of their health?
        Where will you ever find idols performing and doing their best even though they are really sick just because their fans deserve only the best?
        Where will you ever find idols tightly shaking the hands and hugging their fans after a performance?
        Where will you ever find idols bowing 90 degrees for almost 10 seconds just to show how grateful they are?
        Why am I an ELF?
        Because it is all worth it. Because Super Junior is all worth it.
        I am an ELF.
        Because being an ELF is such an honor.so please stop fanwars, EXO is SJs hoobae you should respect them.SM TOWN IS  A FAMILY whether you like it or not..

    • Tannya Aditya

       idols come and go. bands debuting now and then. but those with overall quality stay :)

  • Guest

    dear seoulbeats admins, please please oh pleaseeeeee ban that Ghdksd
    she/he is a troll who keep insulting people, bashing admins etc2 it irks me a lot
    seoulbeats will be a better place without this irritating THING

  • Anonymous

    its sweet how you guys play it nice.  wish one of you would take on the role as the bad guy and call out on some of the bullshit  these agencies put us through. I on the other hand am not impressed by any rookie so far  ( except  SPICA  bitches got swag )
    this  year, especially not EXO that Kai guy has been pretty much in every teaser so far yet the fucker does not sing in the prologue video WHAT THE FUCK..

    anyways i have a bias against most SM artists since every group in that agency seems to have one or two rude assholes, but i will try to have an open mind since that tao seems mighty delicious

    ps why do the singers of the Chinese version have bad pronunciation. I  though they were chinese

  • Tannya Aditya

    i like the song actually. it’s on my playlist rn. but i still don’t like their whole concept cos sment was dragging em for too long it’s not hype anymore.

    but for having such good singers under this group’s belt deserves a thumb up :) at least two of them can sing. let’s see the live and let’s see the rest.

  • thekors

    I would’ve loved the song if I wasn’t overfed with YYJ’s songs (esp from SJ) in the past.  As you said, one line and I can tell that its YYJ’s songs but I got sick of it, so it certainly did not start on a favourable note to me.  And my math says that each group has 6 members at least, but it puzzles me as to why only 2 are singing.  And (yes, a lot of ‘and’s here), they all sound like YYJ to me – saying this seeing how I was ‘cheated’ in the past i.e. YYJ sang so many lines in SJ’s songs that I thought it should be YYJ feat SJ, rather than SJ (with some background vocals by YYJ).

    Seriously hoping they would release something else soon – something that would change this opinion of mine.


    man, YYJ can have his way with me anyday if this is the kind of music that’s made

  • Averi Baker

    I like the song, and the random dance break in the middle of EXO-K’s video. I wish there was a random break in EXO-M’s video also. Since I can’t understand Korean or Chinese, i loved bother versions.

    Since this is just a prologue I am not really judging it much.

  • http://twitter.com/Larassass ‡• Šïc∂ •‡ 최 제시카

    I like thir song, but i hate their teaser .___. too much teaser and im getting bored

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002406689239 Phanh Phành Phạch

    keep watching the teaser over n over again
    It’s sooo cool~
    n yes, it’s kinda mess
    but cool xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002179818342 Han Tae Min

    I hate EXO-K or EXO-M . Their fucking blurrband that trying to show off . Non of Malaysian loves   them . We do loves SHINee and Super Junior , because why ? Their originally cool and awesome . EXO’S are faking and also fucking . Kai (EXO) is friend with Taemin (SHINee) just bacause he want to steal some steps from Taemin DANCE !

    EXO-K or EXO-M : Fuck you , Shit  , Asshole , Damn fucker guy !
    P.S : I do HATEEEEE you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Gil_SB

      I’m Malaysian and I love them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000001191039 GiGi Che

       get a life noob.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=735598441 Elizabeth Ann Achey


    • Tornibbon91

      I’m Malaysian and I love them

  • http://twitter.com/lht2124 laurent

    I didn’t understand the music video either. I just considered it a VERY LONG teaser featuring the main vocalists of EXO and I must say, they are very good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marshmellowbelly Christina Xu

    looking closely the mv was actually VERY clever. it may seen like a mashup of videos put together randomly…but if you look closely it has hints to their “debut” mv and concept. XD