“The light at night is special because the overwhelming light of day has left us, and the remaining half draws on everything it has to keep the world around us bright.”

All the Lovers in the Night, Mieko Kawakami

One of the more unusual items on my bucket list is to spend a whole night, dusk till dawn, walking aimlessly around a city. The place, time, and frankly safety parameters haven’t been met yet, but it’s something I am committed to doing one day. No wandering is complete without a soundtrack, so this is a snippet of mine, covering the heady suspense of pre-midnight darkness through to the mysterious poignance of the earliest hours of the morning. Whether your nighttime travels are by car, on foot, or in the limitless expanse of your mind, I hope this playlist can be a companion and inspiration for evening odysseys big and small.

(Quote via “All the Lovers in the Night” by Mieko Kawakami, translated by Sam Bett and David Boyd, Europa Editions)