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    Snl korea should take its cue from this restaurant owners experience and apologize to its black fans 
    an asian lady got apology from a restaurant over racism on a receipt. those of you saying blackface exists in America its no excuse though.  Kpop is fuccked up

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      An apology was the least they could do. If you read the comments people wrote, 99% of the people were saying that asians couldn’t take a joke, if she has chinky eyes why can’t she be called that, that’s not something to be fired for, etc etc. Therefore, I think that America as a majority, didn’t believe an apology was necessary, therefore, why the fuck should we apologize for something that wasn’t degrading in the first place?

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        at the end of the day the restaurant apologized, PERIOD. I’ve had enough of this arguement, At least now I know were I stand with you lot. 

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        racism is racism. painting your face black could be hurtful to some and not others. pulling your eyes back could be racists to some and not others. either way if you know that you are degrading a culture/race then let me tell you. its racists. no matter is you felt there was no bad intention. it hurt someone somewhere. 

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    I don’t know whether to laugh or to be appalled at the amount of people actually defending the skit in these comments. Most, if not all, of the arguments don’t even make sense, especially whenever America & its racist track record is brought up. Somehow it’s supposed to be okay for Korea, Russia, or whatever country to continue doing offensive things.. because America does it too!. Give me a break.

    Until people stop deferring responsibility and pleading ignorance, things like this will continue to happen. Maybe someday a native-born Korean person in a media position can actually bring light to it because so far nobody there really cares.

  • HaHa

    Personally I’m not offended by this, although I was hurt by the bubble sisters (I was a fan). I do believe the intent might be benign but it’s not benevolent! They might not mean to hurt someone, but I don’t think they care if they do. As long as it doesn’t come back on them, hey it’s all good.This is the way most people think these days. Totally child-like in all the wrong ways.

    What I want to know from people like ‘ggoma’ and the like is: What is so bad about people being offended by others laughing at someone trying “to be like them” with the intention of comedy? Ask yourself what would be lost in Korean entertainment without such displays, and then ask what would be gain? Obviously NOTHING would be lost, so I cannot see any reason for some to defend this, no matter the intentions. What would be gained is, at the very least, the outward appearance of culture and ethnic sensitivity. So there is nothing to protect, nothing worht keeping to lose.

    For someone to actually seem outraged that people get hurt by this, is to admit unknowningly for all to see, they have no empathy for superficially specific plights and injustices; and to show they have some EXTRA rose colored glasses for the offenders[I’d hate to see how they own up to their own offenses].  If you got hit in the face by a Korean on accident, would it hurt less? What if you got punched for laughs, wouldn’t it feel the same? Now imagine getting punch for laughs by someone you were trying to be sensitive to and mindful of, even though you have no obligation (you admire them). That is the feeling of a lot of people, if they get offended it’s there right. If you are not black nor Korean, you have place in the matter, because it has nothing to do with you historically, culturally or emotionally. Either way, the intent doesn’t justify the bad end result and a mature intelligent person would self-correct. An immature person will avoid responsibility and go on to make the same bad decisions and hurting more people, including themself.

    Shame for someone to think so little and talk so much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1356901062 Pantiwah OneZeroo

     “If internationals fans can learn to respect and be sensitive towards Korean culture while consuming it, why can’t K-broadcasting stations and Korean culture in general be the same way?”PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Explain to me how Asians trying to portray dream girls by coloring their skin is insensitive? Did they ANYTHING to degrade blacks? Did they pat their head, act ghetto, say any racist jokes? Hmmmmm??????? no. As an Asian trying to imitate dream girls, what else could they do? When non Asians are asked to portray asians the first thing they do is, do the chinky eye thing? But do you see us bitching and complaining??? Nooooo

      • NoirNoir

        They really could have just dressed up as the Dream Girls w/o the brown skin. They aren’t imitating “Black girls.” They’re imitating “Dream Girls,” who are Black American, but, seeing as it’s South Korea, it’s totally understandable that they would be Korean-looking in a production put on by a Korean company. If I was imitating someone who was South Korean (as in raised in South Korea), I would imitate their individual mannerisms and signature style, not pull my eyes and speak indiscriminate Engrish (that probably doesn’t even sound like them).

        And just because you’re a punk about racism/insensitivity directed towards your people doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

        • Nailahp


      • todsam

        How many americans as of late have been portraying asian as yourself that. Why can’t swhite people for once, it would be just as funny, but it seems like they just cannot resist pointing at black people for comedy its kind of sad.

  • Anonymous

    I am black and to me this is not black face. Black face is when you are mocking black people by painting yourself brown to 
    create a stereotyped caricature of a black person. This seems to me they are just trying to portray black people. 

    • mlb

      Well said!  I’m mixed and I didn’t find this offensive either because I didn’t see them acting in a way that was cruel towards black people.

    • a n

      No, you are being indifferent about it because they are not White. Had they been White all hell would have broken lose! Hard as nails on Whites, but as soft as a feather on Asians! It’s as simple as that!

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    Wowww it’s amazing to see how many guys are acting like you’ve never seen racism? Has anyone heard bout the lady chinky eyes at papa johns? An Asian women ordered something at papa johns and the cashier took her order as ‘lady chinky eyes’ If you read the comments most of them are like ‘ if she has chinky eyes, why can’t she be called that’ And then you guys are saying koreans are ignorant and don’t have a good education? Woooooowwwwwwww hypocritical at it’s best. If this article were to be posted on ny times or an American newspaper company, NAACP, african American activists and etc etc would have gone MADDDD and they would have killed those 3 comedians in the video. But lady chinky eyes is okay? BULLSHIT. Is racism wrong? Of course? But if you are going to use it to degrade someone, don’t flip out when someone uses it to degrade you. Personally, as an asian I’m used to chinky eyes, Ching Chang Chong, but don’t you dare complain if I do blackface. Cuz then, we are going to have a problem

    • http://twitter.com/Saara2011 Saara

      I’m sure that the majority of people have experienced or seen racism. The point being made is that it is not discussed in the context of S.Korea. As you said, racism is wrong, no one has said that ‘lady chinky eyes’ is ok- it shouldn’t be accepted from any side or in any context, but it is completely wrong in my opinion to fight like with like in this situation. Using ‘blackface’ does not make you any better than those calling you ‘Ching Chang Chong’. If I had seen you in the street with ‘blackface’  I would definitely complain because even if someone has been racist to you, you should not become a racist yourself- you are then being racist to a whole community/ nation of people, none of whom you know and many of whom will probably never be racist to you. It should be beneath you.

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      Saying “ny times or an American newspaper company, NAACP, african American activists and etc etc would have gone MADDDD and they would have killed those 3 comedians in the video” is totally taking it too far that’s just craziness. I’m African American and I found the video to be hurtful but when your race is being picked on who wouldn’t be hurt.

      • seeee

        We both know that they wouldn’t have been quiet about this. The NAACP are the ones who said the “you mad bro” is racial intimidation. I’m not saying its Naacp’s fault. Of course, racism is wrong. But I think that certain races get more protection in this country which is the unfair part. What frustrates me is as an asian, we are more than often made fun of about our race and we get told “if you have chinky eyes, why cant you be called chinky eyes” “ching chang chong” etc etc however if anyone else making degrading comments/actions towards a black person, such as the n word, they get like sued, arrested, etc etc and its all over the news. I just dont get it 

        • Frostinggurl

          but bear in mind that blacks in America were the ones who took the initiative to defend themselves, many of these civil rights organizations  came about because African americans were tired of taking racial abuse and realized that no one else was going to stand up for them but they themselves.So its not a case of them just “getting more protection” as u stated, for no reason but because ppl like martin luther king jr and Malcolm x etc etc have been demanding respect for decades.So if u feel like as Asians racial abuse directed at u guys goes unnoticed and unpunished then maybe u guys need to establish some organizations to deal with that instead of complaining that African Americans get more protection.They get more protection cuz they put in the work.

  • http://twitter.com/phannan Ana Hannah

    “With a country so intent on pushing its culture out to the masses you would think instances like this would be a thing of the past.”
    So true. Blackface has a hurtful history and because of the way it was used in the past, I don’t think their intentions were benign.Star King also mocked Muslims and hurt a lot of Malaysian/Indonesian fans. They dressed up a Korean girl in a Saudi Arabian dress and headscarf (that outfit isn’t even necessary in Muslim; modest dress is all that’s required) and had her belly dance, which is Polynesian, to Hindi music -.-

  • whatthefrell

    This topic rears it’s ugly head every now and again.
    I have commented before at great length;
    but to be honest with you, it leaves me with a heavy heart.
    It is my one disappointment with the Korean culture.

    I suppose I could excuse them,
    as despite it’s increasing openness,
    Korea, for the most part still remains a homogenous society.
    Perhaps if there were more people of colour,
    maybe then actual people of colour could portray people of colour.

    However, for a culture that embraces, entertainment wise anyway,
    another culture and then mocks it so carelessly, it boggles the mind.
    And no, saying everybody else does it too is not good enough.
    After each incident that I have been made aware of, there is a backlash.
    And one would think someone would be paying attention,
    most especially when so many K-pop artists are wanting exposure in the States.

    For the record, I am a black female,
    and to me, this use of Blackface is kind of like the “N” word.
    I do not like it, I do not appreciate it, I don’t use it,
    and I don’t like when anyone else uses it,
    I don’t care what color or race you are.
    Somethings you just don’t do — period.

    I know there are Korean entertainers out there who get this,
    and I am so thankful for them, and would ask of them to
    educate their brothers and sisters on this matter.
    For, as I stated in a previous post,
    if for example, Rain, or any member of my fave MBLAQ
    were to participate in such a thing,
    it would absolutely break my heart. 

    From the Jazz Singer on,
    there’s nothing funny about Blackface.

    Hear me now,
    no one is laughing.

  • Rini

    I really can’t tell you what I think about the video. If I had a translation I could form an opinion more easily. Although as far as I could tell, the audience was laying at the man with the glasses more than the girls who are in blackface. The girls in blackface had lip syncing that was off (one of them seemed to know the lyrics though) but this is not the most offensive thing I have seen since the time I started becoming interested in Korean culture.

    I think the Kikwang blackface incident was more offensive with the over exaggerated lips and the watermelon. And the Bubble Sisters, well, that just speaks for itself really.

    What bothers me more than the ignorance on the part of those directly involved is how international fans react to these incidents. I can’t speak for the Korean fans because I really don’t know what they are saying, but with the incident with Kikwang, fans brushed it off with “oppa didn’t mean it” and a lot of times things like this escalate into discussions about how black people can be too sensitive.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have seen Kpop fans use the n-word to refer to Teddy Riley, and yet, in the wake of the recent “Kids React to Kpop” video, there are so many fans jumping all over those children, calling them racists, when in reality, nothing the kids said was really that bad. Or even the Morning Musume example you brought up. It’s ridiculous to believe that it’s okay to ridicule anyone, however the second anyone says anything that could be misconstrued to be offensive towards Koreans/Asians it’s all of a sudden unacceptable. That is the double standard that bothers me the most with the Kpop fandom.

  • Nailahp

    Geezus, if they want to “honor” us, which I doubt is the case, how about they reenact something from our culture, or wear something we normally would. So, really? Can you people NOT think? Is that hard for you? 
    Get your SHIT together, SNL! 

  • Nailahp

    Geezus, if they want to “honor” us, which I doubt is the case, how about they reenact something from our culture, or wear something we normally would. So, really? Can you people NOT think? Is that hard for you? 
    Get your SHIT together, SNL! 

  • Its_3lizab3th

    SNL Korea released an apology on their twitter: http://twitpic.com/85jn72

    • Rini

      I think it’s nice that they acknowledged it and apologized. I really do. I would call this progress.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

      Boom did the same thing before. Took part in blackface and then apologized. So this doesn’t really show me anything.

      • Its_3lizab3th

        really? I didn’t know. I thought this was the first time they were actually apologizing for blackface. If they know it’s wrong, why do they keep doing it? smh…

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

          Yep. And same story with Kikwang from Beast. That’s why I don’t take their apologies into consideration. If they were seriously sorry they’d stop doing it. But looks like they don’t give a damn…. :/ 

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VHQBQS5SADT7UDA7O3OGEATDIU Erica

          Mayhap, they need to let it sink in a few more times before they get the memo.

  • ABCinSG

    It’s a parody, and if you would put aside the prejudice created by the article, you will know there’s nothing in there that is meant to be a racial insult.

    Sadly, this article has identified those who replied negatively as hot-headed, insecure individuals. Cool down, look at things from the perspective of a country far away from yours and you will notice that you have over-reacted.

    Simply put, don’t insult your intelligence by getting all worked up over this, you guys are better then that. 

    • whatthefrell

      I hear you, really I do.
      But intended as a racial insult or not, it is still unacceptable; 
      and like Confederate Flag license plate,
      black-face still stirs up a lot of images, feelings and emotions for a lot of people;
      and, as this is not the first time, had they been paying attention,
      we would not be here again discussing this.
      I am not hot headed about it, I’m just disappointed.
      I do look at it from their standpoint, however, their reach is broader now. 
      This is just another one of those “teachable” moments.
      Maybe now they will finally listen and learn.

      • whatthefrell

        From the Twitter apology:
        “we will do our utmost to adopt a broader perspective
        while presenting our show”

        See, that’s all we ask,
        live and learn…

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VHQBQS5SADT7UDA7O3OGEATDIU Erica

          And that’s progress!

    • Seriously?

      First of all how is this not offensive? If you pull back the corner of your eyes and offer to do laundry or cook Lo mein I’m pretty sure asians would be offended because you ate mocking their race. Parady or not this isn’t the first time.Korea has done this and they need to known of they want to expand their market blackface and terrorists skits arent going to help.
      Not only is this racist but it is demeaning to the black culture and it will always be demeaning and if you can’t see that then you must be somewhat racially challenged and ignorant

      • Anashaitha

        you are totally right…how many years do black people have to go through the same insults. Imitating an accent or a language doesn’t compare when someone go to the point of painting their faces, it is riciculous, and embarrassing thing for me to watch and think that it is entertaning. should we always be the ones who are supposed to turn the other cheek? it is degrading and infuriating to be minimized like that. 

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VHQBQS5SADT7UDA7O3OGEATDIU Erica

          And how many years do Asians have to go through insults as well? Seriously? Imitaing an accent doesn’t compare? Are you kidding me? My husband, who is Chinese, is automatically considered a foreigner in this country BECAUSE of the racial stereotypes of language even though he is an American citizen by birth! What the holy hell…Please stop, Black people. No, seriously, please stop.

          Black people, Asians, Hispanics and yes, even White people, are discriminated against, every single day. So, how about this? Let’s just stop the discrimination right now. Let’s stop being victims and stop blaming other races or marginalizing what other races are going thorugh and just see ourselves as people. Can we do that?

  • zowachie

    i may be out of the topic but..the picture at the top is Nicole Fox!!! haha just sayin XD

  • Ebbiechan37

    As being a black female watching this skit, I really wasn’t that offended. To me, black face is when you put on very dark paint, really overdraw your lips, and do something extremely stereotypical. In this skit, however, they did none of that.

    • guest

      As a black female your comment offends me because its that easy going mentality towards those situations whether or not its super stereotypical or if the paint is darker that allows it to continue. PS.black people come in all different shades.

      • http://twitter.com/teenwoolf ღღ (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ ღღ

        They look Samoan to me, as a black female of course (just had to point that out, everyone seems to be doing it)

        • http://twitter.com/flavoni09 FLKoloamatangi

          Haha really? As a Polynesian, they do not look Samoan to me….

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003130702713 Lina Rules

          Not even close. 

        • a n

          Black or “Samoan,” they are still dark skinned. It’s still the issue of making fun of someone of a different race and getting away with it because they are not White.

          • kyungmoo

            woah bro, calm the downs this was nearly 2 year ago!! hhaa smoke the weeds, eat the foods, calm the downs……

    • BlingerLocket

      hye,,i know this has nothing related with your comment at all, but i need to ask this, are you writing in Asian FF? bcoz i’ve seen a writer with your name as hers,,and she’s a black female too,,so i wonder if you are her,,

      • Ebbiechan37

        yea thats me

    • a n

      Yeah typical, it’s because they were Asian. If they were White all hell would break lose, as well as people like you. Where is your integrity?

  • http://twitter.com/DarknessIsMask Ryan Unmole

    They apologized after I see… 

  • http://darkfire-382.tumblr.com Kakurayami Reika

    I really don’t think this is a racial insult in any way. They didn’t really do anything that I would call an insult in my opinion. If someone else feels offended, that’s their own opinion. But seriously think about this: How many times have we imitated an Asian person by making a mockery of their accent when speaking English or by “attempting to speak Chinese” for fun? Besides, it’s SNL. They imitate and make fun of everyone. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FHTR6UCX5SPMPQMELKGCKQLCIE PanDuh

      Obviously you dont understand the history of blackface. 

      • flgarph

        i think u hit the nail on the head.  it’s ignorance.  having spent most of my life in the states i know it’s considered offensive, but don’t really know the history behind it.  whereas ppl who didn’t grow up in diverse culture might not even know it is racially insensitive.  hopefully thru knowledge come understanding and empathy for ppl who are different from onself. 
        p.s. knowing the history or not i never found things like that funny.

        • http://darkfire-382.tumblr.com Kakurayami Reika

          Ignorance, you say? Since you’re obviously not the ignorant one here I suppose it wasn’t ignorant to assume that I didn’t grow up in a diverse culture. Never did I state that it was funny. “…empathy for ppl who are different from onself”, you say? I’m Caribbean-American thank you very much. 

      • http://darkfire-382.tumblr.com Kakurayami Reika

        Obviously you don’t understand the meaning of the word “opinion”. If my comment gave the impression that I didn’t know of the history of blackface, think again. 

    • a n

      Double standard, that’s the issue.

  • Keymerr(:

    OH, you think this is funny? You’re the one losing international fans. Who’s laughing now?
    Now that we’re in 2012, I would have thought people would have already stopped paying attention to the color of peoples skin. Its a fucking color. Get over it.
    I would of thought that you koreans/asians would know better than to do something like this, because i’ve always thought of you as a calm people. And Ive trusted asians more than other races like whites, hispanics, and blacks, me being black myself, 15 years old.
    After watching this it just makes me angry, but i dont feel racial insulted. Its just disturbing to have your race mocked like that.
    I know you apologized already, but if you thought this was funny then you have an odd sense of humor.

    • NongDok

      Way to generalize a larger diverse population because of three Korean girls. As if somehow every Asian person, from Mongolians to the Brao tribes of Central Laos, are to blame for your anguish.

      But then again, you’re 15, you don’t know better.

      • whatthefrell

        “from Mongolians to the Brao tribes of Central Laos”
        that was good!

        You have a point — I am an older black female.
        I would hope that as Keymerr gets older, is more traveled and well-read,
        such generalizations will wane.  But I can relate to the overwhelming
        disappointment Keymerr is feelingl.  But keep in mind, people will always disappoint you.  They key is to always make an effort to keep an open mind.

        “Politics, racism, religion. The division and destruction of mankind!”

        As much as it makes sense to all of us not to judge others based on the colour of their skin, the politics they preach or the God(s) that they worship,
        the fact remains that we are still an ignorant, divided peoples. 
        Forums such as this are as much about educating and informing,
        as they are about fan-girrrling and fame-whoring.

      • Sassymb

        Politics,racism,religion< The divison and destruction of mankind!
        degrade others to build themselves up.People who do that really have a
        low self-esteem. There is but one race and that's the human race.
        of the everyday things that they come to depend on were invented by
        africans/african americans. The music that make them popular was adapted
        from africans/african americans. Those koreans that insult other
        cultures are truly the uneducated stupid ones.
        Like Reply

  • Sassymb

    Politics,racism,religion< The divison and destruction of mankind!
    People degrade others to build themselves up.People who do that really have a low self-esteem. There is but one race and that's the human race.
    Some of the everyday things that they come to depend on were invented by africans/african americans. The music that make them popular was adapted from africans/african americans. Those koreans that insult other cultures are truly the uneducated stupid ones.

  • Hlsa18

    pft if u think abt it everyone mocks everyone else’s race…just some tend to be more sensitive…asians(chinese in particular) have been mocked in western culture since forever…and black people make fun of white ass sissy people as well in their movies…all races have differences and a little healthy mocking here and there is healthy…i’m a chinese and i cudnt care less if someone decided to mock the way our eyes look…as long as it doesnt go to downright disturbing a little humor is good…people have to learn to get over themselves already….p.s.black people are NOT the only ones mocked…and they ALSO mock others..

    • Benada

      mocking is fine as long as it doesn’t cross the line. Do u know the history behind the black face? if u don’t u should get yourself informed. it would have been funnier if it was 3 actual black people, that’s how we do it. we all went through this and that’s true, but it is not funny when u have history behind a mockery.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VHQBQS5SADT7UDA7O3OGEATDIU Erica

        Oh, please. Do you know the history of ‘yellow’ face? How about the typical skit of chinky-eyed, buck-toothed Asian medicine man that was really popular back in the 40s and 50s cartoons in the US? Please stop acting like Black people have the market cornered on racial inequality. We don’t. EVERY race that isn’t white has been degraded and bastardized by American media, and even media abroad. The only difference is, Black people are more vocal about their indignation.

        I’m not saying it was right, but please stop with the indignation and victimization. Maybe you should get yourself informed on the full gamut of racial inequality and racism in the US before you start popping off at the mouth.

        • http://www.facebook.com/naanorle AlwaysaFighter Noi

          so we should give them a pass because they got racist remarks too?  sorry but that don’t fly with me, I think both floyd mayweather and jenny hyun are some ignorant asses because as much shit as both races went through you’d think they’d each be more opened minded…and its not possible to commit victimization on ourself by ourself .  victimization about someone offending you…the definition of victimize is to push around, take advantage of and bully, so there has to be an aggressor and while it may exist in all races, doesn’t excuse what they did here.  It takes two to tango

    • Benada

      mocking is fine as long as it doesn’t cross the line. Do u know the history behind the black face? if u don’t u should get yourself informed. it would have been funnier if it was 3 actual black people, that’s how we do it. we all went through this and that’s true, but it is not funny when u have history behind a mockery.

  • Taemoni

    There’s not a perfect person that walks this earth !
    Our true colors are under our skin and we are all the same.
    There’s the good, bad and ugly in all of us. Therefore we need to stop putting each other down and focus on how to build this world up to be something we all can be proud of.How about us focusing on stopping hunger and poverty  around the world. Let use our resources and let our voices be  heard by government. This skit on SNL is just another one of those distractions  done by medias all around the world to distract  people from knowing what mess our lives are really being made of by those we put in office.

    • a n

      People in the West are sick to death of double standard in 1st world countries, that’s what the outrage is. If we can’t agree on that, we can’t agree on anything.

    • a n

      People in the West are sick to death of double standard in 1st world countries, that’s what the outrage is. If we can’t agree on that, we can’t agree on anything.

    • a n

      People in the West are sick to death of double standard in 1st world countries, that’s what the outrage is. If we can’t agree on that, we can’t agree on anything.

    • a n

      People in the West are sick to death of double standard in 1st world countries, that’s what the outrage is. If we can’t agree on that, we can’t agree on anything.

    • a n

      People in the West are sick to death of double standard in 1st world countries, that’s what the outrage is. If we can’t agree on that, we can’t agree on anything.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VHQBQS5SADT7UDA7O3OGEATDIU Erica

    I think if they did that people wouold still get offended: they would ask: why didn’t they hire REAL black people to play the part? They would say: SKoreans don’t have any context for what their doing. How could they? They would also say: Now, that’s just downright offensive! I don’t like that!

    It’s a slippery slope.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CGTXZZZBDKVMPLML5ZIPGT7IOY Trouser Trout

     Get over yourself. Its 2012, that “I’m offended by everything” and “all whites are guilty” shit was over when we got Obama. He proved that it takes hard work to achieve great things. Yet you choose to lambaste all other races while you lay around waiting for handouts.
     These girls were imitating performers they admire. You turn this innocent flattery into some form of hatred. Your ignorance is typical.
     Put down the grape soda, get your donkey-booty off the couch, and go explore the world outside of your projects. The 21st Century, and the rest of the world, will embrace you. The only person that hates you……is you.
     If you can’t follow the above advice, I suggest this: STFU.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MMRQEZEPSNJ26LJ7XJNDDM5NCI JasmineA

      Just because Obama is president does not mean that black people don’t still struggle, it doesn’t mean that Obama has never struggled. If that were the case than all white people in America should be rich since we have had 43 white presidents. Your statement makes no sense at all. And I love how you want to pretend that racism doesn’t exist and that it’s all in our heads while at the same time saying the most bluntly racist stereotypical things. “Put down the grape soda”, yeah grow up, your just making yourself look stupid.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZM5FVXVIER2262DXWIXKV2MRWQ Sgs

    eh im sick of asian criticism from whites and asians bowing and going soo sorry! go criticize spain who has entertainers on the streets with blackface on the daily and no one says crap, not even the brazilians that live there.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K7M2DSPTF6EWMAGPVSIIYL6H2E Nathaniel G

    I’m just boggled by the Korean obsession with “blackface”.  Why do they feel they must do this?  I guess the best way to protest is hit them in the wallet.  Do not buy Korean products.  Boycott K-Pop and these Jenny Hyun types.  Fight back with protest on the street and in Television.  Write your congressman.  Korea wants to go international.  So did Apartheid South Africa.  That didn’t happen until apartheid was dismantled and South Africa got a clue.  You could make fun of Japanese Korean Comfort Women or put on Nerd Glasses, Buck Teeth and make your eyes slanted for pay back, but thats’ wrong.  That would put you on their level.  Korea has no problem staging mass protests against American policies they do not like, we can do the same.  Perhaps this will bring the message home, instead of waiting for something like the LA Riots to happen again.  Not hating on Korea. I have a Korean girlfriend, but the disrespect line has to be drawn somewhere.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JALDGFPZOD7WT7UVT334TVZT64 Free Shijia

       Oh please…
      “Boycott K-pop” How many American even know about K-pop to begin with?
      “Apartheid South Africa” Korea is not in Africa; there are not ethnic black Koreans; there are no Apartheid policies against black people in Korea. What are you on about?
      “…protests against American policies they do not like, we can do the same.” Since when did a tv skit become the Policy of the Republic of Korea?
      “the disrespect line” What disrespect. So if a Ugandan group was broadcasted singing to popular K-pop while in Yellow face, Koreans should be offended?

  • tunaa

    So its ok for the American SNL to do racist jokes against Asians when all that Jeremy Lin stuff was going on.. or when a white lady was playing a full blown stereotypical Asian lady on Madtv? But the minute it has something to do with black people it’s a race issue. Give me a break, its comedy, get over it!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JALDGFPZOD7WT7UVT334TVZT64 Free Shijia

     In the early days of American theatre, actors on stage were exclusively white. White actors would don on ‘blackfaces’ and ‘yellow faces’ to play mostly stereotyped and racial caricatures of blacks and asians. This was continued into the golden age of cinema, where it was unacceptable to put a minority person in front of a camera. In the historical context of white oppression of minorities in the USA, painting one’s face black is considered racist in America. That said. The world is bigger than just America and it does not simply revolve around Americans – including African Americans. Korea is on the other side of the planet, it has no native black people, it did not participate in the persecution of Africans in America or Korea, it did not have a policy of banning blacks from it’s media and substituting them with Koreans made up in black. It’s ‘black’ exposure has been very recent and limited to very positive assimilation of music and fashion. So a Korean production has broadcasted a Korean show to Korean viewers, of Korean singers singing popular music from a black band in black makeup. How in the world would this be the same the terrible black-face that occurred in America? If a boy in Cambodia who’s hooked on Usher wishes to paint his skin black to emulate his idol, why should anyone question his action or even mention Jim Crow? If a martial art enthusiast from Trinidad wished to paint himself yellow while demonstrating crazy Bruce Lee moves, why should anyone bring up the fact that Bruce Lee was replaced by a white guy in the Kung Fu series.
    I think Blackface has left a terrible legacy. One’s skin color is very personal and something to be very proud of. White Americans had copied the black color in the past to make a mockery of it for African Americans, so now making one’s skin black is considered a terrible thing. It absolutely shouldn’t be! It should be a source of pride that people of other cultures are holding you as model. The Ganguru (literally blackface in Japanese) girls made black skin cool in Japan for decades. That’s the way blackface should be; not a badge of past humiliation, but a symbol of black-mania.

    • http://www.facebook.com/roy.yoon.777 Roy Yoon

      I thank you for your superb reasoning behind what the main article was talking about…I don’t think one should do black face…however, to force other countries to assimilate to American standard is arrogant and idiotic. One must realize as Shija said, it should come off as a form of flattery. People in American should stop thinking they are the center of the pop culture universe…with that said, as global brand that K-pop is becoming, they need to study other countries’ sensitivities. I think Korea will become a truly global phenom without these kind of minor incidents if Korean broadcasters and entertainers are taught what is acceptable in other countries.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1290948675 Steve Calder

    Darkening an actor’s skin to play a televised role in Korea does not have the same cultural connotations there as it has in the US, because Korea is a different country with a different history.  There is racism in South Korea, mainly due to racial homogeneity as a consequence of (until relatively recently) centuries of geographic isolation.  It seems to me that the comedy show, by limiting the degree to which the actors’ skin was darkened, was actually attempting to avoid making a jab at race and was simply trying to make the women look the part.  Braids and dreadlocks are expensive to effectively fake and are too time-consuming and damaging to one’s hair to do for realsies, so it makes sense that the studio would have forgone messing with their hair for a short comedy skit.

  • julie

    um….i’m korean and I was raised in America but I’m living in Korea now. I think you’re being way too sensitive about this. Nobody in Korea was laughing AT the “blackface”. They weren’t trying to offend black ppl in any way. And nobody with a right mind openly be racist about black people except for some uneducated old folks. They’re the “Dream girls” have you seen dream girls????? if they didnt do the makeup like that how the hell would anybody know what they’re trying to show us? Please tell me.

  • Cheyenne_Lin

    america did the same thing (dressing up white people as blacks because we didnt want black actors, or taping back peoples eyes instead of using asian actors/actresses). now korea is doing the same thing. korea i feel is stuck in the 1950s socially but they have the technology of like 2050. it’s an interesting mix. but discovering this in modern day society is extremely unnerving for someone who loves korea as much as i do. i respect skorea a lot and understand why they think this is funny (due to the lack of exposure to dark skinned people) but to the rest of the world and to me they look ignorant and this shows how much they need to start letting that 1950s ignorance go and start educating themselves about different cultures other than their own.