Thanks to everyone who participated in our year-end giveaway! We’re ecstatic that so many of you put in so much time and effort to come up with such great answers on what you wanted certain items. It pained us to have to pick one winner for each prize — we wish we could’ve given more to each, but here are our choices for each of the prizes:

SHINee’s “The First” album – TracyN

Well, to be honest, SHINee isn’t just some idol group that I like. They are the first THING I actually liked on my own. Before I knew of them, I was a typically quiet and studious girl. Of course since I pretty much lived under a rock back then, it was only by accident that I came across them and their debut mv, “Replay.” I was pretty amazed at how much I liked them. I started following them and grew to love all of their personalities through the shows they appeared on. Because of my growing passion for them, I began to express myself more. It’s honestly a great feeling. And it would mean a lot if I could have an official album of theirs. Please? >.< And for something creative...hmm..does this count?

Psstt..It says SHINee in korean with <3. Made it by hand yo, not copy and paste. ;)

SNSD’s “The Boys” album – Mashitah Zainal Abidin

What would make the 2011 ends amazingly? For me it is of course if I got The Boys album by SNSD.

I just spend sleepless nights making a video just to show u guys how much I love SNSD and what they meant to me. Have a look especially to the lyrics and in HQ, please.….

Sorry if it wasn’t good since it was my first attempt to do such a video. SNSD songs are so full of words that can touch one’s heart, in this case mine. I always find it interesting to look up for the songs’ lyrics if they were SNSD’s. Because I know their songs are meaningful. Plus, it gave me chances to learn Korean, reading Hangul (well at least I know the letters) and say the right sentences.

So far, I think The Boys album has the best concept as it featured fairy tales with some twist. Something I haven’t stumbled upon. Their individuality was shown on the album cover as each one of them portrayed characters from fairy tales. I love fairy tales! The album’s concept might sound all girly-girly but not the title song, The Boys was so full of energy and everyone in SNSD did a great job by improving a lot. I totally love the fashion they brought during the The Boys promotion, on and off stage, red carpet, on tv, airport fashion and also their daily outfits. My favs are Sooyoung’s and Jessica. These girls rock whatever they wore. An inspiration for normal person like me, that everyone can dress like a star through the right way. Not necessarily the expensive ones.

And Welcome 2012~! May this upcoming year be the best year for all of us!

Wonder Girls’ “Wonder World” album – kimchisagwa

I’ve been a Wonderful for a very long time and I wasn’t going to say this because so many fans of K-pop groups say it, but…I’m really proud to be a Wonderful. And this album, “Wonder World” justifies exactly why I am so.

Usually, a K-pop idol group’s album would consist of the following: dance tracks and ballads; which turn out really awesome if the quality of the songs are at a high level, but some of the time it just turns out to be (dare i say it), mediocre. The Wonder Girls however, were able to prevent their album being at that mediocre standard by exploring a variation of styles and interpreting many contrasting ones into the album itself. I’ve listened to all the songs in their album on Youtube and there’s definitely a different feeling to each of the songs and it’s obvious that a variety of different elements of music have been considered. There’s (just to name a few) “G.N.O” which is a club-pop track, “Stop!”; a techno-upbeat song, “Be My Baby”; a very pop track but even so, still awesome, “Dear. Boy”; a ballad/R&B type song and my favourite song of the album “Me, In” which has got a strong rock vibe.

This album, to me, displays all of the different colours of the Wonder Girls and its so amazing because just by listening to all the songs you get an impression of their different musical characters.

So all in all, the whole album is freaking amazing and to win it would just be a wish come true. I could listen to all the songs all day long. I’ve only got Beast’s (my favourite boy group) “Shock of the New Era” album at home and so it would be extremely amazing to have Wonder Girls’ (my favourite girl group), which is potentially the best album of the year (aside from Beast’s “Fiction and Fact”), in my possession too. =D To actually hold a Wonder Girls album and know that it’s actually mine is just… unbelievably surreal!

Them going to the US, truthfully wasn’t much of an accomplishment, but it did do some good as its clear that they’ve inherited some Western style and interpreted it into their album, which is why I like it so much…’s certainly a lot more than the recycled stuff we sometimes here in K-pop today.

The girls themselves are a big inspiration to me. Them taking the risk to branch out to the US and be in a place which is totally different to way they’re from, inspires me to get outside my comfort zone and take risks in life. And the fact that they have made a strong and notable comeback depsite them being M.I.A in Korea for quite a while , motivates me to keep working despite the hardships i may face because that it is only what’s going to make me stronger. If I were to win the prize, I would listen to the “Wonder World” so that I could be reminded of their hard work and this will definitely be my source of motivation. =).

And now for my creativeness (possibly the lack of it). I love the Wonder Girls and Seoulbeats (it’s not long but I’ve been a reader for the past 5 months) so much that I’ve written my own version of “Be My Baby” (well some of it) and dedicated it to the lovely The rap was really fun to do…I think I could become the next Yubin (that’s definitely a joke!) =)….Hope it fits the tune!

[Chorus] Seoul-beats are amazing,
Seoul-beats are amazing.
For the latest happenings in K-pop;
You will never, never, never be unsure.. oooh

Check them out daily,
Check the out daily.
Int’resting and funny is how they do,
And their articles won’t definitely be a bore.. nooo

[RAP] From BoA, to Hyuna, Nickhun and Taeyang,
News ’bout them or your favourite band.
And they write the best reviews by far,
‘Bout dramas and songs which were sang.

Dissecting K-pop for all of us fans,
Like no other K-pop news websites can.
And so if you don’t know, you don’t know,
This is justtt how awesome they are.

Tap, tap, waiting for them to make an update.
Click, click, checking out their latest update.
It’s got: facts, opinions and even some humour,
That’s, that’s what I like most, like most!


“Heartstrings” hoodie – Annie Dang

I think I’d most like to win the rabbit hoodie. Actually, let me rephrase that. I would most like to win the rabbit hoodie for my mom. My mom is a HUGE fan of K-dramas and Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen For Me is one of her favorites. I’m pretty sure she’s seen it a million times since she’s able to quote and act out every episode.

Winning the rabbit hoodie would probably just make her day since right now she’s in between jobs and most of our money has to go to paying for necessities, so we didn’t really have a “traditional” Christmas like others.

Also, the rabbit hoodie will be, for me, the first step towards repaying my mom for all that she’s done for me. She’s moved to a completely different country where she didn’t know the language at all. She works 9 hour shifts 7 days a week. Any extra money she makes never goes to her, but to my little brother and I. And she does all of that with a smile on her face.

Since I’m only in high school, I can’t pay her back completely yet. I plan on doing that one day, but for now, I can only do little things. And I think the rabbit hoodie would be one of the best ways. :]

“City Hunter” hoodie – Ukyou

I would love to win the City Hunter cat sweater. This is probably the first drama ever that I have finished continuously (like watching it without watching other drama episodes). Originally, I was busy with Sunshine Angel, but my friend recommended it to me. Since then, I was hooked (And Lee Min Ho’s in it too). Basically, I would love to give this to my best friend who recommended it. Her birthday is coming soon in January, and it would be great to give it to her as a present. Of course I could buy it for her… but that isn’t the ideal… way…. since this giveaway popped up.

Other than getting it for my friend’s birthday, it’s for her introducing me to this drama. I spent nights under my bed covers with my laptop, watching and re-watching the episodes, always bawling at the end. The acting was so real (as expected). And I love the OST! It’s on the top 25 played on my iPod… yeah…

Besides, I’ll be happy to see her wear the city hunter cat jacket… it’s on her binder… so I hope I fulfill my wish (… not spending $45 + $1 shipping + tax) and hers (getting the jacket).

Happy Holidays to everyone ^_^

“You’re Beautiful” barrette – Tan WinXi

The prize I want most is You’re Beautiful’ hair barrette . In the drama You’re Beautiful, Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) gives a ribbon hair pin to Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) as a present, and it becomes an important memento for both of them. This official You’re Beautiful hair pin, just like the one featured in the series, makes a great gift and a cute accessory for fans of the drama (which is me! I am a 101% fan of this awesome drama). Love A.N.Jell (The songs are so lovely.) When it’s not being lost or broken, the exquisite pin spends most of its time clipped to the ear of the Pig Rabbit Doll that Tae Kyung made for Mi Nam. I have spent all my money in my piggy bank on a Pig Rabbit Doll but it wouldn’t be complete without the hair pin! I really want this hair barrette to put on my pig rabbit! And would probably use it myself sometimes too. It’s so cute! However, it is a bit pricey for me… considering that this is a popular and rare item, I know it is worth it but I simply can’t afford to buy it so I sincerely hope I will be able to win this. If there is this pretty hair barrette, it will be truly beautiful. :D

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for submitting such great answers! All winners, please direct message us on Twitter using the handle you followed us with and we’ll give you further details on how to obtain your prizes. If by January 14 we don’t hear from you, you have agreed to forfeit your item and we will give the item to a runner-up winner.

Thanks again to all who entered and hope everyone’s off to a great K-pop year with Seoulbeats!