• http://other-worldly.org Justine

    I’ve been reading this article for the past few days but I never would have thought it was Miss Korea, so thanks SB for giving me the heads up.

    I don’t really know what to say because we don’t know to what extent the ex got hurt or if there are any other motives behind his actions nor the accusations of what kind of person she really is, we don’t know. I would however want to say that.. damn, peeing on a laptop, that’s a whole other level right there. I can’t even imagine it!

  • Boo

    That guy is a dick.

    I get it that he feels wronged and stuff but doing that, humiliating someone so publicly through a sex tape no less and a woman too especially in conservative Korea with their double standards, is almost guaranteed to ruin that woman’s life and any prospects she might have. 

    What riles me up the most is that he isn’t even owning up to the fact that releasing a sex tape was an invasion of privacy. He even justifies it as airing out his side of the story. Okay, that’s what blogs are for. Post about how much she’s wronged you in a lengthy diatribe on a social network but what’s a sex tape got to do with airing out your side of the story? That was just pure malice and spite on his part and his excuses sicken me. 


    I really hope people don’t go “But she peed on his laptop! Omg that’s sick.” It is but not on the same level as national humiliation imo.

    • Andi

      What about the accusations that her family kidnapped him and held him hostage? I feel like just because she is a woman everyone is automatically seeing her as the victim. NEWSFLASH, women can be terrible human beings as well.

      • Boo

        I haven’t read about these accusations but IF it were true, the proper thing to do would be to go to the police and file a case against the woman. That is the only way to go about it if you want justice for yourself and the perpetrator punished justfully by law. It’s LAW. 

        By releasing this sex tape INSTEAD of doing the right thing and filing a case to court, he has also incriminated himself because he can be accused with invasion of privacy which is also a crime. 

        NEWSFLASH 2 wrongs don’t make a right. If those accusations are true and the woman is a “terrible human being” then that man has just sunk to her level.

        Think please and read up on human rights.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1099122798 Ivory Sim

        innocent until proven guilty.

    • ggoma

      If she hadn’t been stupid enough to do a sex tape, this wouldn’t be happening. It was her responsibility. There is always a chance of it being leaked once it had been made.

      • anon

        Is there solid evidence saying that she knew and agreed that she was being taped? 
        Because in my country there was this scandal because all these sex videos came out from this guy’s laptop and none of the girls knew about it.Anyway, I’m not arguing about the stupidity of doing sex tapes. I think it’s dangerous but it doesn’t change the fact that to leak it is such a douche move. Don’t kiss and tell right? And that’s my point.

        • ggoma

          A lot of girls will claim to not know – but I think this is a lot more common than you think. If a girl is starting directly into the lens and looks sober and coherent, I think it’s pretty safe to say that they are willing.

          Have you seen the clip? She does not look forced by any means.

          • Anon

            Someone mentioned this above but I think I should repeat it. Consent to be part of the sex tape does not equal to consent to have it released for the public to consume.

            Please can’t you honestly admit that leaking something (without your consent) as private as a tape of you doing the nasty isn’t just a little bit wrong? Also, illegal?

            If no, let’s just respect each others opinions.

      • anon


        I just feel like no one deserves to have their most intimate and private moments invaded in by the public, watching and judging.The act that they did in the tape was likely in the moment and done with trust and affection because they were in a relationship at the time. Knowing Korea, that woman is probably going to live with the scars for the rest of her life and everyone she is going to encounter in the future is going to know about this and her abortion papers (that were also leaked by the guy) which is supposed to be her business alone. 

        • ggoma

          The thing is – whether or not you are in a relationship, you should have boundaries and should take care of yourself. The reasons these stories exist about sex tapes is because girls make those excuses – but like I said, once it’s out there, it’s out there, and just having a boyfriend doesn’t mean that he’s always going to be there and you should look at the consequences. It’s still her fault the tape exists. If she didn’t want people to have a possibility of seeing her in that way or having her reputation ruined by this, then maybe she shouldn’t have done that.

          Anyway, either way, this whole case is nothing but he said-she said – and a sex vid and some abortion records thrown in. I doubt anything can really be proven unless he has more videos or evidence of the “abuse”.

          I just think it’s funny that people automatically think the woman is the victim in this situation when she could have prevented it easily.

          I do admit the abortion stuff and the passport was pretty low down though and probably he could get more trouble for the abortion records than the other stuff.

  • ME

    There’s always two story for every relationship (only applicable if two people involve, it depends actually on how many people involve in the relationship – just joking, don’t take it too hard), his or hers. The one who really knows the story is the one who really present when the thing happens. 

    It becomes bigger issue, when it is tagged to someone well-known either famous or notorious. And the level of being hurt or being humiliated by other person’s conduct is different to every person in different way. 

    It happens in my country too, and oh how the hell was broke loose when that happened.
    The morale of the story: keep your private business being private and please, do not tried to capture ‘the moment’ with whatever means available… 

  • Anonymous

    This makes me recall that scandal involving one of the Sistar’s members when her classmates accused her of being a two.face bitch who bullied people and acted like she was better than everyone else because she was pretty.

    My point is – we don’t know what celebrities are really like. It’s usually the argument fans use to defend their idols, but it can be used the other way around as well.

    It’s not that hard to get onto public’s good side. Go visit a comatose person and snap a selca. Feed a stray cat (or at least put and empty plate in front of that very same stray cat to make it look as if she already ate what was on it) – and snap a selca.
    Quote Mother Teresa on me2day and – you guessed it – snap a selca.

    And there you go. As simple as that.

    Personally, I think 80% of celebs are a bit bitchy/haughty. As exceptions, I guess I would list U-kiss, Jungmin of ss501, Hyori, Sunye, Yeeun and a couple more. But as for the rest?
    Wouldn’t put my hand in fire to vouch for them.

    • Pg13247

      The SISTAR incident was never proven to be her (I think it’s Dasom you were talking about). It was hard to find any info on her at all because her rumors were blurring with a bullying story of a similarly named girl.

      SISTAR’s Kim Dasom vs. the infamous Park Dasom.

    • seri-park

      Just because a celebrity is “bitchy” in private does not warrant their privacy being violated.  It is their job to entertain us, not to be angels.  Their personality is their own business and they have a right to a private life.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    lesson learnt: never pee on your boif’s laptop or else he’d go ape on you..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

      How do you know she did? Because he said so?

  • Andi

    I don’t really understand why everyone is ganging up on the ex-bf. If she’s a cunt, let the whole world know about it. Shit, some of the things he claims her (and her family!) of doing to him are downright atrocious and ILLEGAL. I personally hate celebrities and public figures who put on a fake persona, so I’m more than pleased when their true personality is brought to light in the public sphere.

    • anon

      because having sex with your boyfriend automatically makes you a cunt? 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

        there were other claims than just having sex.

        • Mrscloudprincess

          Honestly to me. I think both parties are at fault! Her to making a sex tape knowing shes a celebrity and such. Come on now women!!!! u know now a days!!!!1 u cannot make sex tapes!!!! unless ur going to be come a porn star or something! but if ur a celebity then its a different issue. I think the ex is wrong due to him releasing it and such, but i guess he feels better because she did do him wrong by almost believing his life was in danger and such id be pissed too, and the laptop issue ewww….. come on now!!! thats just dirty! lol its alot of he say she say. But in reality they are both to blame for being stupid and immature. She would have gotten the tape and destyod it or he should have handled it to her back after the break up or worked something out!. Seriously if someone breaks up u u dont gotta be an ass and try to ruin their lives, just move on and find someone new! :)

    • Qua

      I can’t agree with you. You can respond to a crime by another crime. And let’s be reminded that her crimes are still need to be proved. If it is true that what she did are illegal, like you said, bring her to court! 

      • Qua

        sorry, typo: You can’t responde to a crime by another crime!

    • Oh Ji’s Ho

      I take it you were in the relationship as well and know them personally?

    • Anonymous

      Ah didn’t take much for you to throw out the c-word did it? Quite frankly idaf what people do in the bedroom- there are some weirdos out there but guess what it’s really not a measure of morality. It doesn’t matter what she did, releasing medical records, and personal videos is illegal.

      I hope she sues.

      I’m with Ji Ho here. Were you there personally? A lot of this stuff is
      hearsay and sex tapes prove nothing other than the fact that she has a
      few fetishes…just like the majority of Asia.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

        Just like the majority of Asia? You fucking CLOWN YOU!  How the fuck do you think you can get away with that kind of statement you fucking CLOWN!

    • Anonymous

      if what he said her family and the girl did it to him it’s true, he should have gone to the police and not make this mess.
      the real fake person here seems to be the ex-boyfriend, to me

    • seri-park

      Lots of vindictive boyfriends claim a lot of things that are untrue, so anyone could be at risk for being unfairly slandered.

  • Oh Ji’s Ho

    If she really is a two-faced person then becoming one himself was not the way to prove the point.  This whole thing reeks of bitterness and immaturity. Everyone likes to see the person who wrongs them brought to justice. If she did anything illegal than he should’ve taken legal actions to bring those to light and not stoop down (lower) than her alleged actions.  If the most horrific action he could bring to light was her having sex with her boyfriend at the time and her ‘urinating on his laptop’, then this only served to make him look like an ass in my eyes and not the other way around.  It could very well all be true, but his handling of it was highly inappropriate. 

  • Johnny

    Didnt same thing happen to Baek Ji Young? she made it out okay lol

    • saylor

      i think she is the exception to the rule.  it took a long time for her career to revive itself and she was a top star, like it really just all fell apart. on top of that the guy she had sex with got put in jail for having sex with a minor so she does look better by comparison to this girl who probably won’t make it out of this. 

  • nhoki

    What he did was horrible even if she hurt him badly. 
    But why would a woman agree to be filmed while having sex? 
    she’s a celebrity so she should be more careful of this kind of things. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she was a horrible person, but he should have taken legal measures to resolve the situation rather than making a debacle of himself. Apparently he even uploaded her passport photo, as well as medical records (with evidence of an abortion in China) onto the internet as ‘proof’ of her identity/bad character… pretty sure that’s illegal?

    According to Sports Khan (via the Marmot’s Hole), the guy is a Taiwanese-American, born in 1980, who is a graduate of Stanford, and runs an investment company that deals with Asia. He currently does not live in Korea, and can’t speak Korean, but has a 30-some year old Korean woman helping him translate.

    … Yeah. Not sure how true that is.

  • ggoma

    Personally, I think that if she was willing to take the videos, she was perfectly aware that once it was recorded it could get out. It’s one of those things that is a part of her responsibility.

    It’s not a crime to put a video that was taken with permission on the web.

    I wouldn’t do it personally, but if that’s what he wants to do, sure. I think he uploaded the video just to give some proof to his claims.

    This is just a warning to girls: Don’t let yourself be video taped during sex.
    Because once you do, it’s out of your control. If she’d never made the decision to let him, then this wouldn’t be happening.

    • Renie

      I agree with you for the most part. Don’t really know how the tape is proof of his abuse claims though. But also I’ve heard that she looked really drunk in the video and if that’s the case she probably didn’t know what she was doing. But this is a warning that everyone should be really careful.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure his actions are highly illegal. I’m surprised they didn’t move a little faster to remove all postings. Well her ex is a douche, and she was completely in the right to dump him. Who’s to say he’s not doing it for personal gains (maybe he tried extorting?) or just pissed?

    I kinda wish you hadn’t posted about this because in a way you’re letting her ex get what he wanted. Public humiliation at it’s finest.

  • Anonymous

    He´s a jerk. To me it was pathetic. It´s not a mature way to deal with unpleasant situations. End of story.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

      Completely agree! It doesn’t matter what she did or what kind of person she is, this fucking guy is a complete scumbag for doing this!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with @2cdcf3e52da32df0cf99ba551438a50c:disqus in that she shouldn’t have let herself be filmed in the first place. I mean, every girl who’s ever had an ex release a sextape could’ve avoided the whole thing if she just told them to shut the camera off before they did the dirty. I don’t even get the point of making a tape anyway. Do people actually watch themselves afterward? Weird.

    Anyway, that’s just saying that this is partly her fault too. But the guy still shouldn’t have put it all over the internet for everyone to see. He’s among the douch-iest of the douches. I understand that she may be a horrifically terrible person, like he claims, but this is probably going to destroy her. Half of Korea has seen her punani and in a country where couples don’t even kiss in public, that’s a huge thing. It’s different from Kim or Paris who sort of skyrocketed to fame because pervs all over America rejoiced in seeing their goods. Sex tapes here don’t really bog down careers like they would in Korea.

    I’m honestly concerned about what she’s going to do, knowing that Korean artists do tend to flutter down the suicidal path. A scandal like this is bad, yes, but should never warrant a reaction like that.

    If he really wanted to get revenge he should’ve keyed her car or thrown red paint at her house or something – like a normal person.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

      You’re so naive. People do all kinds of things when they are in love or in a relationship. You trust that person and you see the good in that person. How the fuck do you blame the victim? Jesus fucking christ! I just hope you are not a girl.

  • Anonymous

    The ex-boyfriend is outrageously stupid.

    Until he can prove what “laws” Han Sung-joo has broken, the only person facing possible jail time is him.

  • Majicatt

    The ex boyfriend went too far.  He didn’t just release a sex take, he uploaded her medical records from a private abortion along with her passport, which has her name and a clear photo of her on it.  He’s out to destroy her.  He could have blogged what she did to him and vented without uploaded the porn pix, sex tape, medical records and her passport.  If that isn’t invasion of her privacy, what is??

  • Guest

    I usually love how Seoulbeats covers stories, but I feel like some major details of this case are being left out which make the story somewhat incomprehensible to Western audiences. First of all, this is not merely her ex-boyfriend. This is her former sponsor, and he has openly admitted to it. She was engaged in a relationship where she exchanged sex for money, support, and fame. He willingly obliged in this arrangment as well. So when she damages his property and her family kidnaps and beats him (presumably for more money), they are engaging in extortion.

    I’m very interested to hear more details about this case– I certainly DO NOT agree with his methods, but please stop calling him her boyfriend because this is a case of the prostition-like measures that many Korean celebrities engage in gone public.

    • Igbygrl

      Wow I had no idea…I know their is two sides to every story. This girl is not so innocent as she tries to come across.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

        How the fuck do you come to a conclusion after reading some idiot’s post without even verifying the validity of the statements?

    • Anonymous

      HOLY MOLY! Where did you discover this? Other articles I read also claimed him to be her boyfriend as well, but I didn’t do any research. Seriously, this entire situation is disgusting and both people involved look vile to me.

    • Renie

      I never heard this. I’m just reporting on what I have heard through many sources. All of them say he’s an ex. Where did you find that he was a sponsor?

      • Guest

        Sorry, didn’t see this comment until now– in some of the Korean articles and even one of the translated articles on allkpop, he admitted that he was her sponsor. 

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

          Be more specific you fuck! Where is the article that you mention?

    • Anonymous

      Well, part of it is that I think this article was written when not all the details were released yet…

      Anyway — wow, that’s informative. And looking back on it, not that surprising. A lot of people don’t realize that a lot of female celebrities rely on these ‘sponsor’ relationships to get their chance in the spotlight… and it doesn’t just apply to actresses, but also your precious idols, too. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind-the-scenes that isn’t discussed in public. And I’m not even exaggerating.

      • Anonymous

        Ugh. That makes me sick just thinking about it.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

        Stop spreading shit like you know what the fuck is going on! How the fuck do you post shit like this? Because you heard it from someone? I can’t stand people like you! How do you just make a blanket statement like that and live with yourself? You disgust me!

  • Asp924

    Sexy lady who falls prey to another sex tape scandal.  Don’t pretty girls think before they even make these vids?  But I guess if they want it to be viewed by their fans and the public, keep making them!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Peeing on a laptop? That’s just gross. I don’t know if that’s true, if she did that as part of their games or for revenge, but that’s just disgusting. 

    That could be a crime right there: destruction of property and vandalism.

    Bodily “secretions” are often used to convey disgust and to humiliate. For this woman to do such a thing…she is no angel, and while she’s a victim now of invasion of privacy, she certainly wasn’t a victim when she was vandalizing another person’s property. 

    As for the guy, how low can he be when he uses a sex tape to get at his ex? Men like this have no shame. Did his ex even know she was being taped? It’s reported he even posted abortion documents and hospital bills. He should go to jail for a long time.

    And while we’ll never know the true details of this story, IMO both appear to be in the wrong here, the guy being worse for releasing the sex tape.

    I find it hard to sympathize with either of them. They seem like they’re a “match” for each other. Both are not good, decent people. 

    Even if his stories are true, that she had him beaten up among other things, he’ll never win sympathy for doing a despicable thing by releasing the sex tape.

  • Anonymous

    Though I am not agreeing with his actions, his tones give off the vibe of being very angry and nothing-can-stop him to “defame” her. Based on the article, the guy has already thought of the consequences
    before his friend posted up the videos. He knows that he might be sued
    or being labeled as a jerk. For him to take that very measures, she must have done “something” really horrible to push him into a corner. He is emotionally unstable. I assume that he decides that both will be going down together, but she will receive the most damages.

    Again, all of these comments are our speculations. Only both of them know the truth. No matter what I hope she holds her head high and stays strong!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

      To me it doesn’t matter what his reasons were, he is complete douchebag for posting the sex tapes online!

  • Anonymous

    i think the ex boyfriend went over the top. yea, the celeb was a itch but he doesn’t have the right to release private info like that on the internet.

    to me, he seem pretty hung up on her and his friend seem like she is in love with him.

    my advice to mr. ex boyfriend is to get over her and move on with his life. a lot ppl always date someone who they find out in the end are not who they thought they were. it happens all the time.

  • Aya

    wooww…what a revenge he has there…to answer the question, yeah, until right now i still think that the ex is a *beep* .

    totally off topic, am i the only one who think that she doesn’t look like a korean, more like ppl in south east asian?

  • http://profiles.google.com/miki.sweety10 Nhu Le

    Here’s the thing. She made it, and unless he stole it from her house (like, from her laptop or something, and put it online, which I don’t think was the case)… if he had it in his possession, he can put it up. It’s still douchey, but I don’t consider it an invasion of privacy. That tape was IN his possession, and he has the right to share that possession. Recording it was an ill-judged action, him having a copy was an ill-judged action, and releasing it was ill-judged. But it’s not illegal.

    Therefore, I totally don’t understand your argument that the officials couldn’t just pull it. How could they? Unauthorized videos, I assume you’re referring to videos taking illegally at closed events or copyrighted videos. Obviously, those are infringements and can be taken down. Censorship of anti-govt messages is another matter, and of course it’s biting on freedom of speech… But to pull someone’s blog just because it’s “too” private and the person on the other end might be harmed by it (that person being an adult, and has to take some measure of responsibility for having taped it and given it to people she couldn’t trust)? What?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2UNQGN7IPNTIRIWBNVHEFBHHV4 a z

      he also posted her passport and hospital records of her 2 abortions. The passport posting alone was cause for them to yank the file he uploaded to the internet. Her identity can be easily stolen and everyone knows theft of identities using passports is a huge international issue.

  • Anonymous

    What a total creep and loser the ex bf is! 
    It’s all about his revenge and sob story.
    Miss Han must not dignify this guy’s accusations by making any statements. Her silence and lawsuit should speak for her.

  • braveviet Le

    her peeing on the laptop (might not be the truth) sounds gross but his action is way far grosser than that. and that doesn’t make him any superior to her. He crossed the line and he must have some punishment for that. 

  • http://twitter.com/Saara2011 Saara

    To be honest I feel that, even though what her ex-bf did in releasing the tapes was cruel, he had the right to do so. It couldn’t count as an invasion of privacy since (although I haven’t seen it) she knew she was being recorded. Why would you record something like that? and why would you leave it with the ex-bf/ sponsor?

    If he had written a blog post on their relationship he wouldn’t have been believed and he had to draw attention to her ‘true’ character by releasing it. I can’t believe that anyone who was in a happy relationship would release something like that and write openly about it. I’m not justifying it- i’m saying that there is a lot we don’t know, and at least now their relationship can be investigated and his claims can be rejected or proven. In some ways having rumours flying about can be even more damaging, so the quicker this is investigated the better.

    • asianromance

      But how does having sex/being taped having sex with her bf in what she had believed to be a private video really relate to her true character.  Can one tell how narcissistic, obsessive, and selfish a person is from watching them have sex?  Like can you tell what kind of person she is from the sex positions she prefers?  It angers me when a man uses sex as a weapon against a woman like that, especially in a society where it is very likely that everyone will ostracize her and call her a slut whose life is worth less than that of an ant.  I’m sure guys getting caught in sex tape scandals are more able to brush it aside.   I feel angered because the same sort of shit happened to Baek Ji Young a long time ago.  At least she got the last laugh.  She has risen above her scandal.  And the sleazebag later got caught having sex with a minor and is now in jail. 

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to record her being bitchy and two-faced or peeing on his laptop?  or record her selling pot or whatever. 

      I do wonder abt guys who go through similar vindictive routes- do they have trouble dating afterwards?  how abt marriage?  how abt more sex tapes- like i bet no woman will ever let him tape them having sex ever now.

      anyways, and this, all those female celebs and aspiring female celebs out there, is why you should never do a sex tape. 

      • anon

        THIS SO MUCH. 

        Omg the slut shaming that happens in the aftermath of these videos makes me side eye humanity. A lot have automatically assumed she’s a bitch and a ho when all that guy has to back up his accusations are his words. 

        • saylor

          FOR REALS

          there are people talking about this peeing on his laptop as if she really did it. Where’s the proof?  I mean some people are just vindictive and would say anything.  We don’t even know his character and everyone’s acting as if what he says is the truth.  I don’t get it!

          • Anonymous

            Agreed. The guy was like while I’m at it might as well spice it up. He as going for the jugular…for the throat, if you will.
            How could one prove such wild accusations?!

        • http://twitter.com/Saara2011 Saara

          I agree, which is why this whole thing needs to be settled ASAP so she can move on and recover from these rumours

      • http://twitter.com/Saara2011 Saara

        The sex tape has nothing to do with her character (in my comment I meant what he believes to be her true character). He clearly released it to add some clout to his accusations and draw attention to them. Whether he was in a happy relationship or not I have no idea, but he clearly want to hurt and destroy her (which is completely wrong)- he’d have to be totally evil to simply release it because they’re not together anymore.

      • Anonymous

        Tell that to Edison Chen. He never recovered from his scandal

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

        Good post!

    • seri-park

      Consent to being videotaped is not the same as consent to having it posted online.  A LOT of couples tape themselves, including married couples.

      • http://twitter.com/Saara2011 Saara

        I take your point about not consenting to have it displayed online and I understand what you’re saying, but what I can’t understand is why she would leave those videos with the ex. She left herself open to attack and is now unfortunately paying for it- whether or not she was as mean as he says she was.

        • chloedearest

          We do not know if she willingly left those videos with her ex-boyfriend.  And considering how accessible technology is, how can anyone be sure that all the copies have been deleted?  

          While women learn to take steps to protect themselves, they should not carry full responsibility in the case they are unable to do so.  We should not say that she put herself in that situation because she was not cautious enough.  

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/WD3MIHVR5LM7MNY6BM5XCSQZPU james

          People do a lot of things together when they are in a relationship. You are a complete scumbag if you release this kind of intimate moment you had with someone.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FS52P3WGP37JJ6YJNRLPPBVS4E A

    A HUGE invasion of privacy. Hell, if former DJ DOC member Park Jung Hwan can sue for an innocent comment made on Happy Together, just IMAGINE the type of scandal this will cause. The court certainly will be in her favor. Personal issues do not equal killing someone’s career. A person can be an A-class bitch to her boyfriend and still do good things in the world. People arent that simple.

    That said, she did not abuse him. She did not ruin his property. If he claims emotional abuse, what he did loses him points because it shows that he has the rational to distribute material to cause her harm.

    I know that people arent the shiny perfect people we see in the k-ent world. It’s expected. I dont care how he justifies himself. This is almost another Baek Ji Young incident.
    I sympathize with her :(

    • Guest

      Well, she reportedly hired thugs to beat him up if I’m not mistaken. That’s probably why it got to this point.

      • seri-park

        We do not know whether anything he says is true, nor do we know the whole story.  Even if she did hire thugs to beat him up, we don’t know why. And even if she hire thugs, it doesn’t warrant posting a sex tape video online.

  • seri-park

    Regardless of what Han Sung-joo did to him, what the ex-boyfriend did was completely unethical and definitely an invasion of privacy.  Even if he took the video with her consent, he posted it without her consent.  He is a coward for taking his personal issues with her out in the public arena, and is ultimately damning himself as well as her.

  • thunderandsmoke

    I can’t believe she actually peed on his laptop: Miss Korea has one wicked sense of humor, man. That being said, I’m pretty sure her ex-bf/sponsor wasn’t thinking rationally when he did all this. Sometimes you get riled up and all you want is revenge/to hurt the person who hurt you without thinking how this is also going to come back around and hurt you again as well. When the dust settles, Han Sung-joo won’t have much of a career left, and that dude probably won’t ever be in another relationship. I mean who wants to always be worried that once you break up, your ex might post a sex tape of you that either you did or did not consent to. Both parties look pathetic to me really, and I guess its up to the courts to decide whose going to “win.” I’m interested to see how everything plays out.

    Just goes to show you that you never know people unless you know them in private/real life. And I mean, most of us already think this in the back of our minds, but scandals like these always make one do a thought based double take about the public figures we admire.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone is taking this supposedly ex-boyfriend’s words at face value. I don’t care how nasty this woman was. Granted, I think most couples get nasty with each other one way or another. You’re talking about a most intimate relationship here. What he has done shows what a nasty character he is himself. Two wrongs don’t make a right. To be so self-righteous and entitled, I kinda think he deserved the nasty treatment if it were true. It takes two to tangle. The only way he was able to be treated the way he described was his allowing it to happen. He’s a grown adult, isn’t he? Take some freaking responsibility.

    I also love the double standard exhibited by the Korean police. Very typical.

  • eh

    Right now the only person who has been hurt here is the woman. Whoever this guy is whether she knew or did not know, he violated her in so many ways. I know people have mentioned what their relationship was about and what she did to him and what her family did to him. However, right not the only damage being done here is to her. There is no proof to his allegations. This is not about men vs. woman. The same would be said (from me) if SHE had violated him in this mean. Too many girls have fallen prey to this type of thing. Girls need to stop being so naive. This is in regards if she made a consensual decision with her partner. If not then this man is sick.

    This is such a constant thing nowadays, and people should be careful. Right now the one hurting is her, and I do feel so bad for her. His allegations on who she is one-sided and until he can prove what he did, he’s just a dick. Even if she did what he said, that doesn’t condone what he did either.

    • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

      Well, he DID upload documents that verified that she got three abortions. They’re signed by a doctor + ultrasound pictures and everything.

      I’m not so sure about her character, but homegirl should’ve used some form of contraception if she didn’t want a baby that badly. :x

      • Anonymous

        Frankly I hope he goes to jail for releasing her hospital records and personal identification to the public. Frankly the release of the sex tape doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that he went as far as to release such personal and private information.  Regardless of what she did to him he had no right or authority to release such documents.  I don’t know about South Korea but if this was the states he would either be sued or sent to jail for such actions. 

  • Anon

    The way I see it, either he is evil and was using all this information about her as blackmail so she wouldn’t leave him and when the relationship went south he snapped and released all those personal things about her (sex tape, medical documents etc.) on the internet. Or she did something to him (i.e hiring thugs to beat him up lol) and out of retaliation he released all those personal things about her on the internet. Either way they are both idiots, she is stupid for “dating” a man whose idea of a relationship is sex in exchange for possessions and he is stupid for “dating” a women who is so “narcissistic, two-faced, and almost frighteningly obsessive, who always has her pay back even it means breaking the law” and thinking he wouldn’t get burned by her lol. This whole circus of a scandal is so funny to me. I mean he must have been planning this for a while because it seems like he kept every single piece of paper this woman ever touched lol. Seriously, who keeps documentation of a secret abortion, lol??? That was dumb on her part. I’ve been reading the comments and  feel like people are getting too serious about this whole thing, people should just calm down, laugh about it a little, take it as a cautionary tale about who you “date”, and stop trying to take on other people’s messed up lives and making it huge social issue. This isn’t the first time S. Korea has been hit with a sex scandal and I promise you it won’t be the last. I have a suspicious  feeling one of those SHINee boys will be wrapped up in a sex scandal in a few years time lol.

  • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

    Most people talk their problems out or agree to just avoid each other completely. I think the exboyfriend’s way of getting revenge was extreme and uncalled for; but if he was truly being mistreated by his exgirlfriend, I think her character needs to be questioned as well.


  • Anonymous

    Its interesting that the main focus of most of the comments here is about the fact that he released a sex tape. To be honest what bothers me about what he did was not so much the sex tape since thats a risk you take when you let someone tape you in bed, but the fact that he released a copy of her passport and her hospital records.  Its surprising not that many people are commenting on that action.  To me releasing someones hospital records and personal identification (her passport) is much more of an invasion of privacy and much more unethical then releasing a stupid sex tape.  The minute she made the tape there was a risk that it would be leaked by the guy so while that is douchy of a thing to do it doesn’t bother me as much as him releasing such personal records of hers. Frankly releasing documents of her abortions is a much more of an invasion of her privacy and will hurt her the longest personally (especially considering korean culture and society) and professionally than the sex tape will.  I genuinely hope that this guy gets sent to jail for his actions and that other females learn to be careful who they get involved with.

  • Oure

    Well,peed on laptop is one of the small examples,i wonder what big examples are..maybe are way to evil she’ve done..

    The guy must be really stress,thats why he do this..

    i didn’t say the way that he do is correct but no one knows what he feels since here in this news,everything that the guy do to the woman,not the ex side..

  • X12642

    well if i was beaten up by mobsters and forced to sign an nda in my own blood then sure, i would have done the same as this guy.

    wake up, people.

  • Yamama

    “First off, a sad thing about this story is that the part that caught my attention the most wasn’t even the sex tape. It was the fact that she peed on a laptop”

    That was exactly my reaction. The sex scandal didn’t catch my attention, it was the “peeing on the ex’s laptop” I even looked at her picture the moment I read that part. lol