• anon

    Even if my favorite DBSK member is Junsu, I can definitely recognize Jaejoong’s appeal.  He combines many of the most desirable qualities for Kpop idols:

    1) He’s very good-looking: pretty face with a masculine body
    2) He sings very well and has a warm tone
    3) He can compose beautiful music
    4) He has a very dorky and warm off-camera personality
    5) He’s a social butterfly who hangs out with equally hot guys
    6) He can act well
    7) He was poor in the past but is now very rich (rags-to-riches backstory)
    8) He is also capable at directing concerts
    9) Often tweets emotionally deep words of wisdom
    10) He’s still in his mid-20s
    11) He also has good fashion sense

    I might have left some things out, but from this list alone, I can see why he has so many fans all over the world.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    yea i don’t see the appeal either. i think he’s more of the fun best friend that you would want to hang out with or go drinking with. betcha he would be a blast to get drunk with bwahah

    i’m more for changmin. witty, sarcastic and smart. not to mention tall and handsome @.@   

  • Yushi

    I like changmin probably the best, though I love all five. :D 

    changmin is just the number 1 singer, and I loved him in paradise ranch. ! LOL. most people don’t think so, 

    • Anonymous

      i love our maknae but paradise ranch was just a bump in our wonderful lordmin’s path!
      it made me cringe! :S

  • :)

    Lol, no surprise that he won…if jae is on a poll he will win XD…and rightfully so hahaha XD

  • http://twitter.com/hauntedlullaby Jessica Malasics

    That is not true, Jaejoong is definitely my bias, but I will say hands down, that Junsu is the better singer! ^^

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you 100%
      even though jae is a brilliant singer in his own right but for me junsu is the best korean singer! he sings with so much passion that it just moves me!
      yunho is the most charismatic out of the 5
      Yoochun is the sexiest out of them
      Changmin is a favorite smartass ever!
      but jae will forever be my ideal <3

  • Anonymous

    He ranks above-average in almost every aspect (extremely well-rounded).

    He’s also humble, charismatic, ambitious, and thinks deep thoughts.

    And just.. look at that smile.. :)

  • kc

    I’ve never been a huge DBSK fan, I mean they have good voices and their good looking… I mean I like some of their songs… I’ve just never been able to get into them :shrugs:
    but well, you can kinda see where I’m coming from, Jaejoong obviously wouldn’t be my winner but then again I obviously am not in the majority.
    anyways, good job to the cassies (even if they unrealistically outnumber everyone else)… I’m not sure what you win, I guess just a pat on the back that a guy you don’t know won a contest he didn’t even know about…
    ah, I’m sounding a bit like a jerk, I’m not disappointed or anything, if anything though I’m feel a bit naughty and am on the verge of seriously tempting the Cassies into attacking me^^ I rarely Troll but it’s just so~ tempting right now^^

    ok, I can’t hold back, I honestly DO think Yunho is better looking- there I said it, hell, if you want my honest honest opinion I think Eunhyuk’s better looking but that’s because I’m horribly biased and loyal! IDK, I have nothing against JJ, he seems like a really nice guy and I seriously love him in Protect the Boss, but I have honestly never found him attractive at all, his face just looks so emotionless sometimes and I mean, it’s that or he looks as though he’s gonna pass out right infront of you (he also looks underfed, he needs to eat more!) but like I said, he seems like a nice enough guy, he just doesn’t fit my taste.
    lol, that felt pretty good, even if I do suck at trolling^^

    anyways, good job Cassies… you outnumber us…

  • http://twitter.com/Monsday Narumon L

    The question is what exactly is not Jae-joong’s appeal?


    (I’m Junsu biased and I have no question about this result at all)

  • http://twitter.com/yangn4074 yangn

    I have to say I really enjoyed the article and how it was written. It made me smile, just like how look at JJ makes me smile. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I actually beg to differ with regards to your comments about the winner’s fans. In the poll’s comments section, I felt that majority of the disparaging comments were directed at the winner and while some of his fans defend him, it’s nice to see that at they didn’t engage in similar behavior.

  • Anonymous

    Well Jaejoong has been the king of ideal types/ good looking etc polls everywhere… no question asked.
    But on a side note, many times his latest pictures are not used in these polls by most poster, and it is for good reason/ bricked. 

    Seoulbeats used a pic from PtB in the polling post, but now it’s his 2008 picture again.. >__<

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luna-Olb/100002791334553 Luna Olb

      LOL what are you insinuating?   I love his short haircut

      • Anonymous

        I think you get what i am hinting at.. it’s his 2008 look that earned him majority of his current fanbase. In fact, his 2008 Mirotic poster is still seen everywhere even now.. As much as I love his 2008 look, if you were to look at him recently (esp. before PtB).. o_O

        • Anonymous

          lets not discuss the ugly frizzy/orange/mess of a hair he had during his world tour :/

          i tend to skip that period in my mind and go directly from his one pretty phase to another :p

  • Anonymous

    well well..just prove how much star charisma jaejoong has actually.
    result’s not surprising. it’s hard to beat someone like jaejoong when the star persona and charisma is that inborn.

  • Anonymous

    But what’s ironic is that Jaejoong himself readily admits that Junsu is the better singer and that he’s envious of Yunho’s small face. I also believe that Junsu’s voice is the best in DBSK, but I’d never found Yunho attractive.

    I never really liked Jaejoong’s face in the past either. However, after watching PtB and seeing him moving and talking rather than standing still, I like him a lot more. He really does have a boatload of charisma, even when he looked dead tired (as was the case in many PtB episodes). In any case congrats Jaejoong!

  • Anonymous

    lol i am a jaejoong fan and im so happy he wins <3 <3 <3 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luna-Olb/100002791334553 Luna Olb

    fans will also rip you apart if you think that Junsu is
    a better singer” Im jaejoong biased and think junsu is the better
    singer…. but saying that was un-necessary.. Talk about a dramallama..


  • http://twitter.com/jyjstan ~^^~

    yunho is a better looking guy???? duh this article is just “WTF” …

    • aznboy

      Way to prove the article wrong.

  • Lina

    My favourite is Youchun, but I can certainly understand Jaejoong’s appeal. It’s looks, talent and a great personality. When I first saw him I wasn’t even impressed, but after watching him interact in videos, I realised what he was all about. He’s a special guy, all right.

  • Pinky

    I consider myself a rabid Jaejoong fan, and yet I consider Junsu a better singer. And considering who’s more handsome between Yunho or Jaejoong, it depends on personal taste. I didn’t find Jaejoong attractive the first time I saw him, but he drew my attention and then I saw how gorgeous he can be.

    But.. yay Jaejoong! Although I still fail to see what the purpose of this poll is, I had fun monitoring the race.

  • http://twitter.com/kattykatea katty gery

    this article goes along with butthurt so well!

    • aznboy

      Way to prove the article wrong.

  • oren13ji

    Color me surprise…!!!
    get it JJ!!!

  • Anonymous

    he is my ideal type and thats it <333
    so glad so see he is the ideal of so many other fine ladies here *woot woot*

  • http://twitter.com/maryisVIP 매리

    i fell in love with him after watching Protect The Boss!! His awkward, manly, charming self in the drama just make me sgueal everytime he appears on screen!!

  • http://twitter.com/rabeckham27 rabeckham

    yay! King Jae, long live the king! XD

    he’s my favorite singer…. i am a Junsu bias but i admit the different facets of Jae’s off screen persona is what demands the love and respect of hundreds of thousands of girls :)

  • braveviet Le

    I really don’t like the way this article was written. If Jaejoong won the poll, give him the rightful title in the proper way. Why attempting to create a war with side comments on involving other TVXQ5 members. and what kind of congrats that begin with “BUT”. This is an announcement of a poll not a personal opinion article. Even you hate the guy, but come on it is announcement. His charm doesn’t lie on perfection norms, imperfection makes perfection. 

    • Subi

      You are taking the article way too seriously. Taken with a grain of salt, her article is meant to express her amazement, even awe regarding the amazing power of Jaejoong and his fans. No one is trying to start a war here. 

      • braveviet Le

        I am chilled. who take a random Kpop poll serious anyway. Just don’t like the way it was written. It might come out more serious than I thought with my limited English. If someone creates a poll, they should respect their own poll, is it right?

  • Anonymous

    Why did I vote for Jaejoong as my ideal even though it was Yoochun that first got me into JYJ?  I was never that impressed with his looks and still don’t go all gaga over his muscles and beautiful face. What really started to impressed me first is Jaejoong, the artist.  Whenever  I watch is solo ballad performances, I can see the stage charisma, sense the intensity and passion, and his ability to emote the feelings of the song so well that it resonates with me, thereby transporting me from my world into his world.  And that voice!!~  So it makes total sense to me that Jaejoong–the man– along with Junsu and Yoochun, mustered the courage to leave SME, choosing to leave behind a gilded cage and to venture forth on a rocky and uncertain path in an attempt to become independent musicians.  Now, that’s hot.

    I cannot claim to know his personality all that well, but from what I can glean from videos, printed interviews and his personal tweets, my American sensibility find his humbleness refreshing, his deportment classy and his maturity worth emulating. Basically, the more I discovered about Jaejoong, the more I believe that he is so much more than just a pretty face. Off course, overtime, I even find his skinny legs, dorky laughs, awkward dancing and narcissistic tendencies(love those selcas) oh so funny and sexxxyy. In one of my crazier fangirl moments, I thought perhaps I should fly over to Korea, bribe my way into his apartment so that I can toss out all his liquor bottles and cigarettes and then demand that he should cook me a good meal for all my troubles.  But aish, working out the logistics is way too hard.  Besides, I am really just a mother hen, not a stalker fan!^^ 

    As I racked my brain trying to list the tangible reasons to explain my vote for Jaejoong, I realized that it is the intangibles about Jaejoong that won me over.  I actually find Changmin the physically more attractive one; Yoochun the sexier one with that deep sexxxyy voice; and Junsu the more adorable one with that perky duckbutt and infectious laugh–and the man is a talented singer!  I also find Eric and Yunho really manly.  And yet, my eyes are drawn to Jaejoong every time he appears onscreen; and every time he laughs, I can’t help but laugh along with him.  And when he cries, oh man!!  In the end,  there’s no point in trying to justify my vote to anyone, for I must admit that the inner workings of my biased fangirl’s heart and ovaries will remain forever shrouded in mystery even to me as well.^^

    • Anonymous

      OMG SUN this is one loooong comment but i read it and agree with it ^^

  • http://twitter.com/flickaddi Felicia Addison

    i never used to think he was good looking now after watching protect the boss i think he’s gorgeous!

  • Boo.

    After a long battle that people took WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, he finally won. It wasn’t exactly a surprise XD I knew he’d win from the word go.

    I still don’t understand his appeal though but maybe that’s just me XD

  • Merry.

    this is gonna be just another ‘i love jaejoong’ comment in the mess of comments down there, but whats not to love about him? his sexiness, awkwardness, dorkiness, the way he just lights up.
    He looks after everyone, he looks after his fans, and he just never stops giving.
    His music, and his feelings in the lyrics are genuine, and he always, always gives his best and is humble when reminded of his greatness.

    there, is a real artist.

    yet again, i have ever met jaejoong, he may be nothing like this.
    if true, man he can act.

  • junxi04

    sorry this is my first time to see the results…well, i am not really a fan of jaejoong though i think he’s one of the handsome idols i’ve seen so far…i’m happy for jaejoong winning the poll but i love junsu(love cute guys more than handsome ones) more than anyone else…^^

  • http://twitter.com/elliegirlz Ellie Le

    Its funny since I came back to this post quite often, and I dont see those JJ fans that ready to RIP anyone apart, may it be those who think Junsu is better singer, or anyone other member the better looking one. Its different when someone attacks Jaejoong, then ofc the fans would defend him. 
    I find the side comment here is totally unnecessary. And similar w/ many of ppl commenting here: “I just dont get his appeal”.Well, maybe you DONT have to, since you dont have to share the same view with other ppl who voted for him. Its like going to a youtube vid and rating it down. So pointless. If you dont like him/find him appealing, why bother going into a post about him and putting in effort to write about how you dont like him/find him appealing ?!?
    Why cant we just be nice and congratulate the winner; and if you dont like the result, then click on the x button and go spazz about your own ideal one

  • http://twitter.com/emma1329 Emma Lin

    It’s sad that you fail to relate to 31% of the voters……something a good writer would ideally be able to do, even when disagreeing with the results…….which, you apparently are.

    Booyah.  :)

  • Openall

    jaejoong is so perfect that none can be better than him!

  • Lovelove

    I’m not a fan,but  I think jeajoong is the best,Kim jeajoong is a better singer, Kim jeajoong is a better looking guy.that’s all.

  • Tacao

    I think Kim Jae-joong is the best singer and looking guy in DBSK.

  • hitsumabushi

    I think Jaejoong’s appeal is more intangible than anything else. I’m not a Jaejoong bias, but I can see it very clearly. There’s a reason why he’s the golden boy. As for the 2008 picture, it really doesn’t matter because to most people, he will always be 22. 

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  • Anonymous

    jaejoong is the best

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou

    Wtf…Jaejong is f*ugly. He’s not even pretty. I’m not upset because my man didn’t get the spot, what pisses me off is why the hell is this guy getting all the attention he doesn’t even deserve, I just don’t understand? 

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