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    i really like your article!! this is well-written!! especially this part: No trends driving their inspiration, no fangirl hormonal desires to
    feed. Say what you want about their business tactics, but at the very
    least, JYJ’s music is clean and honest.

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  • Santa2diabla

    “In Heaven” isn’t a perfect song with a perfect MV.”
    Why aren’t they perfect @seoulbeats?  Tell me something about the song/mv technical merits or lack of merits, how does it relate to the zeitgeist, does it go parallel to it , forwards with it or backwards?  Where does it stand in JYJ’s musical evolution, is it a progression or regression, what makes it so?
    Just do some analysis, something that can backup this statement:  “As someone  who spends a lot of time examining K-pop in detail” Or by ‘detail’ are you mean  I spend my day listening to kpop songs only and that’s it?

    • http://www.callmepatricia.com Patricia

      Well, I’m glad that you’re so interested in my amateur musical criticism skills, so here goes: 

      I originally really, really loved this song, but not necessarily because it was a well-composed piece of music. Rather, most of its musical merit lies in the power of the three-part harmony during the climax of the song. By itself, the harmonies in that bridge is an example of musical gold – it’s dynamic, it’s dramatic, the harmonies are well-executed…and it’s sung in a highly effective and somewhat moving way.
      But the rest of the song doesn’t really seem to add up. While the lines of the piece are melodious and the theme of the song is consistent, it doesn’t build up enough to the climax of the song. Frankly speaking, if the song didn’t include that climax, it wouldn’t be half as powerful a song as it is. I get the feeling that when Jaejoong composed this piece, he built the song entirely around that climax. 

      Frankly speaking, I didn’t like the MV. For one, I thought that the concept and plot of the MV didn’t coincide with Jaejoong’s primary intentions with the song (when he wrote it in memory of Park Yong-ha’s death), and it seemed to me that they just wanted to find a really, really dramatic and compelling story that tugged at the heartstrings as much as the song. Too much dramaticness, however, cheapens the ultimate effectualness of the piece – and that’s a real shame. In terms of technical artistry, the MV was shot well. I wish the cuts in the video worked a little closer to the beats of the song, but I can’t ask for too much. In the end, I feel that if you’re a really big fan of Zhang Li-yin’s MVs, you’d probably dig the “In Heaven” MV. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of either.

      Nonetheless, I really shouldn’t be complaining; as stated in the article, JYJ’s merit as musicians and artists far surpasses the capabilities of many K-pop producers currently in the industry. JYJ hasn’t done enough independent work for me to determine whether they’ve progressed or regressed, but I do feel that they’re finally back in their musical element – it seemed to me that they were fairly uncomfortable when they were promoting their “The Beginning” album because it wasn’t really them. Conversely, JYJ seems a lot more at home performing and promoting the songs on this album because it is wholly their own work, and that work doesn’t really take much regard to the zeitgeist at all…and arguably, many independent artists today don’t really care about trends or the zeitgeist if they’re really true to their work and its role as an expression of their own emotions and artistic spirit. In this sense, JYJ works more like an indie group than a manufactured pop group…but to say that JYJ does indie music is like artistic sacrilege, ha ha.

      While the point of this article wasn’t to offer artistic criticism or analysis on the song itself but rather outline JYJ’s current position in K-pop culture, I hope you found this ‘analysis’ to be sufficient.

      • blade

        “In the end, I feel that if you’re a really big fan of Zhang Li-yin’s MVs, you’d probably dig the “In Heaven” MV.”
        Ahah if I’m not wrong some of the Timeless PV staff were involved in In Heaven, so this makes sense.

        I agree with that the PV and the song don’t mesh well; the overall themes might match, but the MV doesn’t really geld with the song for me. Oh well, at the end of day, it’s called a promotional video for a reason I guess. 

        (And I actually think that producing a version that fully explained the intentions of the songwriter might cut too close to home for the writer. Songwriting is a little like baring your soul to the world, fleshing it out with a PV might be a bit much, especially with a sensitive topic like suicide.)

      • shiningstar

        thanks for you insights, it was a good read. i had the similar thoughts when i first watched the mv, and thought the song and the mv didnt complement well together because there was so much emotions in the song, esp during the chorus, and yet, in the mv, it was kinda slow paced with the story telling so it didnt fit well tgt.
         However, i appreciated the mv alot more after reading some comments about the mv when some ppl relate how this story was in relation to jaejoong’s thoughts about park yong ha. Similar to the mv, Jaejoong was the last person that Park Yong Ha contacted, and as Jaejoong was in the US at tat time, he couldnt meet PYH who asked him out for drinks, Few hours later, PYH commited suicide. And like the MV, i think if Jaejoong could have turned back time and were to choose again, he would thrown away all his work and went to meet PYH.

      • Darwin

        I like that you give an honest, un-biased review unlike that tool Jenny. You don’t particularly like the mesh between the song and the video but at least you explain why and not because “they are JYJ so I don’t like it.”

      • Viola

        I agree that there were some problems with this song. The harmony and the climax were absolutely FANTASTIC, but the song was missing a lead-up to those moments. There were way too many empty moments in the song, so it felt like it was clearly divided into sections, not one flowing unit. I wish, wish, wish that they had done something; a steady beat to be raised and lowered throughout the song, made a second chorus to fill in those moments or (this is the idea I like most) spread out the constituent harmonies of the chorus throughout the song, amplifying one part during each of the empty moments so that the end would be a build-up.

        Nevertheless, this song was fantastic at its moments,  and showed that JYJ has some genuine ability in producing songs. I hope they use their new-found freedom to really create a small space in musical history as idols and artists that respected their craft.

  • Tigana

    “In the most basic sense of the word, “In Heaven” isn’t a K-pop song, and JYJ isn’t a K-pop group. And thank goodness for that.”

    That. <3

    I really like the song and the mv is very nice actually. I love the part in the song when Junsu is running (I love you, I love you, Don't go, Don't go).  Whenever these 3 play the harmonization card, I melt. :)

  • Leno

    The song is beautiful.i guess it’s beautiful to the degree that you don’t know what to see about it other then that it’s not K-pop LOL. you should have talked about the powerful vocals more then the k-pop trends . 
    one of the best songs for me.

  • http://koreanreviews.wordpress.com/ Thanespune

    JYJ boys became well-rounded artists that create music for the love of sharing bits of their personality, thoughts and feelings. I read another review of their previous releases which stated that they like to compose songs similar to the music they enjoy listening to. This proves they are being sincere and that they managed to shove off all stupid compromises made only for the sake of selling more.  

  • rachui

    You did a nice recap and non bias truth about JYJ’s situation. *claps*

    I always pity at the fact of their exile for which they fought for their freedom. (I don’t want to go into monetary cause face the fact, who doesn’t want something back for what’s they are worthy of?) SME disregards their compositions. I would say most of the kpop world disregards their artistes’ talent. In other music world, artistes’ compositions were the highlights of each album produced but sadly not in kpop land. That is why when the lawsuit starts, I strongly believed the trio yearn for their own music. (p.s. God knows if the members were given their rightful copyright fee to their works.) And this is why I supported their decisions.

    Now if only one (just one) broadcasting company has the guts to get them on tv. But again, does the boys needs the exposure to gain more album sales? As a fan, I want recognition for their work.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    i’m not gonna lie, i don’t like the song at all. the songs are all a bit redundant. even if they aren’t going mainstream, and going more ballad or whatever, it should at least have more elements in the songs.
    they still have more to learn about composing.

    and i think they’ll be fine with how they are now. even if not in music, they’re everywhere in k-dramas so they’re popular anyways. not only that, they have the public on their side. when they split, they blamed SM immediately and so SM looks like the bad guys.

    using that momentum, they produce a CD (2 now) that many many people bought. quite a good strategy. 

    i really don’t feel pity for them. they seem to be doing quite fine if yoochun just bought a villa and they’re living in some pretty nifty apartments so……they’re doing fine financially and great in the public’s eyes

    • Anonymous

      kkke your bias is showing :-P

    • MIcky808

      Coming from some of your other post you never liked JYJ.

    • Darwin

      You are so full of shit. If you don’t like JYJ then just say so instead of coming here and acting as if you actually reviewed all the songs on the album. Is their album perfect? No. Is JYJ or the reviewer asking for your “pity?” No. I don’t think so. 2 albums? You forget their Japanese work under Avex as well. You don’t follow them so like all anti-JYJ idiots you talk out of your ass. If SM is so innocent then why don’t you go and praise them and all their idols instead of wasting your time reviewing JYJ.

      Strategy? On that case your precious Homin could be accused of the same with their shitty KYHD song….oh wait that can’t be right? Cause you were probably too busy drooling over Changmin or Yunho. Seriously go eff yourself.

    • Guest

      “they have the public on their side. when they split, they blamed SM immediately and so SM looks like the bad guys.”
      If you were around at the time, both of them did their share of mud-slinging through the media, with SME arguably being much more aggressive about it. I think they have the public on their side because this is far from the first time SME’s been accused of shady dealings (there’s a whole long story about the reason why LSM had to become 

      “even if not in music, they’re everywhere in k-dramas so they’re popular anyways.”
      I guess that would be fine if they were aiming at being famous and wealthy actors … but somehow I doubt that lol.

      • Guest

        *yikes that got cut off.

        I meant to say:

        I think they have the public on their side because this is far from the first time SME’s been accused of shady dealings (there’s a whole long story about the reason why LSM left Korea for a year in 2003) or of blocking former artists. Nor is it the first time they’ve been locked in legal disputes with their artists and brought to court over unfair contractual terms.

        • Ellie

          “Nor is it the first time they’ve been locked in legal disputes with their artists and brought to court over unfair contractual terms.”
          such as who? only group that sued was shinhwa and that wasn’t contractual, but over their name. hangeng didn’t sue for money either, but the 13yr length only (and imho, it was just to go sol in china while he was still popular). 

          everyone keeps saying they were sued so many times before but i can’t figure out who else sued?

  • http://twitter.com/purplepuzzle19 Tina Lu

    what happened in Aug 2008?? i guess the release of Mirotic (even though it’s actually September 2008)??? 

    • http://twitter.com/FonieJYJ J East

      Na,,, since this song is specially written by Jae to his friends who commit suicide when Jae busy with “The Beginning” album in US, I don’t think that Aug 2008 thing have anything to do with DBSK.

      From what I read 2008 is just a symbolic, coz that year is a success year for Jae friend Carrier in Japan.

  • JJ

    When my friend saw this MV, she told me she cried and thought of her husband (who is healthy and alive). She thought the song was so-so, but she recognize their effort.

  • Anonymous

    Although I dont agree with everything you wrote, I definitely agree with this ….they are really no longer a kpop idol group, you can’t compare them to all the current idols b/c their music is on a different level now. Although I think they still have room to grow, they are definitely going down the right path in terms of composing etc   I truly do hope that they can gain recognition in SK as artist rather then idols, I definitely  think they are good enough for that.

  • .___.

    I’ve gotta ask. I’ve looked up why August 2008 was so important in dbsk’s history since I didn’t really follow them, but I still have no idea why. Could anyone clear this up for me? ^^’ Thanks!

    • Kira_reen90

      I’m not sure if August has any significance (it was around the time they were preparing for their comeback after a long hiatus from the Kpop scene), but I think 2008 was probably the last time they performed in Korea as a quintet. There’s also been speculations that the JYJ-SME dispute began after Mirotic and the insane schedule they were put through.

  • http://twitter.com/Chewywonbin Honey

    Really brave of you to stomp them to the ground and praise them as the same time. 

  • Anonymous

    Patricia: With all my respect to you:As you have said: you’re a pseudo-critical and as such I will take your comments, like those of a person who has a well-defined criteria at one time says one thing and then says another. What you think of JYJ, his music, his life, his videos, I think the majority did not lose any sleep. There are many people like you, and personally I like ayyyy! girl, and I really like, I do not know what traumaIT comes to your  mind when you listen, Empty is fabulous here and in China. It is not the only comment of yours that sucks There ara more, so that proves my point.

    • blade

      lol why is the author’s personal preference is such a big deal? I love the group but I think it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to like their music or feel the same way about ^^;

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    I’m aware of the significance behind the song and mv. But it’s true, the story line is cliched. I’ve seen the same “lover dies-turning back time-trying to keep lover alive” storyline in 3 other korean mvs before.

  • Anonymous

    Many people have criticized the MV storyline as “cliched”  and not matching the emotional drama of the music itself. Perhaps, but since by now (I hope), most people are aware of the real inspiration behind the song itself, it actually makes perfect sense to me.
    Maybe its because I’m viewing the MV from the composer’s perspective and can personally relate to his feelings, unlike, I dare say, many of the average K-pop fans.
    I’ve experienced personal losses (friends, loved ones, colleagues and patients) and work at an occupation where its not uncommon that patients do not survive by the end of the day—–you quickly learn to appreciate the fragility and uncertainty of human existence, the unforgiving power of regrets, and the value of NEVER taking anything or anyone for granted. Unfortunately these are life-lessons acquired at the cost of deep emotional pain and not ones that I will ever wish on anyone else.
    So for me, it is perfectly understandable AND reasonable that JYJ filmed the MV to communicate the theme of the song by using the most mundane and palatable (translation: easily acceptable) storyline they can think of for the mass k-pop public. Trust me when I say, you really do NOT want to see a more “realistic” documentary of the song. For myself, I know I certainly don’t wish to relive the true depths of those feelings every time I watch the MV.
    I remembered my 1st time hearing In Heaven—–even without knowing the translations nor having watched the MV yet— it shook me. It reminds me of how Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” rendition devastated yet comforted me at the same time. If the true purpose of music is to communicate and move you, then JYJ has achieved that. Human emotions are universal, even more cliched when they involve life and death. So as long as the MV touches you and conveys the inspirations behind the music, that is effective storytelling and that’s all that matters.

    • Anonymous

      i love that you ref. JB in this comment :D <3

  • Notoriousnoona

    JYJ. I agree that I don’t feel sorry for them at all but I can’t say I respect them either. My only hope is that one day they can look back on their decisions with no regrets. Not because they made the right choices but because they’ve grown and learned and become the men and artists they want to be in spite of them.

  • Anonymous

           It is just my opinion of course but it saddens me to see how many here actually judge the validity of an action/decision based on the outcome or what their expected outcome (of that action/decision) to be.
    Just like they have already done so here
    :—-action/decision =JYJ’s lawsuit + ensuing break from their former company/band-members,
     — outcome =fallout/full-scale cock-blocking from Korean/Japanese music industry versus comparatively
          improved financial and creative freedom now.
          Life is a gamble and NEVER comes with guarantees. So does that mean that any action/decision made IN SPITE of general assurance of success is actually LESS meaningful due to the possibility of negative outcome? Does that you mean you live in the shadow of fear and never take an action/decision despite the urgings of your moral compass?
           IMHO, it actually takes much more moral courage to stay true to one’s principles and convictions, to do the “right” thing despite its UN-popularity and uncertainty of favorable outcome. That is how you live without regrets or the haunting of “what ifs”;  it also marks the difference between “living” and “existing”.  Many fail to realize that truth until have experienced a life-altering event or approaching the end of their life’s existence.
          This is why, IRREGARDLESS of the final outcome—whenever that may be and whichever form that may take—- JYJ are already winners in my book. I take my hats off to them for daring to become More than the idol-caricatures they were originally cast/molded to be, and ultimately be willing to  risk all in their attempts to free themselves.
          Don’t be petty by minimizing JYJ’s artistry just because of  your biased feelings over their history with their former companies/band-members. They are young and still experimenting musically, not just creating (composing, writing lyrics) but also on a scale no other singers (Asian or Western) are required to do  (i.e.arranging, mixing, producing, directing etc) mostly all on their own. That takes sheer talent and raw guts. Even though they have a long road ahead  (both career-wise and musically), JYJ have demonstrated potential enough that I’m willing to sit back and appreciate what they have to offer now and in the years ahead and also wise enough (even though I’m a music snob) to support them in their journey.

  • pammiej85

    I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out why someone like you, Patricia wastes your time writing posts about a group that you don’t seem to know that much about. I had read several of your so called editorials and I have to say that you seem quite full of yourself. Most of your articles are quite eloquently written and for that I give you much kudos. But besides that, they are by far some of the most blatant rhetoric since True TVXQ. I do hope you know what rhetoric is. It’s a persuasive style of writing in which the author uses pseudo facts and fancy words to present their opinions as if they hold some kind of justified, informed merit. But for all intents and purposes, are just garnished opinions with little merit.

    From first time that I read one of your articles, I suspected you were one of many new Kpop upstarts who weren’t around for the disaster that was 2009 in which many disheartening things happened such as JYJ vs SME. But that’s no crime. You’re just a newbie. My problem with you is that you write about the situation as if you’ve actually took the time to figure out what is going on or as if you were around to know what happened. Yet it’s apparent that you haven’t and weren’t. If you can’t write about the lawsuit from an objective point of view then you’re just another biased person spreading your second hand knowledge and should probably stick to writing about what you know or at least don’t pretend to be object and come out with your bias. I absolutely abhor those that try to hide behind rhetoric to justify their biases. If you’re biased, then go ahead and just admit it. I mean, you’re just a human being just like the rest of us who’s entitled to your opinions but you’re not entitled to your own facts.

    • http://www.callmepatricia.com Patricia

      Firstly, thanks for your response and I appreciate that you took the time to express your thoughts on the article. However, I am confused as to how you came to the conclusion that I was “uninformed” about the issue. To set the record straight, I was around to see the lawsuit come to fruition in 2009, and actually reported the story on Seoulbeats on an hour-by-hour, line-by-line basis under the pen name “cantoallavita.” At that time, I was still a huge DBSK fan and dedicated (one too) many hours following and analyzing the lawsuit in excruciating detail. Of course, this isn’t something I can outright prove to you unless you want me to stand in front of you and recite every single thing that occurred within the DBSK-SM conflict between August, 2009 and now. But to be honest, I find it a little bit insulting that you immediately write me off as a ‘newbie’ with no understanding of an issue that’s actually very important to me as both a fan and a writer, and I find it even more insulting that you would think that I would ever write an opinion piece without getting my facts straight first. 

      Which is why I’m concerned about the fact that you came to this false conclusion just from reading my articles alone. When I wrote this article (as well as the KBS-JYJ article, which is what I think you’re alluding to in your above comment), I did so with as much factual information pertaining to the case as possible, and I based my opinion around these facts. I don’t understand how we can be looking at the same facts and yet you can still say that my opinion is wrong or unsupported. If you would like to tell me what exactly in this article is based off of incorrect facts, then by all means, let me know. But until then, I’m more willing to chalk this up to a difference in opinion rather than an assertion that my views on this JYJ-SM debacle are ignorant and uninformed.

      • pammiej85

        Firstly, I’d like to thank you for actually taking the time commenting to me. There must be something about my comments as this is the third time a SB author has replied back to me. Also, I was a reader on SB while this case was going on and I found the articles to be summarized, bones bare versions of news that was reported else where. This is hardly the site I would recommend that someone come to get the 411 on JYJ vs SME. For all I know, you regurgitated info from somewhere else without having a clear, in-depth knowledge about what was actually going on. So you are absolutely correct in stating that unless we were to have a tete-a-tete, there is no way for you to actually prove that you know anything more than a newbie.

        And yes, I was partly referring to your “editorial” about KBS-JYJ because there really weren’t too many facts stated in this article–mostly your thoughts and opinions. When you give your background on the case, it seems quite blase, as if you only know the bare minimum required to write the article. If I was new to the situation, I would find no solace in anything that you have written. Also, what makes you come of as a newbie is your subjective view of all it; no one who was fully involved in the case could make it seem as black and white as you do.

        I don’t expect you to go into a thesis everytime you write about JYJ but if you’re going to bring up their current situation at least do it some justice and touch on as many critical parts as possible. Not simply mentioning it, giving your on view of it (which is rhetoric by the way) and then moving on like business as usual. As someone who took two semesters of rhetorical writing; having to learn reading and writing it, I can’t help but feel that 65% of your articles are just that.

        But that’s just the opinion of little ol me. As someone who enjoys your writing style, I really wish that there was a bit more substance to it. But then again, this is simply a blog…..so I can’t expect too much, right?

        • http://www.callmepatricia.com Patricia

          Ah. Thanks for your response, and I can see where you’re coming from. The thing about Seoulbeats is that it functions primarily as an opinion/editorial site, not a site that provides detailed K-pop news and information by the minute. The articles I wrote in 2009 follow this same model. The pieces written on this site are written with the understanding that the audience has a basic familiarity (if not more) of the situation at hand, which is why we don’t concentrate on providing the detailed background information as much as we do our opinions. The reason why my views on this matter are subjective is because opinion pieces are supposed to be subjective. They’re also supposed to be based on fact, yes, but the very nature of opinion is subjective. Moreover, if every writer at Seoulbeats were to touch on every ‘critical point’ in a story in excruciating detail before proceeding to express their opinion, then our articles would be excessively lengthy and unfocused. 

          And as for my views being excessively rhetorical….I guess that’s something I, as a writer, need to work on. But for now, I’m glad that you enjoy my writing style and have the conviction to express your views on it.

    • Timea B

      I’m sorry to say but you are just as biased… And just to tell you everyone, including the media and the fans only have second hand information on the lawsuit since none of you, me or others have been present at the happenings. Just because you are a long time cassie you think you know everything and have the right to judge others’ opinions. Wrong. You don’t know shit about what really happened between JYJ and SM, no one knows besides the involved parties, so it would be time for cassies to shut the fuck up and let people live. Just because you are a fan it doesn’t mean you know what’s really behind the scenes.

  • For Leisure

    Wow! What a beautiful article.
    Im new to kpop and JYJ is the first band that i like after listening to God knows how many bands.
    Thank you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BAL2IJ3YPHDKOXX42QP5X33MEE Nabeela

    haters only hating because the article is so right. 

    • Lului2

      Shut up

    • pammiej85

      Exactly how can someone’s opinion be proven right or wrong? Hmm?

    • Anonymous

      how can u know if it’s right or wrong ? are u god ???

  • Xxnia

    K-pop does have musicians who get to produce / write their own songs. Think Bigbang’s GD! and of course, cutie pie TOP ;) 

    • http://twitter.com/Upii_88 Upama Khan

      Yup only YG. the other companies.. like she said up there.. it doesn’t get marketed, it’s always at the end of the track.. and sometimes their names aren’t even added. 

  • EvieCO

    My god.

    I’d just like to give both you and your team, writing any articles pertaining to JYJ or DBSK/TVXQ a big, huge thumbs up. I don’t know how you manage to deal with these crazy and somewhat scary Cassies, who obviously don’t understand the meaning of a difference in opinion – which baffles me no end!

    And on a side note for said Cassies, who may be reading my comment and firing up a reply in outrage, provided the boys are happy with the choices they make for themselves and how they choose to lead their own lives, why should it matter if one person likes the song and another doesn’t?
    I’m sure they would be pleased to hear you like BOTH the video AND the song, but not so pleased to hear you aggressively attack another fan who just happens to have a fair and different approach to supporting them, then your own. 

    I personally think this song is one of their best since the split from DBSK and hope we’ll be seeing more like it in the future. 

    • http://twitter.com/Upii_88 Upama Khan

      FYI, not all of us are cassies. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree, I’m in the JYJ FAMILY  *FIGHTING*

  • http://twitter.com/PANDASEUNG popgirls

    Haru Haru ? 

  • http://twitter.com/AKTFforever MissAKTF

    Coming from a hardcore Cassie, (yes bitches I’m an OT5), I somewhat agree with your review (even if you are biased) but mehh, everyone has their opinion, and I’m glad that yours is not bashing and in somewhat professional way. Yes, JYJ has come a long way, yes, it may look like they are doing well, but we will never know what they feel.

    I love In Heaven, it has so much deep meanings to it, and the fact that it somehow relates to Park Yong Ha and DBSK, it makes it that more meaningful.

  • http://twitter.com/yeezerJYJfan yeezer

    I’m just here to say I’m proud of my JYJ boys. Despite people trying to close doors in their faces, they are  doing well. Proud JYJ fan here. JYJ FIGHTING!! JYJ FAMILY FIGHTING!!

  • http://twitter.com/Upii_88 Upama Khan

    The whole JYJ – Jeju island incident was very recent. I definitely don’t think SM is calming down. 
    But like you said.. they’re gonna be okay.. because of the talents they have and because of their fans. Their sales numbers always speak. In Heaven is not only special because of they composed it but it is Jaejoong’s feelings for his friend who had passed away. When his friend called the day before he committed suicide to meet with Jaejoong, Jaejoong could not be there. It’s regrets written into these lyrics and I guess he wishes for a second chance like in the MV. The song might not be anything special or different or trendy.. but it is very raw.. to the point…directly exposing his feelings…that is what makes me tear up everytime I listen to this track. 

    Thank you for your review.. Thanks for recognizing JYJ as artists. 

  • http://twitter.com/ai_5589 Ai 휸재

    I respect outsiders that respect JYJ.. I appreciate ur review! as cassiopeia, I say THANKS! I cannot say they’re kpop group either.. they have their own way doin things.. 

  • Anonymous

    sometimes u have to live the exact same situation to make any kind of judgment
    but we’re only human…

  • Anonymous

    U have ur opinion and we have our’s~~~ i am a BIG fan of JYJ and I’m VERY PROUD of them and their God given talents with which  they’ve been able to reveal to the world, even tho they’ve been blocked continuously!!  I LOVE all their songs, “In Heaven” is my all time favorite!!  ^_~  SARANGHAE JYJ!!


  • Anonymous

    this is why I don’t call myself a hallyu fan but a JYJ fan ^^ 

  • Anonymous

    I think this reviewer was a little harsh on “Ayyy Girl”. Granted, the track had its issues, most of which could be dealt with by snipping out the non-JYJ parts (sorry, Kanye), but it wasn’t too bad apart from that. They should have gotten a refund from the video director, but considering it was their first time out on their own, it could have been worse. I’m still a little taken aback by the courage they showed in making their first big release as a group in English, and for the global market, and then they made it as good as it is; it’s unbelievable. 

  • anna

    wow! i like the phrases, you said “redundant and unoriginal. But in the same way, redundancy is arguably what keeps a loyal fanbase coming back for more.” 

  • Anastasia

    This is really interesting and well written.

  • Val

    This is really well-written and I absolutely agree with the article. I really enjoy JYJ’s music and I wish them all the best for their future endeavors in the music/acting scene. And yes, JYJ to me, isn’t just another K-pop group. I have followed TVXQ for years and I see every individual member more than just idols. To many people I know, they are role models, musicians to looked up to and people respect them a lot.

  • Daydream

    I agree with you about the mv, despite being gorgeously filmed, i feel that it had missed the mark with the message they tried to convey. But the song itself is pretty close to perfect for me. it’s beautifully written, beautifully sung and its emotions are clearly expressed. any song that can elicit feelings in its listeners is a definite winner for me. I love it, possibly my favourite of the year. 

    By the way, thanks for the article.

  • Laksana Baskaran

    I LOVE both the song and MV, the sng is so meaningful.. ^^ 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nur-Saadah-Ab-Rahman/100000345865242 Nur Saadah Ab Rahman

    love all their song..make me fell love of them again..

  • New JYJfan

    I am a new JYJ fan and I really loved your review. I love the “clean and honest” quality of their music even though sometimes it has some rough edges.  I don’t like over produced music with excessive autotune which seems to be the trend in Kpop now.

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  • Elyssia94

    thank you, your article is very meaningful. It’s the exact reason why i love JYJ – they don’t go for the rankings, the popularity (even if they still get them), the money… they go for the music. The quality of their music is just getting better each time. I <3 YOU JYJ!! All the best!! :D

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YUQWXUQZYSVU6L4TG5GJO6IHYE Ayana Kitayami

    This is a well written article and I applaud you whoever you are for making a very critical review of their music. I hope more readers would enlightened by your words here. BTW, I wouldn’t notice that Aug. 8 2008 if not because of you. ^^

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mickaelsurtour Mickael Surtour

    Overall i liked your post. I think people should be more supportive of the guys tho. It’s takes a lot of courage to to what they’ve done and to write, compose, arrange/produce they(re own msic. You said it, kpop is redundant, a variation on the same old same…
    …They said no and thus acted like game changer would! Kuddos to them.

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