• Liz

    Uh, SBS picks up all of their dramas, gives them news coverage, and interviews them. I think you need to check up on your facts before drawing faulty conclusions.

    Also the broadcast was being toted as a JYJ showcase beforehand since they were representatives for N7W, they advertised them, used their image and promised fans a JYJ stage after a long time. So, no, there is no good reason for them to cancel AT THE LAST MINUTE with no prior warning. It doesn’t matter how popular SNSD and F(x) are, since JYJ were the ones they were promoting. The audience was full of JYJ fans, not Soshi or whatever-the-fuck F(x) fans are called. International fans flew out to see JYJ and didn’t get that. That’s not right, and no amount of controversy surrounding the boys can justify KBS actions.

    Your argument would work, if SNSD and F(x) were also being toted with JYJ, but they weren’t, they were just randomly used in as an excuse after shit hit the fan. They’re popularity is a non-factor if the fans of another group isn’t there to see them.

    • mariska

      Thank you for the brilliant, insightful post.

      • Haha

        Do I sense sarcasm?

        • mariska

          No, I’m serious.

          Read my post below.

    • Kelly

      They didn’t just pick SNSD over them, they stabbed JYJ in the back and then picked them, there’s a difference. I rather they do what SBS and MBC are doing instead which is invite them to nothing than to raise false hope when they know they’re too chicken to fulfill their promises. That just does more harm than good.

    • Xkpopbot

      Agree. Well said. Thank you!

  • mariska

    KBS just wanted to use JYJ’s image to get votes and then cancelled at the last minute once they got the votes. A lot of international fans voted for Jeju, as well as flew in to the island to see the group, only to be told that no, JYJ won’t be there. JYJ did all the work and promotions, and then were dropped from the events 4 days before their performance. That is a steaming pile of bullshit.

    The Jeju government pursued JYJ for their image and worldwide audience. JYJ initially refused because they had concerts to perform outside of Korea, but said yes later on and started promoting Jeju.

    JYJ were supposed to be confirmed as Official Ambassadors of Jeju on the day they were supposed to perform. That implies that JYJ were actually asked to be there at Jeju from the very beginning, and KBS lied about them being “replacements” for SNSD and f(x). The worse thing is, SNSD looked dead tired and extremely bored during their performance, not putting in much effort, and it made the event look lackluster and crappy.

    And really, who in their right mind would invite someone and then rescind the invitation later? That is the height of rudeness and lack of professionalism. Have them perform together, but don’t cancel one group days before the event, especially when that one group was the one who put in all the time and effort to promote the Island and got people to vote in the first place. Not only is that impolite, that is ungrateful.

    But then that’s not new with KBS, is it? They’ve always been wishy-washy when it comes to JYJ and are always caught knee-deep in their lies. Now KBS is saying SNSD and f(x) were the ones who were originally cast for global appeal? Who exactly are f(x)’s fans? They’re not even that popular in Korea!

    KBS has been caught for so much bullshit in the past with regards to JYJ, they should never ever be taken seriously again.

    Also, didn’t SBS air Mr. Ripley? SBS is also airing Jaejoong’s new drama, so it is untrue, PATRICIA, that nobody in KPop wants to work with JYJ ever again as you said. Please do more research next time.

    KBS is so stupid. SNSD don’t have global appeal. Even in Asia, they are not as big. They’re only big in Korea, in Japan, and a little bit in China. Wonder Girls still have that title of being popular in the whole of Asia, and not just with KPop fans, but everyone from little kids to their grandparents who danced to “Nobody”. SNSD’s market worldwide is a niche market made up of only KPop followers.

    JYJ, however, has fans everywhere. Their showcases/concerts in other countries wouldn’t be successful if their fans are only in Asia. If we’re talking about Korea ONLY, then yes, SNSD would have more appeal. But worldwide? LOL.

    This cockblocking is so very stupid on KPop media’s part. It’s been proven over and over again that JYJ can draw in huge crowds including other countries, and actually help Korea’s tourism. JYJ’s album and music essay/book sold more than 300,000 copies with NO promotion. These KPop media sects don’t even realize that they’re losing money and ratings the more they block JYJ.

    Then again, many aspects of KPop has never proven themselves to be reasonable and enlightened. It will just make someone’s head hurt trying to understand why this entertainment industry works the way it does and why the companies are so rigid and so afraid of change, why repression and oppression are often carried out by the government that is so scared of “corrupting” children when it comes to song, dances, and TV shows.

    At its core, KPop thrives on submission and authority. It is a reflection of Korean society: elders must be obeyed, societal norms must be observed, people must conform or be ostracized.

    I, for one, am so glad that JYJ broke out of the mold. They are not the rebels who got tattoos as you say, PATRICIA, but they are almost activists in their continuing efforts to stand on their own and face bigger adversaries. On a broader scale, they will be met with more success and support from people outside of Korea, and so far, they have achieved a lot on their own without the support of a big company.

    • shiningstar

      Btw, i want to add that SNSD is not as popular in Japan as ppl think they are. Their album sales are high because the Korean fans as well as other international fans from the hallyu wave bought them. The names Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are still more popular, especially Jaejooong. For the press conference for Jaejoong’s new drama, there were so many Japanese broadcasting station that applied to attend that SBS has to reject them because there werent enough space to fit them all. Many of them actually have to convince SBS how influential they were because they wanted to attend the event. In contrast, if any of the snsd or f(x) members have any solo activities in Korea, would the Japanese media even bother to fly the whole crew over to Korea just to interview them? I doubt so

    • hapacalgirl

      I agree 100% and I wish I could add something significant but I think you said it all.

    • Xkpopbot

      KBS as well as all of Kpop should read this comment as well as Liz’s.

    • Belacan

      you wrote better than seoulbeats, seoulbeats is just as stupid as KBS lols

      • jan

        there is actually another opinion on this but they never put the link here

    • lana

      AMEN to that!!! I think even a person who is not a kpop addict can see what is going on here.What Fx and Snsd more popular than JYJ? Since when? Seoulbeats should get their facts staright before writing.(Please)

    • Sky

      Absolutely agree. It’s a well comment.

  • Angry&Hungry

    well,,,honestly as a fan, i don’t care whether they were able to promote jeju or what,,,what REALLY fumes us is the fact that JYJ was USED then THROWN OUT like garbage by those scumbags! >..<

    • mischa

      And if you think about it, many people in KPop say JYJ are ungrateful and greedy and that’s why nobody wants to work with them.

      Well, lo and behold, KBS is even worse. They used the group’s appeal to get votes and get people to fly in to Jeju for tourism, and then cancelled JYJ at the last minute with an even sorrier excuse of SNSD and f(x) being the original performers and JYJ were just the “place holders” until SNSD and f(x)’s schedules freed up.

      Ridiculous all around.

      Oh well, JYJ will release a new album, and I’m sure they’ll still sell more and earn loads and loads of money that they can keep for themselves. And that will piss of SME more because they wouldn’t be able to get their grubby hands on that money since JYJ ain’t their cashcow anymore.

      • JW

        Why are people such douche bags? I am never a fan of JYJ, but after reading this article I think Imma gonna go join the freakin’ fanclub right now!!! Seriously I felt sorry for the fans and of course the boys. what’s the fucking deal for letting them perform just once in a while? The “last minute” thingy is never pretty, especially in JYJ’s case. And I do agree, let them release an album, see if SM can do shit (and I bet it will).

        • mischa

          KBS has always been shady. If they never intended to let JYJ perform, why approve of them at the beginning and then cancel days before the event? It just reflects badly on their side.

          SME and other media sects are making an example of JYJ. They want other idols to see the struggles that JYJ are dealing with and scare them into submission and not voicing out their problems with the system like JYJ had done.

          But JYJ are strong, and with the Jeju debacle have proven themselves to be classy and professional by not raising a stink about it and quietly going on with their lives. Jaejoong changed his display picture on twitter to that of Jeju island, meaning he still supports the Island even after the disappointing turn of events.

          We can only hope KBS and SME can act with the same class, respect, and dignity. That’s wishful thinking, though.

  • shiningstar

    The problem with KBS is that they are supposed to be a government sponsored station. They are not supposed to be manipulated by companies, and should be impartial with their broadcasts. The court have already stated that JYJ are free to pursue their activities, so there should be no reason why KBS is refusing them for their broadcast activities.
    PLUS, there is so many flaws to KBS reason I don’t even know where to start with. Even if they wanted F(x) and SNSD to perform, couldnt they add on to the performers’list rather than cancelling on JYJ just 4 days before the performance? THey have been using JYJ to attract internaional fans to travel there for the concert. Pulling them out so last minute is not just breaking their promise to JYJ but to the international fans as well. This can actually be considered fraud!
    And saying SNSD is more popular on a global scale? There should be alot of debate on this. I admit that SNSD has been rising in popularity with the hallyu wave gg on, but DBSK/JYJ has also earned alot of loyal fans through the years, and this is even b4 the hallyu wave started. I know some of these fans are not even fans of Kpop and do not visit popular Kpop sites like allkpop, but they definitely are loyal to DBSK/JYJ and support their activities.

    • jan

      Yep, tt agree with you n i am always keeping the faith!

  • kinda-off topic-lol~

    And that is why YG doesn’t like KBS, KBS doesn’t respect artists.

    • Belacan

      yup agree with you on that fellow YG fan. (we love artist not idols right? >_^)

      • Yup~


  • acidimp

    I don’t think you have looked beneath the surface on this issue. I don’t know if JYJ are angels or a bunch of pricks. I do know that all of the bad press they are getting comes from wanting to get out of an unfair contact. Why should they be vilified for doing something that anyone should have the freedom to do? If you support the idea that they are “bad” because of it then you support the status quo that says all the good little KPOP boys and girls should take what they are given and STFU about it.

    Is it that people just don’t see that SM and KBS aren’t thinking about getting sued (cause lets be honest how many people have sued these big companies in Korea and have won? They didn’t even pay Yoo Jaesuk for chrissakes!) they are doing this to keep all the other entertainers in line. They are making a disgusting example out of these guys.

    That should leave a bad taste in your mouth when you consider that many of these KPOP kids start out as teenagers or younger. These huge companies are making millions off of these kids. And the kids themselves are working three times as hard as any American or European star and getting paid a fraction less. Lets not even mention all the sexual and physical abuse that gets hinted at ever so often but never actually revealed because they control the media too.

    Yeah, lets support KBS and SM Entertainment in their campaign to keep these three young guys down because everyone knows a good entertainer should keep his mouth shut, his head down and his butt at the perfect angle for big brother to stick it in.

    • Alice

      DAMN girl. Preach it!! Cuz you’re right.
      I agree completely. They’re being super harsh on JYJ in order to make an example of them.
      I feel so sad for these guys. They’re being burnt on the stake for trying something different than the norm.
      On a side note, it must be extremely awkward for their former colleagues from SM to be on the “opposing” side now. We shouldn’t trash the other artists (who are being held on tight leashes as it is), but rather SM as a whole…or all of the industry for so harshly refusing change and reform.

  • Heyhey

    WHAT THE HELL?! SNSD MORE FAMOUS THAN DBSK? -___- Jaejoong, Junsu AND Mickey VERY famous in Japan (ESP JAEJOONG) and ALL of Asia! I think this author has a bias on SNSD =___= KBS wasn’t going to air JYJ!~ They and like every other JYJ-hater wants to see JYJ crumble….JYJ FIGHTING!~

    • Nana

      I don’t think the author favors SNSD, it was the broadcast company’s excuse that SNSD has more global appeal that JYJ.

      • Heyhey

        If the author was not bias then why write this opinion and add incorrect information? DBSK members are WAYYY more famous than SNSD. “To be honest, if I were given the choice between broadcasting JYJ and broadcasting SNSD, I’d pick SNSD any day, external pressure or not. While KBS was a bit stupid to cite the Paris concert as the sole reason for SNSD’s global success, I’d venture to say that at this time, SNSD is more popular on a global scale than JYJ. Add the amount of red tape surrounding the JYJ situation and it’s obvious why KBS would replace JYJ with SNSD and f(x). Who would you invite to your house for tea: the nice, well-behaved girls next door, or the three rogues with a history of shaking things up?”

        • JOMAMA

          Maybe she’s trolling. Whenever I hear about international fans, it’s always Cassiopia or ELF. I’ve heard slim to none about international Sones.

          • tvxqfangirl85

            SNSD does have fans abroad, they just don’t compare to the amount of international fans that TVXQ/JYJ, Super Junior, Big Bang and Shinee have. This is why they don’t get global concerts as the headliners.

  • rachui

    It may be somewhat true if were to say SNSD is in the Hallyu wave lead right now and the “model” idols but I think what pisses JYJ fans is the last minute cancellation after all the promotions and now saying that “oh, the girls were our first choice anyway.” Does that make JYJ the rag dolls being used? Say, if it was the other way round to any other groups and JYJ took over at last minute, citing they can make it to the event now, what will you think?

    It’s an unfair treatment. KBS might have the guts to put them on broadcast in the first place but sorry, I don’t see them pushing it through with the guts. One can’t blame the JYJ fans for being defensive cause they went through shit.

  • png

    What I don’t want from this situation is the fans of JYJ to start hating SNSD and f(x). It’s not their choice to be called in to perform.

    With SNSD’s current schedules, if this really was a last minute thing, I’m sure they were less than thrilled to do yet another performance.

    • Mary Rosado

      Before anything, I hope JYJ fans don’t throw the ladies of SNSD and f(x) into this mix. This problem lies with the COMPANY SME, KBS and the members of JYJ. No one else.

      That being said, I wish fans would put their money where their mouth is and the author of this article said exact that. The people who hold the most power are the fans. Buy the albums, rally till your hands fall off (ELFs stood in front of SM for like 40 days and fought against Henry, right?), there are so many things fans could be doing to help JYJ overcome this. And I don’t want to hear about album sells or anything, because those numbers were never proven. Act and results will come. Isn’t this common sense?

      I have nothing but respect for the boys of both JYJ and (2)TVXQ. They reigned KPop and JPop and deserved too because they put their hearts and souls into it all. And I hope it all works out in the future for them.

      • mischa

        And I wish you would do more research. JYJ’s fans have done a lot from radio stations to internet websites to bus advertisements to buying the albums and questioning KBS which forced KBS time and time again to come up with sorry excuses which leads to them being caught lying. We’re not laying low, sitting around, and just running our mouths off so we can see/hear ourselves talk, we actively support the boys.

        But thank you for saying we should be doing more that we should. I, for one, am encouraged.

      • crazty

        u said buy the album but then add that album sales is not everything?? make sense pls!! i noe this another person opinion but i’m freaking pissed. THREE ROUGES? all they did was STAND UP for themselves. n wat snsd achieve was because of wat their seniors ie. DBSK did in japan n overseas. they gained the trust and respect of ppl there n most ppl who got to noe kpop was because of dbsk. N wat pisses the fans off was that they ask jyj to perform n they cancelled just bout 4 days before n said snsd and fx was more famous??? wat a bullload of crap! yes snsd might be leading now but….who nat make them well knownw? n once when snsd wasn’t that well known when they were having a concert(maybe sm town) when all the grps came out their fans cheered for one another but when it was snsd, everyone off their lightstick cept for their fans. anyway.. i agree that we should do more but some of us want to but can’t cept to pray and try to find out new bout them

    • Mary Rosado

      Please ignore below comment. I wish there was a delete option, I didn’t mean to post that in reply to you >_<

  • Belacan

    Seoulbeats…..you’re really funny.

    Dont you know that Jiji is way famous compare to the whole lots of SNSD+F(x) girls?

  • Dnay

    LOL really ? so SNSD and Fx are more popular internationally ? please not to hate but if it wasn’t for people like BOA and DBSK k-pop wouldn’t be gaining the momentum its gaining in japan.DBSK had to work their asses off to get to that level and thanks to them the doors opened for other artist. and yes snsd toured Europe but guess what..they toured Europe with all of SME..while JYJ toured worldwide including the US and Canada by themselves and let me tell you I went to one of their shows and it was ..AWESOME! and I would totally go again, I feel bad for the girls for being used as pawns in this dirty game, but JYJ were used to attract votes and I guarantee you there wouldn’t be as many votes if JYJ’s name had not been attached to it..I for one didn’t even know about this until jyj got involved, nearly voted too. and its sad because things like this do not help the image of Korea AT ALL ..even the organization took notice of this..they need to take care of this mess..SM needs to man up and leave JYJ alone. as for the reasons for them leaving the company?..I applaud them…anyone with a job who feels they’re being underpaid and overused or just simply change jobs be it for monetary gain or not has the right to do so its their lives shoot I know I’d do the same. not to mention they have waaay more artistic freedom and have done some pretty good things with it.

    • Freesia

      They also overlook the fact that ‘Europe’ actually means just 1 city in Europe. They were also able to manipulate the public into thinking it was such a big deal because after the 2 concerts SM splashed everything from those two concerts all over the Korean media (articles, photoshoots, re-broadcasting the concerts and behind-the-scenes, going on talk shows to talk about their experiences). I mean yes, it was definitely a big step for the company and its artists. And I’m happy for them. But speaking internationally… JYJ have been to MORE cities and MORE countries and held MORE concerts than the SM artists. AND they promoted Jeju to their international fans in all these cities during their concerts. THEY were the ones that drew in the votes.

  • png

    Why does everyone love trying to take SNSD down? They are still A-list celebrities and one of the most popular girl groups at the moment, just not as popular as boy groups.

    JYJ and DBSK are definitely more popular. There have been very few, if any moments in kpop where a girl group is more popular than a guy group. Guy groups are ALWAYS more popular.

    • Narcissus

      I’m not trying to take SNSD down, they’re just not that up in my view.
      what’s their popularity for? u prefer to watch their videos or listen to their songs? sure everyone prefers to watch. so it’s not about their voice or talent, it’s about revealing.
      but about JYJ, one can listen to their songs over & over nonstop even without watching any video.it’s what called talent.

    • Freesia

      Please don’t misunderstand. The people on JYJ’s side of this issue AREN’T lashing out against SNSD or f(x), they’re upset by SM and KBS’ dirty company antics. SNSD and f(x) are just innocent sheep dragged in by their company a shield and excuse for the SM’s motives and intentions. And we all know that.
      In addition, no one is doubting SNSD’s popularity as a girl group in Korea or general k-pop. They’re DEFINITELY A-list celebrities and one of the most popular girl groups IN ASIA at the moment. But speaking internationally… and being objective about it… DBSK has/had the largest fanclub in the WORLD and more countries outside of Korea have diehard fans of DBSK (especially Jaejoong) than SNSD. Sorry, but that’s just the cold truth.

      • png

        There’s no need to apologize about the group’s popularity. I always knew that DBSK and JYJ are more popular.

        Guy groups have always been more popular than girl groups.

  • Mimmay

    When is it ever a good reason to block someone? Only if you side with oppression and dictatorship. Blacklisting someone just because they returned with tattoos and piercings is not a justification. Same with being in a lawsuit. Sorry, but I’m all for freedom. I thought South Korea was a democratic state?

  • pinky

    Well-thought and properly-written argument, but no. KBS blocking JYJ for any of the reasons they’ve been spouting out, not one makes sense AT ALL.
    It would have made more sense if KBS didn’t invite JYJ in the first place. JYJ refused at first, didn’t they? Why persist on convincing them and then suddenly drop them three months later?

    You can’t stop fans from becoming angry at this, leave them the impression of using JYJ only when convenient, and then throwing them away when the votes are in. No matter what angle I look at it, this is not justifiable, especially with the shaky excuses KBS gives out for not carrying out their end of the bargain.

  • Narcissus

    since when JYJ part of TVXQ became rogue singers? nonsense…
    TVXQ 5 always been known as best behaved singers & now JYJ still carries it, so watch what yr saying.
    & also I don’t see those 2 girls group as well-behaved girls, the first thing that comes to my mind after seeing them on satge (esp SNSD) is the girl group recieving popularity just because of naked arms & legs & bellybutton. so even if yr talking about first impresion, JYJ’s so much qualified even because one can see 3 guys standing in suit with amazing voices & so talented in singing. the impact would be so classy & long lasting not just like chilish revealing acting like girls group.

  • Daydream

    Is this the same station that allowed JYJ to perform at its end-of-year drama awards? What difference is there between then and now? Also, if everyone in the entertainment industry is scared to work with JYJ like you said, why did KBS proposed to work with them in the first place? Didn’t they consider all the associated risks when they made the offer? Either way, I have to agree with the other comments here, I can’t think of any reason that could possibly justify its actions, it was unfair to JYJ and the fans have the right to be angry. Sometimes a broken promise is worse than no promise at all.

    Also, I don’t think arguing over the popularity between the groups is even relevant since the problem purely lies with the broadcast station, not the artists.

  • pammiej85

    Sorry Patricia but I think you may have been out of the loop for a while or haven’t really gotten all of your facts straight on this one. Seoul Beats hasn’t been following JYJ’s activities for a while now but then pop out one of these “to sum it up” articles without seeming to grasp the full situation. This isn’t about the fact that KBS canceled, it’s about the fact that they asked JYJ in the first place and then started acting brand new. They knew about the lawsuit and they gave their word that they would not cancel this time. Not the mention the fact that JYJ international fans paid lots of money to see JYJ perform, wasted their time voting and have yet to be compensated for their damages. To say that KBS has a reason for not wanting anything to do with JYJ is like saying there’s a reason for lawlessness and dictatorship. I could go on and on about what’s wrong with your article but luckily many of the more well-thought out ones have been posted already. In the future, if you’re not going to do more thorough research to figure out what’s really going on, then maybe you guys should do what you’ve been doing for the past months and just ignore JYJ altogether. That would actually make more sense than articles like these that come out of nowhere.

    • Arcticmoonrise

      LOL. Seolbeats isn’t the same with AKP’s that churns pointless ‘selca’ articles everyday. SB doesn’t go around and translate every KPOP article that they run into. They actually think about their articles. Besides, they’re an editorial not a news site. So stop assuming that the author doesn’t know anything about JYJ’s activities.

  • Akicha

    I agree with patricia that SNSD is more internationally known than JYJ. Currently most people just know that JYJ are former members of DBSK, but their work as JYJ only recognized by their own fans. All the cockblocking works, you know.
    SNSD= the hot, on the spot group.
    JYJ= what’s their song again?

    • tvxqfangirl85

      If you agree with Patricia on that then you would be wrong. Seeing as SNSD has not held one concert as the headliner outside of Seoul (except for their upcoming Japanese concert) whereas even Suju and Shinee has more fans abroad in which to hold global concerts for. Everyone knows that the bulk of SNSD’s popularity is contained within Korea. This is the reason that SME doesn’t bother giving them their own concerts in many other territories unless it’s SM Town. Meanwhile JYJ are about to embark on their 2nd World Tour which will include several European and North American stops and guess what, they won’t need to bring along a gang of other singers in order to sell tickets. And it’s funny you say that JYJ are only known by their fans when other fanclubs such as VIP, Blackjacks, Hottests, Shawols and even some Sones have become fans of JYJ this year. Isn’t that the reason that JYJ can sell over 500,000+ albums globally? The reason KBS picked JYJ in the first place was to draw international attention. Which is exactly what they were able to do. If it was SNSD, they’d mostly get votes from Koreans.

      • Akicha

        SNSD’s “upcoming Japanese concert?”*rolls eyes* see, JYJ fans is only looking to their idol and doesn’t have a good view about general mass perspective. Even people who’s not into Kpop know about SNSD. No, JYJ didn’t sell 500K, that’s preorder and the chart doesnt show that much of sales. SNSD, on the other hand, has sold their latest album more that 500K in Japan only and that’s recorded in Oricon.

        • pinky

          I seem to remember an instance when Oricon decided not to include JYJ’s album sales or something else in their charts even though they were massive (and even without promotions) because Avex decided that it was akin to promoting JYJ even if it was released under Avex’s name. If that wasn’t the case and if JYJ was actually allowed to promote in Japan, I have no doubt they would dominate all the charts you’re talking about. Plus, 500k as pre-order alone and NOT have that on charts? It’s very fishy.

          • Akicha

            Yes, fishy, isn’t it?

        • tvxqfangirl85

          If JYJ fans are only looking at their idol, how is it that I know that SNSD hasn’t had any real global activities and yet you seem to think that they are more internationally popular than JYJ? While SNSD were having the SM Town Tour in the Tokyo Dome, JYJ held their own concert there. And we all know about that bulk buying that Sones love to do…but that’s another story. I’m trying to figure out why SNSD fans keep saying that “only JYJ fans care about them”, like the general public cares about Kpop in Korea. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you go to Korea you will see that Kpop is a niche. This is the reason why fanclubs exist because they are the only ones willing to buy these idols merchandise while everyone else steals it off the internet. Hence TVXQ/JYJ have the highest record sells because they have the most fans. This general public that you speak of does not buy anything.

          Also, please go to these following sites and tell them that JYJ aren’t internationally popular: JYJSpain, JYJTurkey, JYJ Their Rooms (Japan), JYJ Germany, JYJ USA, JYJ Malaysia, JYJ Australia, JYJ Singapore, JYJ Mexico and such. I’m sure they’ll have a big laugh. The reason you wouldn’t know about how international JYJ are is because you haven’t been paying attention.

          • Akicha

            The only reason SNSD hasn’t had global activity is because, guess what, they doesn’t need it. Japanese market is way bigger than all American tour JYJ could come up with. Why should they? They don’t have activities in east coast doesn’t mean people there doesn’t know them or they don’t have huge popularity all over the world. If you want to throw in list of twitter accounts, well then go to soshified dot com and see how many members from how many countries they have there. Not to mention each country has its own fanclub. Maybe you don’t realize it yet, but right now, SNSD is like Spice Girls in their height of popularity, while JYJ is like Stephen Gately after he admitted he’s gay and built solo career. fanclubs in each countries.

          • Heyhey

            @Akicha- WOAH, a butthurt fan!~ I’m sure you are of the dozen “kpop” fans that are ignorant of other groups success. SNSD DOESN’T DO GLOBAL ACTIVITIES BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE FAN BASE TO SUPPORT IT! Why are you comparing a MARKET to a simple tour? Shows you don’t know anything that you are talking about! SNSD IS NOT LIKE SPICE GIRLS! IT’S LIKE SAYING RAIN IS MICHEAL JACKSON! Your outrageous incorrect “facts” are showing you’re not credible. SNSD will not reach the popularity of JYJ, let alone DBSK, but they are not marketing their talents. They are just like Super Junior just marketing probably fake personalities. SNSD only became big because Wondergirls and KARA left Korea( and DBSK breaking up help them too) that’s why they are not that popular in any other country except Korea. In Japan, KARA dominates and in China, Wondergirls does.

    • MICKY808

      Sorry to say but SNSD is not popular or more known then JYJ internationally. Most fans might know who they are because of DBSK but some don’t. You have new fans who were introduced to JYJ by their dramas, movies and musicals and also their own written and composed songs.

      All this cockblocking is just making KBS, SM and others look really pathetic. Three guys vs the entertainment industry. Don’t you think their scared of the popluarity that JYJ brings?

      JYJ = Talent Artist
      SNSD = Looks or talent?

      • Akicha

        However, I have said nothing about JYJ’s talent. Yes, they’re talented, but SNSD has mass appeal. And I have nothing againts SNSD’s looks, too =))

        • tvxqfangirl85

          SNSD is only ACTUALLY popular in Korea. Hence why they haven’t had any international activities without SM Town. Some of their success in Japan is real and some of it is fabricated by the Korean media and their fans. While you’re going around with your uninformed rhetoric you may want to actually figure out who JYJ are because it’s quite clear to me that you have no idea. The reason that JYJ can survive and still have success with all the cockblocking in Korea is because they have so many fans elsewhere. If a group like SNSD ever got cockblocked in Korea, sorry to say but they’d be finished.

  • Dumb JYJ-Fangirls

    It is funny how JYJ fangirls over-rate JYJ’s popularity. JYJ isnt DBSK (5 of them) and JYJ isnt as popular as SNSD today. I have no problem in admitting that DBSK5 are more popular than SNSD but JYJ3 isnt.

    Point #1) SNSD and DBSK in Japan. SNSD has only been in for less than 1 year while DBSK was in Japan for 5+ years. And of course DBSK ‘paved’ the way for Korean music artists in Japan but lets look at some real numbers.

    1) SNSD Debut Japanese Album (2011) = 520,000+ Sold (and still charting)
    2) TVXQ Debut Japanese Album (2006) = 56,000 Total Sold
    3) TVXQ Best Selling Japanese Album ‘Best Selection (2010)’ = 581,000 Total Sold

    Point #2) Lets talk about how popular JYJ (again not DBSK but JYJ) is internationally. JYJ’s 2011 World Tour attendance in the US :

    1a) NOKIA Theatre L.A. Live Los Angeles, Calif. May 27, 2011 3,442 Tickets Sold / 4,318 Seats
    1b) Event Center Arena San Jose, Calif. June 3, 2011 1,647 Tickets Sold / 3,357 Seats
    2) Meanwhile while JYJ was performing in front of 1600 people in San Jose, SNSD just finished a 15 soldout concert tour in Japan where they played to over 200,000 total concert-goers. SNSD has also held soldout concerts as part of their Asian World Tour in Shanghai, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia
    3) SNSD (along with SMTown) held SOLDOUT (not 1600 tickets sold in a 3300 seat venue) concerts in Los Angeles and Paris

    The source for the above JYJ Attendance numbers is Billboard Boxscore. Billboard did not report the numbers for JYJ’s concert for their New Jersey concert (because it was so low?) and of course Billboard doesnt report on JYJ’s attendance numbers for their concerts in Canada or Asia.

    Point #3) Somebody mentioned in the comments about JYJ’s popularity in China?

    1) According to a Yahoo survey of the Hallyu wave in China, among Korean music artists SNSD is #5. Of course JYJ (or DBSK for that matter) is nowhere to be found
    Source : http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20110628-00000003-scn-cn.view-000 (Article is in Japanese)
    2) According to a survey among Chinese portals (such as Baidu or Sina), SNSD is #2 among top Hallyu stars among the Chinese (Again JYJ is nowhere to be found)
    Source : http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/blogs/okpop/kim-hyun-joong-is-top-asian-hallyu-star-in-china.html
    3) If you want to see a funny vid about an overzealous Chinese fan at a SNSD performance in Beijing just google ‘Chinasmack + Girls Generation’

    I love how JYJ-fangirls overrate JYJ popularity and underrate the popularity of SNSD. In the year 2011, SNSD is more popular worldwide than JYJ.

    • tvxqfangirl85

      You bring out all of this yet you still can’t explain why it is that JYJ are able to make two world tours and yet SNSD must follow the coat tails of Homin and other male SME groups. That’s funny. Once again, this is about being international and SNSD isn’t very international. Do you see the recent poll results for the groups with the most fans in Vietnam, you did you notice that SNSD is nowhere on there anywhere? Also, for this event in question, do you know how many votes SNSD brought in? Only 4,000 which only brought in over $600. You need to face the fact that SNSD’s popularly is mainly contained in Korea. They are not a global group. And they have almost as many anti fans as they do die hard fans.

    • MICKY808

      Lol your sources are wrong. You can’t trust everything you read also TVXQ albums have sold more then that so far. It’s funny how snsd fans overrate JYJ popularity. These boys are being blocked and still coming out strong. I laughed at the part where you said snsd being popular worldwide……yeah right.

    • JYJkiss

      Huh. Yeah right. Underestimate my a**. Are you a die-hard soshi fan? Sure, SNSD and Homin are popular right now, but if JYJ was able to broadcast and come out on shows and stuff, they would maybe be more popular than Homin, definitely more popular than SNSD. The only reason that people think SNSD is more popular than JYJ right now is because you see SNSD on tv, in commercials, music programs, variety programs. The only thing you see JYJ on tv is Jaejoong and Yoochun on dramas. And do you want to compare drama ratings? Yoona (SNSD)’s drama Cinderella Man got a 9% episode rating nationwide for the first episode. Jaejoong’s drama ‘Protect the Boss’ which is airing right now, got a 12% nationwide audience. It was ranked 6th highest nationwide for episode ratings. And, just because SNSD went to Europe, it doesn’t mean that they’re ‘World Stars’ like JYJ. JYJ had worldwide concerts. The toughest music industry to break into for k-pop stars is America. Not Europe. Besides, SNSD wouldn’t have the guts to sue SM.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VC2EOYR62TY5TOO25PFQPYEK5Y Nicholas Gabriel

        erm, u should compare with a drama when her ratings owned 

        go check the ratings for You Are My Destiny

        lol sometimes i keep having this notion that the craziness of JYJ fans is not restricted to a delusional small group
        but i keep my hopes up that one day i’ll meet a jyj supporter who isnt delusional
        like you, or the few others i’ve seen commenting here

  • tvxqfangirl85

    @Akicha: LOL keep telling yourself that! If SME could send them to America, they would do it in a heart beat. In stead they have to follow Homin around everywhere. Did you see the poster for the Australian Kpop concert? Did you notice how big Homin’s picture was compared to everyone else? And while there will be a big Kpop concert in Germany, JYJ are planning to headline their own tour in Germany. That’s the difference. JYJ may not be called TVXQ anymore, but they still have their same popularity along with new fans that never really got into DBSK5’s music. In Japan, Jaejoong alone is more popular than SNSD and Kara. And how dare you compare SNSD to Spice Girls, who were world famous. Not simply famous in Korea and mildly famous in Japan. SNSD was supposed to debut in China. The reason they didn’t is because that’s where most STAND members are located.

  • Akicha

    Keep telling my self what, exactly? It’s a fact, SNSD doesn’t need to hold concert in US to prove their popularity. Even Soshified founder resides in States. Does SM has to send SNSD gallivanting to States to earn 2.75billions (JYJ’s earning in North America) not even 1/10 of 52billions they have gained in Japan alone during first half of 2011 according tvn news? And don’t tell me about Japanese view of JYJ*headdesk* After worked in Japan for more than 5years, Japanese public bound to know KJJ… as former member of DBSK. If you are to ask random Japanese if they know KJJ, off course, but if they know any of JYJ’s songs? Expect a blank stare, but I can guarantee the same person could at least chant the reff of SNSD’s Mr. Taxi. Surely you can at least be objective and don’t deny it there. And for tagging along, it’s SMTOWN, Korea charity, and Mubank concert for heaven’s sake. Many Korean artists participated, not only SNSD and TVXQ. It’s not as if TVXQ holds their own concert and SNSD appears to promote themselves. And see above, SNSD has held their own concert tour with more than 100k viewers and more than 400k applicants. They certainly don’t have other’s artist name on the album they sold more than 500k. Mildly popular in Japan? Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Wake up. Even when presented with cold numbers, it amazes me how JYJ fans stay in denial.

    • tvxqfangirl85

      You keep telling yourself that SNSD don’t need to debut in America to show their popularity. You do know that SME would send them if they could but they couldn’t even headline the Hollywood by themselves, Shinee had to go along with them. Also, I know Japanese view well too. I’m not some fangirl that doesn’t do my homework and doesn’t know what’s going on in Japan. Did I say that JYJ aren’t former members of DBSK? Please read my comment and tell me where I mentioned something like that. Everyone knows that. And as a person who does marketing research I can tell you that asking a random Japanese person about someone’s songs doesn’t qualify as a positive correlation to JYJ not being popular as we all know everyone in Japan are not fans of one particular group. Would it make sense for me to go to Shinjuku to a random noodle house and ask if anyone can sing a SNSD song? How would that prove their popularity/non-popularity? It’s called sample error. And I am being objective my darling as I have already said that SNSD is very popular in KOREA. But to say that they are more popular INTERNATIONALLY would be a gross misinterpretation of the facts at hand. Which is why they have yet to hold concerts abroad without SM Town (which you still haven’t appropriately addressed) even 2ne1 hold concerts in the Phillipines. SNSD follow Homin around in concerts, on Japanese TV shows like Hey Hey Hey and did you see the Homin area in a 7Eleven in Tokyo? It was a big area with all their stuff and placed in the middle were SNSD’s cd and trading cards. Yeah, they do it all on their own. And those numbers you reporting are suspect, most Kpop fans know that many of the groups now in Japan (not just SNSD) have fabricated info by the Korean media and by their fans bulk buying. That’s hardly impressive when people feel that it’s not 100% factual. Like I said, only half of SNSD accomplishments are real and the rest are exaggerated. Cold numbers? Didn’t JYJ make $6 million (USD) for two nights in Seoul? Didn’t fans come from Germany, Japan, the US, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and France to see them there? Aren’t they currently ranked as some of the highest paid CF stars in Korea while SNSD is barely on the list? Didn’t their album Their Rooms, which was sold as a book, beat out Harry Potter’s numbers? Didn’t SNSD only yield 4,000 votes for Jeju at this event at hand? We’re not talking full of hot air. Just because you’ve only been paying attention to SNSD doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on with your group. I have watched SNSD since their debut. I know that they work hard and have risen above a lot of adversity to get where they are now. I don’t deny any of it. But I draw the line when people try to make me believe something that just isn’t true.

      • tvxqfangirl85

        *Hollywood Bowl

  • MICKY808

    Snsd is not that popular outside of korea. Yunho and Changmin are actually promoting them with this hallyu wave the media is throwing around these days. Sm would not bring them to the states to hold a concerts because their fanbase isn’t as strong over here as it’s in Korea. Also you have to realize JYJ made that much while being blocked and sweetie US dollars are worth more than YEN. I also don’t trust tvn news source.

    • Alexa

      I agree with you on everything but the Yen being worth less than the US dollar. It isn’t. The Yen is worth more. If you were to trade in $100 for Yen, you’d loose about $30. In Japan the don’t really have cents like the US does. But to make it easy, 1 yen = 1 cent. If you traded 100 US dollars, you’d get about 7,700 Yen. Just move the decimals.

  • Akicha

    Both are in korean won, ‘sweetie’, and yeah, ‘sweetie’, trust JYJ fans not too believe anything unless it’s in their favor=doesn’t have good grasp to general perspective.

    • tvxqfangirl85

      You do know that JYJ’s internaitonal album The Beginning only sold 300,000 in Korea right? The rest was in USD. Unlike SNSD, they actually make US dollars since they have a fan base here not just an Soshified administer-type who resides here. And I think it’s funny that you say this “trust JYJ fans not too believe anything unless it’s in their favor=doesn’t have good grasp to general perspective” when Sones are the main ones who reject anything that doesn’t glorify SNSD and say “you trust everything that you read on the internet?” I can’t tell you how many Sones on AllKpop say this. But as soon as it’s good news, you accept it right away. What happened to all that objectivity? It goes out the window. However, earlier this year when JYJ were named the representative group of KPOP, even Cassies and JYJ fans alike rejected the poll results because it didn’t make sense to what we know to be true (it had 2pm ahead of Big Bang and TVXQ5). And if you go ask a non-Cassie or JYJ fan who is more internationally popular, they will choose JYJ over SNSD simply because they promote in the USA, which is the most global industry and have appeared on Billboard magazine. While SNSD promotes in Japan, where JYJ have been quite popular for years. I’m a very fact based person and if the facts don’t make sense, I will not accept them.

      • Akicha

        It’s funny how you insisting that JYJ is more internationally popular simply because they promote in States, while the thing is, JYJ have to promote in States because they are blocked in Korea and Japan. See “Dumb JYJ-Fangirls” comment, it’s not even as if JYJ sold out their concerts’ ticket there. If SNSD wants to hold concert in States, they certainly will, but once again, why sending them to States if actvities in Japan is more benefitting? And about TVN e news, well off course SNSD, for activity in Japan, made money in yen, and JYJ, for US activities, made money in USD initially. TVN converts them all (along with other artists’ revenues)to KRW so people can compare. You said don’t believe all you got from internet? That E news from TVN is originally broadcasted in Korean TV station before made it all over the internet. DBSKnights,I believe a quite popular DBSK fansite, apparently believe it enough to post it on their website. Search it.
        I’ll give you an example. Recently in June, Japanese musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist ‘Kitaro’ visit several countries in South Asia. Simply because he held showcases there and were reported by respectable medias, would you jump to the conclusion that he is more well known than, for example, L’Arc-en-Ciel, Ayumi Hamasaki, or AKB48? It’s a wrong logic.
        Initially international fans outside Korea and to some extend Japan and China where several Korean artists have debuted, only have internet as their access to their idols. If the more popular ones like Big-Bang, 2NE1, TVXQ, SNSD were to hold concert in European, Asian and American countries, the fans surely will welcome them enthusiastically BUT so far apparently JYJ fans’ enthusiasm was not enough to sell out their concerts.

        • tvxqfangirl85

          Never said they are more popular because of the States, don’t you think that’s the reason for me keep mentioning their world tour sweetie? Wasn’t I talking about Japan as well? I guess you missed the part where JYJ held their own sold out tour at the Tokyo Dome and how they set a new record in Japan (after DBSK5 of course) and also how they broke Seo Taji’s touring record (the godfather of Kpop)And please stop using TVN news as your source because everyone knows they are one of the leading sources of over-exaggerated Kpop news. If I want to get brain washed into believing Hallyu is taking over the world, I will go there and read what they have to say. But, no thanks. And it’s funny you keep saying how much JYJ made in the US when their American company Warner Music hasn’t released any finite numbers. How amazing that you know what many JYJ fans and Cassies don’t even know! Here’s a tip if you’re new to kpop, don’t take every figure that the media reports to you as a fact. There was a recent article about how JYJ earn so much money compared to other groups and while it’s true that they earn a lot more than before, no one actually knows how much they have earned this year. So those numbers you’re throwing at me are arbitrary and we know how the Korean media loves to toy with those. And actually, you bringing up Kpop international marketing versus Jpop is the wrong way to go. As any Japanese music magazine will tell you, the Japanese way of marketing their acts internationally is not as in your face as the Korean’s. So, if this act Kitaro wasn’t featured on any heavily consumed news broadcasts like Reuters, on Billboard magazine covers and on international websites, how can you make an accurate comparison. That’s indeed faulty logic and research. And once again the reason that JYJ are able to hold international concerts, as the headliners and not apart of a conglomerate Kpop company, is because they alone have enough of their own target market. I can see from the way that you present your facts that you’re good at looking up supporting data yet not very succinct at actually interpreting them. How can you possibly think that a whole bunch of Kpop acts toting around together (which of course will ensure that they can pack a stadium) be the same as one act promoting via concerts by themselves? To a person like me who compares analysis all the time, that doesn’t make much sense. Many of these acts that follow Homin around couldn’t get their own concert abroad even if they wanted to. And um, I wouldn’t hold my breath on SNSD in the US because they kind of have tons of anti-fans here since that Hollywood Bowl incident. Yeah, that would be a big mistake.

      • Akicha

        Now, if SNSD to hold concerts “there”, how much enthusiasm will they receive. Lets see from the enthusiasm they receive via initial artist-fans bridging media, the internet. You tube is the easiest. These are SNSD’s top viewed MVs in Youtube:
        5.Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) 9,075,520 views.
        4.Hoot 14,487,936 views
        3. Run Devil Run 27,003,886 views
        2. Oh! 39,091,864 views
        1. Gee 48,603,325 views
        JYJ’s Ayygirl official MV= 1,067,232 views
        “Hoot” was uploaded to SM official channel on Oct 27, 2010, around the same time with “Ayygirl” which was uploaded on Nov 2010, and that’s more than whooping 13 millions difference in views.
        That’s a fact. Are you going to find some way to refute it by saying “Oh, JYJ fans doesn’t need to see MV to appreciate their talent, unlike SNSD”? Whatever. We’re talking about POPULARITY and GENERAL MASS APPEAL here, right? It’s not a mere 500k (like SNSD sold album), not 1 million, not 5 millions, not 10 millions, but a staggering more than 13 millions in dfference. Whatever you want to say about Sones can also be applied to Cassies, but when the number is that much please don’t come up with ridiculous argument.

      • Akicha

        I don’t have any problem with your claim that DBSK is the one who pave the way for other Korean artist to build their career in Japan. I certainly give them, JYJ as a part of them at that time, that credit, and I respect them for that. Even SNSD Soo Young said in NHK Japan SNSD Special that, “Maybe a lot of people know us from internet or you tube, but more important than that, it’s because hard work from our Seniors BoA and DBSK. We are thankful to them and we feel that we have to work hard also for our juniors.”
        However, we’re talking about current SNSD and current JYJ’s popularity, are we not? Here’s a fact you love so much. JYJ’s Japanese album ‘The_’,released when they were still under Avex and free to promote, sold 175K based on Oricon Japanese album chart. Compare that to SNSD’s Japanese album.
        If the above facts don’t make sense to you, I don’t know what will, and I think I can be justified when I said “JYJ fans don’t have good grasp to general mass persepctive.” End of story.

        • tvxqfangirl85

          I never made the claim that DBSK5 paved the way for other Kpop acts in Japan, that’s simply an accepted fact by even non-Cassies and that’s hardly the issue here. And yes, I remember when Sooyoung said that (everyone knows she’s a bit of a Cassie and she’s so happens to be my favorite SNSD member *Changsoo FTW*). And yes, we are talking about current popularity which is why I haven’t bored you with the endless list of DBSK5 achievements. From the start I have only been talking about JYJ alone as my main point. Isn’t that who this article is about? And everything that I’ve stated is current. You see my problem with you is that you’re saying that JYJ fans only know JYJ info when it’s quite clear to me that you have to go look these facts about them up. Yet, you have no tangible way to interpret them since you don’t know their full situation. Firstly, “when they were still under Avex” I guess you’re one of those people who read some article about them being dropped. Well, that is false. They are currently still under Avex as we speak and Avex continues to release JYJ calenders, dvds and album abait they don’t get paid for it and their sells don’t get reported as Avex is cockblocking them off of the Oricon charts, hence you will not find any data for them. And secondly, you seem to think that album sells is an all telling part of one’s popularity. When in Japan, it says more that an act like JYJ can book the Tokyo Dome for two nights and have the place completely sold out just for them. Also, how Kim Jaejoong can be the first Korean to star on a Dorama (Jap drama) as well the first Korean on the cover of An An and Kim Junsu can release a solo single and top the Oricon charts by himself. And once again, I already told you that SNSD’s Japanese album numbers are suspect to me since I already know about their fans’ bulk buying. So, I hardly find it impressive. “JYJ fans don’t have good grasp to general mass persepctive.” And this ending quote made me laugh so much. It’s funny when Kpop fans get so riled up and don’t realize how delusional they seem. There’s all this talk from SNSD fans about “general audience” but you do realize that there’s no real general awareness for any Kpop act, no matter how popular they are right? If you think for a second that the majority of Koreans in Korea are bumping Kpop tunes in their car, you are fooling yourself. Kpop music is a niche group, even in Korea. It took me a while to figure it out but I count on. You say that JYJ fans don’t know about mass perception when you and other fans like you still don’t realize that the only ones who truly know or care about these Kpop idols are simply their fans. The mass perception as whole is that Kpop is for kids and it’s copycat music that fades away along with an idols popularity. But I guess you’ll have to see it for yourself….

    • MICKY808

      Are you dumb or what???
      USA = US Dollars
      Japan = Yen
      Korea = Won
      JYJ has made money in all three places!!!

      • Akicha

        Are you dumb or what? I clearly mentioned “JYJ’s US activities”, and while it certainly USD initially, the TV station converts it to KRW along with other artists’ revenues so the Korean public can comprehend and compare! I bet you don’t even check the news first, you can easily google it and even find it on DBSKnights website, less you won’t come up with this moronic comment. See my reply for tvxqfangirl85 above.

        • Mimmay

          I really don’t understand all this bickering about who’s more popular (btw, should be more effective, not more popular) since it seems totally irrelevant to me. Anyone with a reasonable mind knows this is not the reason why JYJ was cast aside. I think both JYJ and SNSD have their own fans and are effective in their own way. If KBS and Jeju really cares about promoting this, they should have allowed both JYJ and SNSD to perform together. We all know the real reason why that didn’t happen. Fans are not upset at SNSD. They’re upset because KBS is not telling the truth.

          BTW, it doesn’t matter how well known you are. What matters is if these people that know of your existence would actually go out and vote for Jeju Island just because you are endorsing it. The only way to mildly track this “effectiveness” is to check the number of votes Jeju got when JYJ first started endorsing it and the number of votes that came in when SNSD and fx performed. Of course, this is still a flawed assessment because we can’t assume that all votes that came in are solely because of JYJ and/or SNSD. Plus, JYJ started promoting earlier than SNSD so, to be fair, we would have to give it a couple more months. But like I said, it’s not important who’s more effective because that statement by KBS is just pure BS.

          • JYJkiss

            Amen to that!

        • MICKY808

          I know how to speak and read in Korean why would I need google or DBSKnights to get my information. I don’t trust their news source.

          How in the hell can you compare JYJ ayy girl which is one video to snsd which has more then one videos? Girl you are just plain “Stupid”. Their video are under sm so of course their views are going to be high just like shinee and super junior. Also just because you have high views doesn’t mean you are popular.

          JYJ album The also sold more than 175,000 copies and also their ablum was blocked from the charts when they left avex.
          Snsd is not that popularity overseas, the Korean media just loves to exaggerate things just like how they exaggerated when they went to Europe.

        • Heyhey

          @Akicha-I did and its garbage like all of your other posts -___-

  • magda-lia

    As an international fan (USA – ITALY) what puzzle me is that these big companies are boycotting JYJ. What is the reason? I can only think that politics wins again. Do they fear the inevitable changes that will come to their power over influencing and deciding arbitrarily what the people should listen to forever?? Despite not allowing JYJ to perform they have great fan support partially because they were part of the original DBSK, but also because the have the courage to stand up for their right to follow their dream. Moreover JYJ have great talent and presence. Despite everything that is happened they will succeed because beside the support from their fans, they have the respect from peer from allover the world.

  • jess

    Wow, I think this is kinda way off– since it’s all about JYJ and KBS. I think they have their own market guys— it’s not something that must being compared each other. I love both of them, TVXQ, JYJ, SNSD. I know some of us are mad about the cancelation– but I think we must respect each other– what if it was the opposite? No Sones will accept that either–Please do not bash *or whatever it called* each other–

  • jijiben

    in the business world , there’s such a difference between something popular and another effective, the effectiveness comes first we don’t need talking we need acting .
    many people ( including me) voted for jeju mainly because of jyj , i felt cheated the day they announced that jyj wouldn’t perfrom , why would jeju officials choose them ? ( oh i forgot them and another 4 or 5 companies for which they’re the ambassadors… maybe the couldn’t afford snsd or another sm band:D)
    anyway i agree , snsd is really popular but so is jyj , as long as u dont have a basis from wich u can say that they’re not , then ur opinion becomes quite presumptuous and with no real doubt .
    yes kbs is business company , so they couldn’t afford upseting Sm, seriously who told u so… most boy and girl groups cannot live up without those brodcating companies , cause they’re selling their faces and bodies mostly ( i’m not jusging ) , so if kbs is forgetting about their business ethics do u think that they should be forgiven !!!
    i don’t know maybe i’m wrong , and about the youtube comment , yes they snsd have lots of views , but out of ……… views only 500k bought their cds , waw admirable artists , ANd for 1 million view , 800k bought their only album and this without promoting , what fo u say about that ,
    well then i guess m point is clear
    (by the way i like snsd too)

  • H7zAngel

    I feel sorry for JYJ….It sounds like they are being treated like Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, and many other African-American singers were back in their time….They were not allowed to preform in certain parts of the south because of bigotry and racism…Shoot for a longtime there was even problems in the country music business…If you wanted your music heard on the radio or on the billboard charts you had to pay for with cash money or your stuff would be thrown in the trash. When Hip Hop first came out no one wanted to play it on the radio. When the Beattles came from England to the United States they were put down. When Elvis Presley first came out into the music world he was disliked. Michael Jackson and his brothers struggled when they first were on the music scene…Even Selena had it hard………This stuff did and does not just happen in the music business. It happened in the World of Boxing back in 1908, it happens in everyday life. Publicly putting down these men (I say this because here in the United States if you are over 18 yrs old you are an adult legally) who are trying to make a living at what they do best in their life is shameful. That is one sure fire way to either crush someone’s dreams or to tick them off even more and have them crush someone else’s dreams when they open their own company (if they have not thought about that). You know that is why a lot of artists in the United States open their own recording and production studios. That way they can do what they want…And as for fans you are going to have some that hate you and some that will die for you…My daughter and I personally like the boy bands/groups from South Korea more then we do the female bands/groups. There are some boy bands we don’t like and there are some girl bands we do like….I am a fan of 2NE1 more than I am of SNSD but I would never publicly humiliate them in such awful words or actions….I am sure in every country there has been people that their country has loved and has hated…I personally can name four countries that my family members have originated from before coming to the United States over 250 years ago. And


    Yes I agree SNSD is way more popular and globally recognised by JYJ, or even DBSK. SNSD is at the epitome of the Korean Wave of today, and are at it’s peak, leading the wave into the Western world, into Europe and even the much-sought-after United States. I live in the West, and I can assure you that SNSD has more non-ethnic Asian fans in Europe compared to JYJ or even DBSK. Of course, these non-Asian fans have mostly heard of the “legendary” boy band DBSK, but they’re fans of the new, more polished, Kpop, a Kpop of SNSD, SHINee, 2NE1…these European and American fans are newest generation of Kpop fans, and they are the future of Hallyu. I am personally a huge fan of SNSD and SHINee, and I’m glad they’re recognised by over a tenth of my school population, and rising – fast. JYJ lacks attention on YouTube and media sites and also lack good songs and dances, and so they’re not as popular amongst the hottest generation of Kpop fans – the new non-Asian Westerners.

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  • JYJ4ever


  • Christie Jung

    Patricia’s articles about JYJ are always so biased. She tries to seem like she’s on JYJ’s side, but at the same time, she blames everything on JYJ. Same for this case. She makes it seem like JYJ are the bad guys, believing that SBS would let them on, and then get their dreams crushed or whatever. As a Cassie, this is really annoying. All her other articles aren’t biased, but anything to do with JYJ, she makes JYJ look bad. Gawd, I wish she’d just stop writing about JYJ if she’s gonna continue dissing them and making them look like the villains of the scandals.

    And one more thing…what is up with this part?

    “Who would you invite to your house for tea: the nice, well-behaved girls next door, or the three rogues with a history of shaking things up?” 

    Seriously. Is it JYJ’s fault for wanting to leave SM’s money-hungry company? Sure, I love f(x), Super Junior, SNSD, and the remaining members of TVXQ, but if I were in JYJ’s place, with the money issues and thirteen-year contracts, I’d want to leave, too. But Patricia here makes it seem like JYJ left the company purely to stir up trouble for fans and the KPOP industry. And excuse me, but how can you be called a rogue for wanting some freedom? I mean, if you trained long and hard, finally debuted, and worked hard for several years, doing TV shows, going to events, and putting on concerts, I’d want to get paid fairly for my work. And as much as I love SNSD, not all of the members are “well-behaved” as Patricia so sweetly puts it. Tiffany’s always caught up in scandals for being rude, and Taeyeon said a cuss word on air. I don’t think that’s what Koreans see as “well-behaved” – and I’m a Korean. That incident got Taeyeon a fair amount of bashing. 

    I know I’m ranting, but honestly, Patricia’s articles about JYJ aren’t fair and from a neutral point of view. If she wanted to be a writer about KPOP, she can’t go around showing her opinions in her articles – those are for the readers to comment on. And it’s unfair how she always says JYJ causes the problems, JYJ members are thoughtless for leaving SM for freedom, JYJ this, JYJ that. Is it so wrong to want some freedom? If you’re a singer, and you aren’t given the freedom to perform, I’d be pretty upset, too, but Patricia just makes it seem like the three broadcasting companies and SM are perfectly innocent, while JYJ are the thoughtless, selfish, money-hungry ones.

    *P.S: I’m a huge fan of SM’s singers [DB5K forever!] but honestly, some things in this article was just unfair!* 

    • Arcticmoonrise

      Gurl, remember next time that Seoulbeats is an editorial website, not a news site. I’m a DBSK fan, more specifically a Junsu fan, and I feel hurt too everytime they’re shunned by broadcasting companies but I understand the point that Patricia wants to make. She’s a DBSK fan too but unlike most fangirls, she tries to view things on an objective manner which is very different from our usual reactions. Please don’t just people too easily just because they don’t agree with your POV or they’re in the minority.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VC2EOYR62TY5TOO25PFQPYEK5Y Nicholas Gabriel

    i personally have a different view on this though

    lets see, i personally believe that in the industry, people dont want to work with JYJ(eg. let them go on programmes) because they had set a bad example in the Kpop industry

    taking them in means that you approve of them breaking away after they are successful.
    no company in their right mind would want to let a popular artist under their wing break away
    hence, there’s this invisible wall the blocks JYJ everytime because the companies want to discourage their artists from doing the same thing in the future

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jerms85 ‘Jerms Jeremy

    Some of the kids commenting here obviously havent gone on and worked in a corporate environment before.

    Case in point: In the industry I’m currently working in, there has NEVER been a sacking of anybody in the last 50 years for the mid and upper executive posts, you’re just “encouraged” to leave. The last time a sacking occurred, there was a court case and the plaintiff actually won on the grounds of unfair treatment by the senior management and unjust dismissal.

    However he then had to switch jobs and start from scratch in a totally unrelated industry(finance sector) as nobody was willing to hire him.

    It’s basically an unwritten rule everywhere(not just kpop and whatever) that you do NOT sue your employer especially if it’s purely just on the grounds of personal gains for YOURSELVES ONLY. You guys may think it’s unfair and all, but unfortunately that’s life and it sure as shit ain’t ideal but we just gotta make the best of it.

    Take note I’m no JYJ hater as I think all 5 of them are extremely talented and thoroughly deserve their status as kings of Kpop and more importantly, the pioneers who made it possible for the current flood of hallyu acts debuting in Japan.

  • HereIAm!

    I think this write got hit in the head with something? In what world is SNSD more popular than DBSK? Next you going to say SNSD is the most popular in JAPAN? xD I don’t see what JYJ did that was wrong? They were being financial conned and SM Enteriment was too greedy to give them their fair share! Imagine if big artists in America were conned of their hard earned money? Oh, and you’re saying that women and men who sue their companies for givng them less than they deserve are selfish and suck it up?

    • Anonymous


      an did you see this months japan  mostfamous idol charts?

      2-(some japanese idol)

      :anyways .i think what SM (we allknow sm is behind this) is fuck up an needs to get killed an everyone else who is giving their back to JYJ..
      but jyj doesnt need corrupt korean media…. 

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  • Igeoffrey

    I think you had the wrong information.Don”t you  know that JYJ is also famous through out europe,plus they are more to world tour rather than focussing on 1 region.I”M A BIG FAN OF JYJ AND SNSD,i”m a hardcore fan of both of them.Don”t you know that JYJ basically the biggest contributer of HALLYU WAVE.NEXT TIME WRITE SOMETHING WHEN YOU HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    *(READ)* HEY SOMEONE WANNA HELP GIVE ME ADVICE PLEASEEE?:) I am thinking about audition for SM on Feb 18th .can someone tell me why I should or shouldn’t ?I feel like I don’t know SM as much so this would help if someone told me why i should or shoudnt?Thank you!

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  • Roshni Nair

    well someone has to break out of the system to change it for the better. if you ask me, i think these guys are quite cool to decide to take their own path…they’re worth it. SM entertainment- go boil your heads, you idiots….JYJ has plenty of talent and enough fan support…they’ll do well on their own..

  • http://www.facebook.com/OjiShachouJHOLICS Andi Oji Nuruljihad

    Sorry to post on an old article, but I just wanted to commend you for a fair and well-written opinion piece regarding a culturally-important issue. JYJ are setting a precedent that could potentially be a game-changer in K-Pop and J-Pop. This article shed a much-needed light on the political and economic game that labels are playing behind the scenes. I appreciate your candor and objectivity in summing up this entire saddening situation. Here’s hoping this entire fiasco settles as quickly as possible.

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  • yuuki

    this is really late comment but patrica just shut up please just shut up. i really hate people like you who think they are on the right track because everyone is doing so even though you clearly know its not right. how are you any different that that Asshole SM, SBS, KBS, MBC, LEON, MNET and more??
    i hate that you call yourself their fan!

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