Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed during the past week:


  • Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. The original sentence given to her for collusion and accepting bribes was 24 years, before the prosecution demanded for a longer sentence.
  • B.A.P‘s Bang Yongguk will be leaving the group, and the group will continue on with 5 members. After the expiration of his contract, he has decided not to continue with TS EntertainmentYongguk took to Instagram to send his fans a heartfelt letter about his departure from B.A.P.
  • Following the reveal of Hyuna and E-dawn‘s dating scandal, Cube Entertainment has stated that E-dawn will be taking an indefinite hiatus from Pentagon’s future promotions. The group will be promoting with 8 members for a while as fellow member Yanan takes a break to take care of his health.
  • Hwayoung and LJ seem to be caught up in a messy scandal. After the two were revealed to be dating in the past, Hwayoung mentioned in an interview that the relationship had been brief, but an abusive one. To which, LJ replied that her claims were lies and that the idol-turned-actress was extremely manipulative. Both their agencies have not said anything, except to deny the dating claims.
  • Jeon Somi has left JYP Entertainment. A former I.O.I member, she had promoted with JYP for approximately a year before both parties came to a mutual agreement to end her contract.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist above for the compilation of this week’s releases!
  • BTS came back with “Idol” for Love Yourself: Answer, with an alternate version of the song that features Nicki Minaj. According to a reply made by her to her fan on Instagram, there’ll be another version of the music video featuring her.
  • Loona debuted with “Hi High“, and their mini-album, ++ (plus plus), was extremely well-received.
  • Up10tion claimed you’re “So Beautiful” in their latest music video.
  • Lee Bada showed off her groovy voice in “Night Dream“.
  • Urban Zakapa‘s Jo Hyun Ah had a cute “Confession” to make in her music video.
  • 10cm released a live version for their latest single, “Mattress“.

Teasers & Announcements

Other News

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