Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The 2018 Dream Concert was held this past weekend with Taemin, Seventeen, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Astro, NCT, Lovelyz, GFriend and more taking the stage.
  • The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism ruled that the suspicious spike in Momoland‘s Great! album sales was the result of a partnership with a Japanese distributor and not a case of bulk-buying. However, Hanteo remains skeptical and has petitioned for the necessary documents to be made public as well as the unmasking of which company bought the albums.
  • Following a legal back and forth that has been on-going since March, singer Kim Heung-guk was cleared of sexual assault charges this week. Seoul Gwangjin Police said they were unable to find any evidence that the singer sexually assaulted A back in 2016.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Dreamcatcher expanded on their dark narrative with “You and I.” Check out our review!
  • Yong Junhyung said Goodbye 20’s with the lead single “Go Away.” Look forward to our album review soon!
  • Teen Top‘s latest MV celebrates all the fun fashion and streetscapes you might see out on a “Seoul Night.”
  • Marmello rocked out on Seoul rooftops in “Moonlight.”
  • Tropical house and colorful basements take center stage in Cross Gene‘s “Touch It.”
  • Favorite asked “Where Are You From?
  • Eunkwang and Changsub (BtoB) shared the acoustic track, “My Day” as part of the CLEF Project. Following this release, we can expect a full group comeback some time in June.
  • High School Rapper Vinxen dropped the bare-bones rap track “How Do You Feel?
  • Wynn Entertainment debuted the boy group Spectrum this week. Did “Light it Up” manage capture your attention?
  • NCT 127 are ready for a Japanese debut with “Chain.”
  • Our SM Station track of the week is Yoona and Lee Sang-soon‘s “To You.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • BTS have put out four sets of teaser photos (Y, O, U, and R versions) for their Love Yourself: Tear comeback. Combined with the “Singularity” comeback teaser, it’s safe to say fans are getting anxious for the group’s return.
  • AOA‘s next concept is…. roller derby?
  • Black Pink are confirmed to have filmed a comeback MV this week. The comeback is tentatively scheduled for May, but will YG follow through on that promise? Stay tuned to find out.
  • Colorful smoke bombs and blooming forests always make for a great spring/summer concept. N.Flying rise to the occasion in the teaser for “How R U Today,” due out on May 16.
  • It’s almost Time of Victon on May 23.
  • The Ark‘s disbandment in 2016 saddened many fans. Now, there’s a bit a good news as former members Euna Kim and Jeon Minju will be debuting as the new duo, Khan. The group’s first single “I’m Your Girl?” is due out on May 23.
  • Pristin will debut their first sub-unit soon. Pristin V is reportedly made up of five members, who already have finished filming their first MV.
  • Wanna One will also try their hand at the unit approach, with different sub units collaborating with Zico, Nell, Heize, and Dynamic Duo for the album UndividedThe album is slated for a June 6 release.
  • Now that JBJ has come to an end, both Yongguk and Donghan will be making solo debuts in the near future.
  • Fresh off their stint on MixNine — and with one new member — Trei plan to comeback with “Age & Height” on May 17.
  • Fellow participant Eyedi will also make a solo comeback on May 16 with “Luv Highway.”
  • 24K‘s Kisu will begin his mandatory military enlistment while the group will add a new member, Kiyong. It was also revealed this week that 24K was the only idol group to be included on former South Korean President Park Geun-hye‘s artist black list — supposedly for participating in Moon Jae-in‘s 2012 campaign song.
  • Eunjin surprised fans with the announcement of her departure from DIA due to health reasons and crippling stage fright. The group followed up her departure with a goodbye letter stating their full concern and support of her going forward. We wish her health and all the best.
  • Chanyeol (Exo) wil join Park Shin-hye and Hyun Bin in tvN‘s Memories of the Alhambra.

Other News

  • In some of the more head-scratching news of the week, SM launched a new app Star Date which allows users to go on a virtual reality date with Red Velvet‘s Irene.
  • SNL Korea has come to an end after nine seasons.
  • Military enlistments:
    • Jun.K began his mandatory military service this week. In a letter to fans, he again apologized for his drunk driving scandal back in February, and promised to return a stronger person.
    • Sunggyu (Infinite) surprised concert goers and fans alike with the sudden announcement that he will begin his military service later this month.
  • Marriage announcements:
    • FT Island‘s Minhwan and former Laboum member Yulhee have registered their marriage ahead of their wedding and birth of their baby later this year. Congratulations to the couple!
    • Sungah (Nine Muses) will be tying the knot with DJ DaQ on May 20.
  • Exo Kai‘s father passed away as a result of chronic illness. Our condolences to the family.

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